Character person's name Definition
JIE4 Pinyin KAI On SAKAI Kun Hangul KYEY Korean
U+754C Variant

Character person's name Definition
TOU3 Pinyin tau2 Jyutping TOU TSU On MIMEYOISAMA Kun

Character person's name Definition
KEK Korean

Character person's name Definition
FEN2 Pinyin

Character person's name Definition
YI4 Pinyin ai3 ngai3 Jyutping

Character person's name Definition
CHENG2 Pinyin sing4 Jyutping SEI On
U+94D6 Simplified

Character person's name Definition
CHENG2 Pinyin sing4 Jyutping
U+92EE Traditional

出身 Word
しゅっしん Reading
person's origin (town, city, country, etc.) Translation eng institution from which one graduated Translation eng director in charge of employee relations Translation eng Herkunft Translation ger Abstammung Translation ger Absolvierung einer Uni Translation ger être ancien élève de Translation fre être originaire de Translation fre

身元 Word 身許 Word
みもと Reading
person's identity Translation eng ID Translation eng past Translation eng background Translation eng jmds. Herkunft Translation ger jmds. Abstammung Translation ger jmds Translation ger Personalien Translation ger jmds. Identität Translation ger jmds. Charakter Translation ger antécédents Translation fre identité Translation fre

身元確認 Word
みもとかくにん Reading
ID Translation eng person's identity Translation eng checking background Translation eng Bestätigung der Identität Translation ger

人位 Word
じんい Reading
person's rank Translation eng

人名 Word
じんめい Reading
person's name Translation eng Personenname Translation ger Name Translation ger nom de personne Translation fre

沽券 Word
こけん Reading
bill of sale Translation eng person's character Translation eng Ansehen Translation ger Autorität Translation ger Name Translation ger Ruf Translation ger Prestige Translation ger (ursprünglich: Verkaufsurkunde bei Grundstücks- od. Hausverkauf) Translation ger

鼻息 Word
はないき Reading びそく Reading
nasal breathing Translation eng person's pleasure Translation eng excitement Translation eng Atem Translation ger (durch die Nase) Translation ger Schnaufer Translation ger Selbstbewusstsein Translation ger Arroganz Translation ger Gesinnung Translation ger Stimmung Translation ger Gefühle Translation ger

祿命 Traditional 禄命 Simplified
lu4 ming4 Pinyin
person's lot through life English

行狀 Traditional 行状 Simplified
xing2 zhuang4 Pinyin
person's background English

Traditional Simplified
cheng2 Pinyin
person's name English

nian2 Reading Pinyin ネン Reading On とし Reading Kun nyeon Reading Korean
year Meaning new-years Meaning person's age Meaning

cheng2 Reading Pinyin セイ Reading On
person's name Meaning

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