かや Reading
hay Translation eng various gramineous grasses (e.g. eularies) Translation eng plants used for thatching Translation eng {Bot.} Schilfgras Translation ger Miscanthusgras Translation ger (wie es zum Dachdecken verwendet wird) Translation ger

動植物 Word
どうしょくぶつ Reading
plants and animals Translation eng flora and fauna Translation eng Tiere und Pflanzen Translation ger la faune et la flore Translation fre

本草 Word
ほんぞう Reading
plants Translation eng medicinal herbs Translation eng Pflanzen Translation ger Kräuter Translation ger Heilkräuter Translation ger (japanische) Translation ger Kräuterkunde Translation ger (Abk.) Translation ger

草木 Word
くさき Reading そうもく Reading
plants Translation eng vegetation Translation eng Pflanzen Translation ger Vegetation Translation ger Gewächse Translation ger Gräser und Bäume Translation ger plantes Translation fre végétation Translation fre

秋草 Word
あきくさ Reading
plants which flower in autumn (fall) Translation eng Herbstgras Translation ger Herbstblume Translation ger

動植物 Traditional 动植物 Simplified
dong4 zhi2 wu4 Pinyin
plants and animals English flora and fauna English

Traditional Simplified
hui4 Pinyin
plants English

Traditional Simplified
che4 Pinyin
plants sprouting English

花木 Traditional 花木 Simplified
hua1 mu4 Pinyin
flowers and trees English plants English flora English

野生植物 Traditional 野生植物 Simplified
ye3 sheng1 zhi2 wu4 Pinyin
plants in the wild English

cao3 Reading Pinyin ソウ Reading On くさ Reading Kun cho Reading Korean Reading Korean
grass Meaning plants Meaning grass radical (no. 140) Meaning

zhe2 zhi2 Reading Pinyin
to plant Meaning to set up Meaning to erect Meaning plants Meaning

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