Character pleasant sound Definition
FENG2 FENG1 Pinyin fung1 Jyutping HUU BU HAN BAN On
U+6CA8 Variant

パチパチ Reading
pleasant clapping sound Translation eng sound of something hot bursting open (i.e. popcorn) Translation eng incessant blinking Translation eng klick-klack Translation ger knatternd Translation ger prasselnd Translation ger klappernd Translation ger knisternd Translation ger son d'un claquement de mains Translation fre

快い Word
こころよい Reading
pleasant Translation eng agreeable Translation eng angenehm Translation ger erfreulich Translation ger behaglich Translation ger bequem Translation ger gemächlich Translation ger gemütlich Translation ger agréable Translation fre plaisant Translation fre

快感 Word
かいかん Reading
pleasant feeling Translation eng angenehmes Gefühl Translation ger Entzücken Translation ger Lust Translation ger Lustgefühl Translation ger Wohlgefühl Translation ger

快適 Word
かいてき Reading
pleasant Translation eng agreeable Translation eng comfortable Translation eng Bequemlichkeit Translation ger Behaglichkeit Translation ger agréable Translation fre confortable Translation fre

快眠 Word
かいみん Reading
pleasant sleep Translation eng regelmäßiger Schlaf Translation ger

歓談 Word
かんだん Reading
pleasant talk Translation eng chat Translation eng angenehme Unterhaltung Translation ger vergnügliche Unterhaltung Translation ger entretien cordial Translation fre

嬉しい Word
うれしい Reading
happy Translation eng glad Translation eng pleasant Translation eng froh Translation ger fröhlich Translation ger sich freuen Translation ger glücklich sein Translation ger erfreut sein Translation ger sich freuen Translation ger content Translation fre

驚喜 Word
きょうき Reading
pleasant surprise Translation eng (schriftspr.) Translation ger angenehme Überraschung Translation ger freudiges Erstaunen Translation ger

欣快 Word
きんかい Reading
pleasant Translation eng delightful Translation eng große Freude Translation ger

ご機嫌 Word 御機嫌 Word
ごきげん Reading
pleasant Translation eng in a good mood Translation eng in high spirits Translation eng gute Laune Translation ger Stimmung Translation ger Gemütszustand Translation ger Befinden Translation ger
機嫌 Crossref

心地良い Word 心地好い Word 心地よい Word
ここちよい Reading
comfortable Translation eng pleasant Translation eng bequem Translation ger angenehm Translation ger behaglich Translation ger gemütlich Translation ger gemächlich Translation ger

微笑ましい Word
ほほえましい Reading
pleasant Translation eng charming Translation eng erfreulich Translation ger herzerwärmend Translation ger zum Lächeln bringend Translation ger

愉快 Word
ゆかい Reading
pleasant Translation eng happy Translation eng Spaß Translation ger Vergnügen Translation ger Freude Translation ger gai Translation fre plaisant Translation fre приятный Translation rus весёлый Translation rus

楽しげ Word 愉しげ Word
たのしげ Reading
happy Translation eng cheerful Translation eng pleasant Translation eng fröhlich Translation ger freudig Translation ger glücklich Translation ger

良い Word 善い Word 好い Word 佳い Word 吉い Word
よい Reading いい Reading
good Translation eng excellent Translation eng fine Translation eng nice Translation eng pleasant Translation eng agreeable Translation eng sufficient (can be used to turn down an offer) Translation eng ready Translation eng prepared Translation eng profitable (e.g. deal, business offer, etc.) Translation eng beneficial Translation eng OK Translation eng gut Translation ger schön Translation ger hervorragend Translation ger ausgezeichnet Translation ger wohl Translation ger günstig Translation ger richtig Translation ger passend Translation ger besser Translation ger agréable Translation fre bien Translation fre bon Translation fre ok Translation fre хороший Translation rus приятный Translation rus
構わない Crossref

見好い Word
みよい Reading
pleasant to look at Translation eng easy to see Translation eng anständig Translation ger respektabel Translation ger gut sichtbar Translation ger leicht zu sehen Translation ger

快漢 Word
かいかん Reading
pleasant fellow Translation eng

聞き良い Word
ききよい Reading
pleasant to listen to Translation eng

楽ちん Word
らくちん Reading
pleasant Translation eng easy-going Translation eng easy life Translation eng

快然 Word
かいぜん Reading
happy Translation eng elated Translation eng good mood Translation eng pleasant feelings Translation eng cured (of an illness) Translation eng recovered (from an illness) Translation eng

いい感じ Word 良い感じ Word
いいかんじ Reading
pleasant feeling Translation eng good vibes Translation eng

動聽 Traditional 动听 Simplified
dong4 ting1 Pinyin
pleasant to listen to English

Traditional Simplified
shou4 Pinyin
to receive English to accept English to suffer English subjected to English to bear English to stand English pleasant English (passive marker) English

和顏悅色 Traditional 和颜悦色 Simplified
he2 yan2 yue4 se4 Pinyin
amiable manner English pleasant countenance English

好聽 Traditional 好听 Simplified
hao3 ting1 Pinyin
pleasant to hear English

宜人 Traditional 宜人 Simplified
yi2 ren2 Pinyin
nice English pleasant English charming English hospitable to people English

Traditional Simplified
kuai4 Pinyin
rapid English quick English speed English rate English soon English almost English to make haste English clever English sharp (of knives or wits) English forthright English plain-spoken English gratified English pleased English pleasant English

怡悅 Traditional 怡悦 Simplified
yi2 yue4 Pinyin
pleasant English happy English

愉快 Traditional 愉快 Simplified
yu2 kuai4 Pinyin
cheerful English cheerily English delightful English pleasant English pleasantly English pleasing English happy English delighted English

爽意 Traditional 爽意 Simplified
shuang3 yi4 Pinyin
pleasant English

爽暢 Traditional 爽畅 Simplified
shuang3 chang4 Pinyin
pleasant English

爽目 Traditional 爽目 Simplified
shuang3 mu4 Pinyin
pleasant to behold English attractive English

綺夢 Traditional 绮梦 Simplified
qi3 meng4 Pinyin
pleasant and romantic dream English

美差 Traditional 美差 Simplified
mei3 chai1 Pinyin
cushy job English pleasant task English

順意 Traditional 顺意 Simplified
shun4 yi4 Pinyin
pleasant English agreeable English

順氣 Traditional 顺气 Simplified
shun4 qi4 Pinyin
nice English pleasant English

kuai4 Reading Pinyin カイ Reading On こころよ. Reading Kun よし Nanori kwae Reading Korean Reading Korean
cheerful Meaning pleasant Meaning agreeable Meaning comfortable Meaning agréable Meaning fr gai Meaning fr plaisant Meaning fr confortable Meaning fr agradable Meaning es bueno Meaning es curarse Meaning es rápido Meaning es placentero Meaning es confortável Meaning pt agradável Meaning pt alegre Meaning pt

feng2 Reading Pinyin フウ Reading On Reading On ハン Reading On
pleasant sound Meaning

Character pleasant, delightful; please Definition
YU2 TOU1 Pinyin jyu4 jyu6 Jyutping YU TOU On TANOSHIMU TANOSHII Kun Hangul YU Korean

ころころ Reading
small and round thing rolling Translation eng pleasant, high-pitched sound Translation eng something that changes frequently Translation eng something fickle Translation eng rollend Translation ger kullernd Translation ger rundlich Translation ger bruit d'un petit objet qui roule Translation fre changement (conversation) Translation fre voix aiguë et agréable Translation fre

にこっと Reading
pleasantly smiling Translation eng
にこにこ Crossref

涼快 Traditional 凉快 Simplified
liang2 kuai5 Pinyin
nice and cold English pleasantly cool English

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