Character inclined one side; slanting Definition
PIAN1 Pinyin pin1 Jyutping HEN On KATAYORU HITOENI Kun Hangul PHYEN Korean piɛn Tang thiên Viet

PIAN1 Pinyin HEN On

PIAN1 Pinyin pin1 Jyutping HEN On

Character yak-ox Definition
PIAN1 Pinyin

Character chapter, section, essay, article Definition
PIAN1 Pinyin pin1 Jyutping HEN On MAKI Kun Hangul PHYEN Korean *piɛn Tang

Character fly, flutter Definition
PIAN1 Pinyin pin1 Jyutping HEN On HIRUGAERU Kun Hangul PHYEN Korean *piɛn Tang phiến Viet

Character grass Definition
PIAN1 BIAN1 Pinyin bin1 pin1 Jyutping HEN BEN On NIWAYANAGI Kun Hangul PHYEN Korean

PIAN1 Pinyin

PIAN1 Pinyin

偏低 Traditional 偏低 Simplified
pian1 di1 Pinyin
to be on the low side English to be inadequate (e.g. of a salary) English

偏僻 Traditional 偏僻 Simplified
pian1 pi4 Pinyin
remote English desolate English far from the city English

偏光 Traditional 偏光 Simplified
pian1 guang1 Pinyin
polarized light English

偏執 Traditional 偏执 Simplified
pian1 zhi2 Pinyin
prejudice English bigotry English

偏執型 Traditional 偏执型 Simplified
pian1 zhi2 xing2 Pinyin
paranoid (psych.) English

偏執狂 Traditional 偏执狂 Simplified
pian1 zhi2 kuang2 Pinyin
paranoia English

偏壓 Traditional 偏压 Simplified
pian1 ya1 Pinyin
biasing (electronics) English bias voltage English

偏好 Traditional 偏好 Simplified
pian1 hao4 Pinyin
to prefer English to be partial to sth English preference English

偏寵 Traditional 偏宠 Simplified
pian1 chong3 Pinyin
to favor English to prefer English to show favoritism English

偏將 Traditional 偏将 Simplified
pian1 jiang4 Pinyin
deputy general English

偏巧 Traditional 偏巧 Simplified
pian1 qiao3 Pinyin
by coincidence English it so happened that English fortunately English against expectation English

偏差 Traditional 偏差 Simplified
pian1 cha1 Pinyin
bias English deviation English

偏差距離 Traditional 偏差距离 Simplified
pian1 cha1 ju4 li2 Pinyin
offset distance English

偏師 Traditional 偏师 Simplified
pian1 shi1 Pinyin
military auxiliaries (archaic) English

偏廈 Traditional 偏厦 Simplified
pian1 sha4 Pinyin
side annex English lean-to English

偏待 Traditional 偏待 Simplified
pian1 dai4 Pinyin
to show favoritism against sb English to treat unfairly English

偏心 Traditional 偏心 Simplified
pian1 xin1 Pinyin
partial English biased English prejudiced English eccentric English

偏心率 Traditional 偏心率 Simplified
pian1 xin1 lu:4 Pinyin
eccentricity English

偏心眼 Traditional 偏心眼 Simplified
pian1 xin1 yan3 Pinyin
bias English partiality English to be partial English

偏心矩 Traditional 偏心矩 Simplified
pian1 xin1 ju3 Pinyin
axis of eccentricity English

偏愛 Traditional 偏爱 Simplified
pian1 ai4 Pinyin
to be partial towards sth English to favor English to prefer English preference English favorite English

偏態 Traditional 偏态 Simplified
pian1 tai4 Pinyin
skewness (math) English

偏房 Traditional 偏房 Simplified
pian1 fang2 Pinyin
side room English concubine English

偏才 Traditional 偏才 Simplified
pian1 cai2 Pinyin
talent in a particular area English

偏振 Traditional 偏振 Simplified
pian1 zhen4 Pinyin
polarization (of waves) English

偏振光 Traditional 偏振光 Simplified
pian1 zhen4 guang1 Pinyin
polarization of light English polarized light English

偏振波 Traditional 偏振波 Simplified
pian1 zhen4 bo1 Pinyin
polarized wave English

偏斜 Traditional 偏斜 Simplified
pian1 xie2 Pinyin
crooked English not upright English diverging from straight line English improper English dishonest English

偏方 Traditional 偏方 Simplified
pian1 fang1 Pinyin
folk remedy English home remedy English

偏極 Traditional 偏极 Simplified
pian1 ji2 Pinyin
polarity English polarized (light) English

偏極化 Traditional 偏极化 Simplified
pian1 ji2 hua4 Pinyin
polarization English polarized English

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