Character plaster over with layer of mud Definition
WU1 Pinyin wu1 Jyutping O U On KOTE NURU Kun Hangul O Korean Viet

Character plaster Definition
MI4 Pinyin mik6 Jyutping BEKI MYAKU On NURU Kun

ギプス Reading ギブス Reading
gypsum Translation eng plaster-of-paris Translation eng plaster cast Translation eng cast Translation eng {Med.} Gips Translation ger Gipsverband Translation ger (<Herk.: aus d. Dtsch.> ) Translation ger Gips Source Language ger гипс Translation rus

プラスター Reading プラスタ Reading
plaster Translation eng Gips Translation ger Pflaster. Translation ger

膏薬 Word 脂薬 Word 油薬 Word
こうやく Reading あぶらぐすり Reading
plaster Translation eng patch Translation eng ointment Translation eng liniment Translation eng Salbe Translation ger Pflaster Translation ger Heftpflaster Translation ger

漆食 Word 漆喰 Word
しっくい Reading
mortar Translation eng plaster Translation eng stucco Translation eng Mörtel Translation ger Stuck Translation ger

石膏 Word
せっこう Reading
plaster Translation eng gypsum Translation eng calcium sulphate (sulfate) Translation eng {Mineral.} Gips Translation ger (gesteinsbildendes Mineral Translation ger aus dem Mineral gewonnenes Bindemittel) Translation ger

土塀 Word
どべい Reading
mud wall Translation eng earthen wall Translation eng plaster wall Translation eng Lehmmauer Translation ger mur de terre, de boue Translation fre

壁土 Word
かべつち Reading
plaster Translation eng Putz Translation ger

石膏像 Word
せっこうぞう Reading
plaster figure (bust) Translation eng Gipsstatue Translation ger

塗り壁 Word 塗壁 Word
ぬりかべ Reading
plaster or mortar-covered wall Translation eng

硬膏 Word
こうこう Reading
plaster (type of bandage) Translation eng

ギプス包帯 Word
ギプスほうたい Reading
plaster cast Translation eng

Traditional Simplified
jin3 Pinyin
bury English plaster with mud English

灰泥 Traditional 灰泥 Simplified
hui1 ni2 Pinyin
plaster English mortar English

煅石膏 Traditional 煅石膏 Simplified
duan4 shi2 gao1 Pinyin
plaster of Paris English calcined gypsum English

熟石膏 Traditional 熟石膏 Simplified
shu2 shi2 gao1 Pinyin
plaster of Paris English calcined gypsum English

生石膏 Traditional 生石膏 Simplified
sheng1 shi2 gao1 Pinyin
gypsum CaSO4·2(H2O) English plaster English

石膏 Traditional 石膏 Simplified
shi2 gao1 Pinyin
gypsum CaSO4·2(H2O) English plaster English

石膏繃帶 Traditional 石膏绷带 Simplified
shi2 gao1 beng1 dai4 Pinyin
plaster cast English

粉刷 Traditional 粉刷 Simplified
fen3 shua1 Pinyin
to paint English to whitewash English emulsion English plaster English

粉飾 Traditional 粉饰 Simplified
fen3 shi4 Pinyin
to paint English to whitewash English to decorate English plaster English fig. to gloss over English to cover up English

gao1 Reading Pinyin gao4 Reading Pinyin コウ Reading On あぶら Reading Kun go Reading Korean Reading Korean
fat Meaning grease Meaning lard Meaning paste Meaning ointment Meaning plaster Meaning

tu2 Reading Pinyin Reading On . Reading Kun . Reading Kun まみ.れる Reading Kun do Reading Korean Reading Korean
paint Meaning plaster Meaning daub Meaning smear Meaning coating Meaning peinture Meaning fr peindre Meaning fr tartiner Meaning fr barbouiller Meaning fr enduire Meaning fr recouvrir Meaning fr pintar Meaning es embadurnar Meaning es untar Meaning es laquear Meaning es recubrir Meaning es pintura Meaning pt gesso Meaning pt emplastar Meaning pt untar Meaning pt cobertura Meaning pt

wu1 Reading Pinyin Reading On Reading On Reading On こて Reading Kun . Reading Kun o Reading Korean
plaster over with layer of mud Meaning

jin3 Reading Pinyin キン Reading On ゴン Reading On . Reading Kun ねばつち Reading Kun geun Reading Korean
build with soil Meaning plaster over with soil Meaning

プラスターボード Reading
plasterboard Translation eng {Archit.} Gipsplatte Translation ger

石膏牆板 Traditional 石膏墙板 Simplified
shi2 gao1 qiang2 ban3 Pinyin
drywall English gypsum wallboard English plasterboard English

左官 Word
さかん Reading しゃかん Reading
plasterer Translation eng Gipser Translation ger

左官屋 Word
さかんや Reading
plasterer Translation eng
左官 Crossref

壁塗り Word
かべぬり Reading
plastering Translation eng

瓦工 Traditional 瓦工 Simplified
wa3 gong1 Pinyin
tiling English bricklaying English plastering English

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