ji1 Reading Pinyin qi1 Reading Pinyin qi2 Reading Pinyin Reading On Reading On gi Reading Korean Reading Korean
period Meaning time Meaning date Meaning term Meaning période Meaning fr temps Meaning fr date Meaning fr terme Meaning fr período Meaning es plazo Meaning es intención Meaning es propósito Meaning es período Meaning pt tempo Meaning pt data Meaning pt termo Meaning pt

ji4 Reading Pinyin Reading On おさむ Nanori ただす Nanori とし Nanori とも Nanori のり Nanori もと Nanori gi Reading Korean Reading Korean
chronicle Meaning account Meaning narrative Meaning history Meaning annals Meaning geologic period Meaning chronique Meaning fr compte-rendu Meaning fr narration Meaning fr histoire Meaning fr annales Meaning fr ère géologique Meaning fr crónica Meaning es normas Meaning es era Meaning es crônica Meaning pt contos Meaning pt narrativa Meaning pt história Meaning pt anais Meaning pt período geológico Meaning pt

xun2 Reading Pinyin ジュン Reading On シュン Reading On sun Reading Korean Reading Korean
decameron Meaning 10day period Meaning season (for specific products Meaning décade Meaning fr saison (fruits, poisson, ...) Meaning fr decamerón Meaning es periodo de 10 días Meaning es decameron Meaning pt 10 dias Meaning pt estação (para produtos específicos Meaning pt

jie2 Reading Pinyin jie1 Reading Pinyin セツ Reading On セチ Reading On ふし Reading Kun -ぶし Reading Kun のっと Reading Kun たかし Nanori jeol Reading Korean Reading Korean
node Meaning season Meaning period Meaning occasion Meaning verse Meaning clause Meaning stanza Meaning honor Meaning joint Meaning knuckle Meaning knob Meaning knot Meaning tune Meaning melody Meaning noeud (vitesse) Meaning fr instant Meaning fr saison Meaning fr période Meaning fr occasion Meaning fr vers (poésie) Meaning fr stance Meaning fr honneur Meaning fr jointure Meaning fr articulation Meaning fr bosse Meaning fr air (musique) Meaning fr mélodie Meaning fr estación Meaning es periodo Meaning es frase Meaning es unión Meaning es articulación Meaning es melodía Meaning es tono Meaning es nudo Meaning es entonación Meaning es Meaning pt estação Meaning pt período Meaning pt ocasião Meaning pt verso Meaning pt cláusula Meaning pt stanza Meaning pt honra Meaning pt junta Meaning pt dos dedos Meaning pt maçaneta Meaning pt canção Meaning pt melodia Meaning pt

dai4 Reading Pinyin ダイ Reading On タイ Reading On .わる Reading Kun かわ. Reading Kun かわ. Reading Kun -がわ. Reading Kun .える Reading Kun Reading Kun しろ Reading Kun Nanori dae Reading Korean Reading Korean
substitute Meaning change Meaning convert Meaning replace Meaning period Meaning age Meaning counter for decades of ages, eras, etc. Meaning generation Meaning charge Meaning rate Meaning fee Meaning substituer Meaning fr changer Meaning fr convertir Meaning fr remplacer Meaning fr période Meaning fr âge Meaning fr ère Meaning fr génération Meaning fr montant d'argent Meaning fr taux Meaning fr prix Meaning fr redevance Meaning fr generación Meaning es reinado Meaning es sustituir Meaning es reemplazar Meaning es relevar Meaning es substituto Meaning pt mudança Meaning pt convertido Meaning pt repor Meaning pt período Meaning pt idade Meaning pt geração Meaning pt carga Meaning pt valor Meaning pt taxa Meaning pt

zhao1 Reading Pinyin chao2 Reading Pinyin チョウ Reading On あさ Reading Kun Nanori あそ Nanori ささ Nanori ちか Nanori とも Nanori jo Reading Korean Reading Korean
morning Meaning dynasty Meaning regime Meaning epoch Meaning period Meaning (North) Korea Meaning matin Meaning fr dynastie Meaning fr régime Meaning fr période Meaning fr époque Meaning fr Corée (Nord) Meaning fr mañana Meaning es amanecer Meaning es corte imperial Meaning es manhã Meaning pt disnastia Meaning pt regime Meaning pt época Meaning pt período Meaning pt Coréia do Norte Meaning pt

歯周病 Word
ししゅうびょう Reading
periodontitis Translation eng periodontal disease Translation eng

牙周炎 Traditional 牙周炎 Simplified
ya2 zhou1 yan2 Pinyin
periodontisis (gum disorder) English

歯槽膿漏 Word
しそうのうろう Reading
periodontitis Translation eng pyorrhea Translation eng pyorrhoea Translation eng pyorrhea alveolaris Translation eng inflammation of the gingiva (gums) resulting in bone loss Translation eng {Med.} Zahnfleischvereiterung Translation ger Zahnfachabszess Translation ger Alveolar-Pyorrhöe Translation ger

歯膜炎 Word
しまくえん Reading
periodontitis Translation eng

牙周病 Traditional 牙周病 Simplified
ya2 zhou1 bing4 Pinyin
periodontitis (gum disorder) English

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