Character pendant ornaments, earrings Definition
DANG1 Pinyin dong1 Jyutping
U+74AB Traditional

Character pendant ornaments, earrings Definition
DANG1 Pinyin dong1 Jyutping TOU On MIMIKAZARI Kun Hangul TANG Korean dɑng Tang
U+73F0 Simplified

Character pendant girdle ornament Definition
SUI4 Pinyin seoi6 Jyutping SUI ZUI On Hangul SWU Korean

ペンダント Reading
pendant Translation eng Hängelampe Translation ger Anhänger Translation ger (Schmuck) Translation ger . Translation ger

一生涯 Word
いっしょうがい Reading
lifetime Translation eng one's whole life Translation eng all through life Translation eng ganze Leben hindurch Translation ger ganze Leben lang Translation ger durant tout une vie Translation fre pendant toute ma vie Translation fre une vie (durée) Translation fre

一年中 Word
いちねんじゅう Reading
all year round Translation eng ganzes Jahr lang Translation ger pendant un an Translation fre toute l'année Translation fre в тече́нии всего́ го́да Translation rus

一晩 Word ひと晩 Word
ひとばん Reading
one evening Translation eng all night Translation eng overnight Translation eng Nacht Translation ger ganze Nacht Translation ger pendant la nuit Translation fre toute la nuit Translation fre une soirée Translation fre

一方 Word
いっぽう Reading
one (esp. of two) Translation eng the other Translation eng one way Translation eng the other way Translation eng one direction Translation eng the other direction Translation eng one side Translation eng the other side Translation eng one party Translation eng the other party Translation eng whereas Translation eng although Translation eng but at the same time Translation eng meanwhile Translation eng in turn Translation eng (after noun, adjective-stem or plain verb) just keeps Translation eng being inclined to ... Translation eng tending to be ... Translation eng tending to do ... Translation eng continuously ... Translation eng just keeps on Translation eng only Translation eng on the one hand Translation eng on the other hand Translation eng einerseits Translation ger andererseits Translation ger übrigens Translation ger nur Translation ger eine Gegend Translation ger Seite Translation ger andere Seite Translation ger der andere Translation ger pendant ce temps Translation fre dans un seul sens Translation fre seulement Translation fre uniquement Translation fre d'un autre côté Translation fre un coté Translation fre une direction Translation fre одна́ сторона́ Translation rus
他方 Crossref

下げる Word
さげる Reading
to hang Translation eng to lower Translation eng to move back Translation eng to wear Translation eng to dismiss Translation eng to grant Translation eng hängen Translation ger umhängen Translation ger tragen Translation ger senken Translation ger herabsetzen Translation ger herablassen Translation ger herunternehmen Translation ger abräumen Translation ger wegtun Translation ger erteilen Translation ger verleihen Translation ger abheben Translation ger accorder (à quelqu'un) Translation fre congédier Translation fre descendre Translation fre pendant Translation fre tombant Translation fre (1) выве́шивать (напр. вывеску) Translation rus (2) носи́ть (орден, саблю, часы и т. п.) Translation rus (3) опуска́ть Translation rus понижа́ть Translation rus

暇な時 Word
ひまなとき Reading
leisure time Translation eng Freizeit Translation ger pendant son temps libre Translation fre

あいだ Reading
space (between) Translation eng gap Translation eng interval Translation eng distance Translation eng time (between) Translation eng pause Translation eng break Translation eng span (temporal or spatial) Translation eng stretch Translation eng period (while) Translation eng relationship (between, among) Translation eng members (within, among) Translation eng due to Translation eng because of Translation eng Raum Translation ger Zwischenraum Translation ger Abstand Translation ger Entfernung Translation ger Zeitraum Translation ger Intervall Translation ger Beziehung Translation ger entre Translation fre espace Translation fre intervalle Translation fre pendant Translation fre

午前中 Word
ごぜんちゅう Reading
this morning Translation eng in the morning Translation eng throughout the morning Translation eng am Morgen Translation ger den ganzen Vormittag Translation ger pendant la matinée Translation fre

垂れ飾り Word
たれかざり Reading
pendant Translation eng

相手 Word
あいて Reading
companion Translation eng partner Translation eng company Translation eng other party Translation eng addressee Translation eng opponent (sports, etc.) Translation eng Partner Translation ger Kamerad Translation ger Kollege Translation ger Freund Translation ger der andere Translation ger Gegner Translation ger Gegenspieler Translation ger Antagonist Translation ger Objekt Translation ger anderer Teil eines Paares Translation ger Pendant Translation ger compagnie Translation fre compagnon Translation fre partenaire Translation fre партнёр Translation rus противник Translation rus

徹宵 Word
てっしょう Reading
all night Translation eng without sleep Translation eng ganze Nacht hindurch Translation ger pendant toute la nuit Translation fre sans dormir Translation fre

ちゅう Reading
medium Translation eng average Translation eng middle Translation eng moderation Translation eng middle school Translation eng China Translation eng in Translation eng out of (e.g. three out of ten people) Translation eng during (a certain time when one did or is doing something) Translation eng under (construction, etc.) Translation eng while Translation eng Inneres Translation ger Innenseite Translation ger innere Seite Translation ger Zentrum Translation ger Mitte Translation ger mittlere Größe Translation ger mittlere Qualität Translation ger entier Translation fre intérieur Translation fre milieu Translation fre pendant (durant) Translation fre
話し中 Crossref 中・じゅう Crossref 中国 Crossref 中学校 Crossref 中一 Crossref

Traditional Simplified
zao3 Pinyin
pendant of pearls on coronet English

Traditional Simplified
dang1 Pinyin
pendant ornaments English

Traditional Simplified
sui4 Pinyin
pendant girdle-ornaments English

對稱物 Traditional 对称物 Simplified
dui4 chen4 wu4 Pinyin
Pendant (u.E.) (S) Deutsch

掛件 Traditional 挂件 Simplified
gua4 jian4 Pinyin
Pendant (u.E.) (S) Deutsch

下垂物 Traditional 下垂物 Simplified
xia4 chui2 wu4 Pinyin
Pendant (u.E.) (S) Deutsch

懸掛物 Traditional 悬挂物 Simplified
xuan2 gua4 wu4 Pinyin
Pendant (u.E.) (S) Deutsch

懸飾 Traditional 悬饰 Simplified
xuan2 shi4 Pinyin
Pendant (u.E.) (S) Deutsch

sui2 Reading Pinyin ズイ Reading On まにま. Reading Kun したが. Reading Kun su Reading Korean Reading Korean
follow Meaning though Meaning notwithstanding Meaning while Meaning during Meaning both Meaning all Meaning obey Meaning submit to Meaning comply Meaning at the mercy of (the waves) Meaning suivre Meaning fr quoique Meaning fr néanmoins Meaning fr pendant Meaning fr les deux Meaning fr tout Meaning fr obéir Meaning fr se soumettre à Meaning fr se conformer à Meaning fr à la merci (des vagues) Meaning fr seguir Meaning es acompañar Meaning es complacer Meaning es sin embargo Meaning es a pesar de todo Meaning es seguir Meaning pt embora Meaning pt não obstante Meaning pt enquanto Meaning pt durante Meaning pt ambos Meaning pt obedecer Meaning pt submeter-se Meaning pt concordar Meaning pt ao sabor (das ondas) Meaning pt

zhui1 Reading Pinyin ツイ Reading On . Reading Kun おい Nanori chu Reading Korean toe Reading Korean Reading Korean Reading Korean
chase Meaning drive away Meaning follow Meaning pursue Meaning meanwhile Meaning pourchasser Meaning fr chasser Meaning fr suivre Meaning fr poursuivre Meaning fr pendant ce temps (à suivre) Meaning fr perseguir Meaning es ahuyentar Meaning es expulsar Meaning es desterrar Meaning es despedir Meaning es caçar Meaning pt afastar Meaning pt seguir Meaning pt perseguir Meaning pt umquanto isso Meaning pt

bang4 Reading Pinyin bang1 Reading Pinyin ボウ Reading On かたわ. Reading Kun わき Reading Kun おか- Reading Kun はた Reading Kun そば Reading Kun Nanori bang Reading Korean paeng Reading Korean Reading Korean Reading Korean
bystander Meaning side Meaning besides Meaning while Meaning nearby Meaning 3rd person Meaning observateur Meaning fr spectateur Meaning fr à côté Meaning fr en outre Meaning fr pendant que Meaning fr tout près Meaning fr les autres Meaning fr vecindad Meaning es cercanía Meaning es espectador Meaning pt além disso Meaning pt enquanto Meaning pt muito próximo Meaning pt pessoa Meaning pt

dang1 Reading Pinyin トウ Reading On みみかざり Reading Kun dang Reading Korean
pendant ornaments Meaning earrings Meaning

sui4 Reading Pinyin スイ Reading On su Reading Korean
pendant girdle ornament Meaning

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