Character plant allied to the waterlily Definition
QIAN4 Pinyin him3 Jyutping KEN GEN On Hangul KEM Korean

Character plant Definition
FU2 Pinyin fuk1 Jyutping HUKU On HIRUGAO Kun

Character plant name Definition

Character plant louse, aphids Definition
YA2 Pinyin ngaa4 Jyutping KA KE On ABURAMUSHI Kun nhá Viet

プラント Reading
plant (i.e. equipment, machinery, etc.) Translation eng Fabrikanlage Translation ger Werksanlage Translation ger

プラントレイアウト Reading
plant layout Translation eng

蟻巻 Word
ありまき Reading アリマキ Reading
aphid Translation eng plant louse Translation eng plant lice Translation eng {Insektenk.} Blattlaus Translation ger (f) Translation ger
アブラムシ Crossref

事業所 Word
じぎょうしょ Reading
plant Translation eng enterprise place Translation eng office Translation eng Firma Translation ger Büro Translation ger Geschäftsort Translation ger

植物 Word
しょくぶつ Reading
plant Translation eng vegetation Translation eng Pflanze Translation ger plante Translation fre végétal Translation fre

豆類 Word
まめるい Reading
pulse (edible seeds of various leguminous crops) Translation eng plant yielding pulse Translation eng {Bot.} Hülsenfrüchte Translation ger Leguminosen Translation ger (<wiss. N.: Leguminosae>) Translation ger бобовые Translation rus

なえ Reading
seedling Translation eng Sämling Translation ger Keimling Translation ger Pflänzling Translation ger Setzling Translation ger aus Samen gezogene Pflanze Translation ger plant Translation fre semis Translation fre

苗木 Word
なえぎ Reading
seedling Translation eng sapling Translation eng young tree Translation eng Setzling Translation ger Steckreis Translation ger junger Baum Translation ger jeune arbre Translation fre plant Translation fre pousse Translation fre

油虫 Word あぶら虫 Word
あぶらむし Reading アブラムシ Reading
aphid Translation eng plant louse Translation eng Japanese house bat (Pipistrellus abramus) Translation eng hanger-on Translation eng parasite Translation eng visitor to a red-light district who's only there to look Translation eng cockroach Translation eng {Insektenk.} Küchenschabe Translation ger Kakerlake Translation ger (<wiss. N.: Blatta orientalis>) Translation ger {Insektenk.} Blattlaus Translation ger (<wiss. N.: Aphidina>) Translation ger {Zool.} Zwergfledermaus Translation ger (<wiss. N.: Pipistrellus pipistrellus>) Translation ger aufdringliche Person Translation ger Schmarotzer Translation ger blatte Translation fre cafard Translation fre parasite Translation fre
ゴキブリ Crossref 油蝙蝠 Crossref

工場 Word
こうじょう Reading こうば Reading
factory Translation eng plant Translation eng mill Translation eng workshop Translation eng Fabrik Translation ger Fabrikanlage Translation ger Werk Translation ger Werkstatt Translation ger centrale Translation fre moulin Translation fre usine Translation fre фа́брика Translation rus заво́д Translation rus

実生 Word
みしょう Reading
seedling Translation eng plant raised from the seed Translation eng Sämling Translation ger

浮塵子 Word 白蝋虫 Word
うんか Reading ふじんし Reading ウンカ Reading
plant hopper (any insect of family Delphacidae) Translation eng leafhopper Translation eng {Insektenk.} Reiskäfer Translation ger Stirnhöckerzirpe Translation ger Kleinzirpe Translation ger (<Jahreszeitenwort: Frühling>) Translation ger

植物採集 Word
しょくぶつさいしゅう Reading
plant collecting Translation eng {Bot.} Pflanzensammlung Translation ger Botanisierung Translation ger

製作所 Word
せいさくしょ Reading せいさくじょ Reading
works Translation eng factory Translation eng plant Translation eng Fabrik Translation ger Werk Translation ger Herstellungsstätte Translation ger Betrieb Translation ger

生産設備 Word
せいさんせつび Reading
plant and equipment Translation eng production facilities Translation eng manufacturing equipment Translation eng Produktionsanlage Translation ger

植物細胞 Word
しょくぶつさいぼう Reading
plant cell Translation eng

植物ホルモン Word
しょくぶつホルモン Reading
plant hormone Translation eng phytohormone Translation eng

植物酵素 Word
しょくぶつこうそ Reading
plant enzyme Translation eng vegetable enzyme Translation eng

工所 Word
こうじょ Reading
shop Translation eng factory Translation eng mill Translation eng works (as in ironworks) Translation eng plant (as in manufacturing plant) Translation eng

プラント Reading Plant Romaji Plante Romaji

坐探 Traditional 坐探 Simplified
zuo4 tan4 Pinyin
inside informer English mole English plant English

植物 Traditional 植物 Simplified
zhi2 wu4 Pinyin
botanical English plant English vegetation English

植被 Traditional 植被 Simplified
zhi2 bei4 Pinyin
vegetation English plant cover English

病害 Traditional 病害 Simplified
bing4 hai4 Pinyin
plant disease English

種植 Traditional 种植 Simplified
zhong4 zhi2 Pinyin
plant English grow English

草木灰 Traditional 草木灰 Simplified
cao3 mu4 hui1 Pinyin
plant ash English

dao4 Reading Pinyin トウ Reading On Reading On いね Reading Kun いな- Reading Kun いの Nanori しね Nanori Nanori Nanori do Reading Korean Reading Korean
rice plant Meaning plant de riz Meaning fr planta de arroz Meaning es planta de arroz Meaning pt

zhi2 Reading Pinyin ショク Reading On .える Reading Kun .わる Reading Kun うえ Nanori Nanori Nanori sig Reading Korean chi Reading Korean Reading Korean Reading Korean
plant Meaning planter Meaning fr planta Meaning es plantar Meaning es crecer Meaning es ser plantado Meaning es planta Meaning pt

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