おつ Reading
thank you Translation eng goodbye Translation eng goodnight Translation eng second (party to an agreement) Translation eng the B party (e.g. in a contract) Translation eng the latter Translation eng strange Translation eng quaint Translation eng stylish Translation eng chic Translation eng spicy Translation eng queer Translation eng witty Translation eng tasty Translation eng romantic Translation eng zweiter Translation ger (in einer Serie) Translation ger B-Qualität Translation ger gut Translation ger deuxième signe du zodiaque chinois Translation fre deuxiéme dans l'ordre Translation fre étrange Translation fre chic Translation fre piquant Translation fre romantique Translation fre spirituel Translation fre
御疲れ様 Crossref

辛い Word 鹹い Word
からい Reading
salty Translation eng tough (on someone) Translation eng adverse Translation eng harsh Translation eng spicy Translation eng hot Translation eng scharf Translation ger stark gewürzt Translation ger gepfeffert Translation ger prickelnd Translation ger trocken Translation ger (Wein) Translation ger salzig Translation ger gesalzen Translation ger streng Translation ger strikt Translation ger hart Translation ger acerbe Translation fre sévère (envers quelqu'un) Translation fre épicé Translation fre piquant Translation fre relevé Translation fre острый (о пище) Translation rus

Word Word
とげ Reading いら Reading
thorn Translation eng splinter Translation eng spine Translation eng biting words Translation eng Dorn Translation ger Stachel Translation ger Splitter Translation ger écharde Translation fre épine Translation fre piquant Translation fre

尖刻 Traditional 尖刻 Simplified
jian1 ke4 Pinyin
caustic English biting English piquant English acerbic English vitriolic English acrimonious English

xin1 Reading Pinyin シン Reading On から. Reading Kun つら. Reading Kun -づら. Reading Kun かのと Reading Kun sin Reading Korean Reading Korean
spicy Meaning bitter Meaning hot Meaning acrid Meaning épicé Meaning fr amer Meaning fr piquant Meaning fr âcre Meaning fr amargo Meaning es duro Meaning es severo Meaning es salado Meaning es picante Meaning es picante Meaning pt quente Meaning pt amargo Meaning pt temperado Meaning pt

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