yi3 Reading Pinyin Reading On もっ. Reading Kun もち Nanori i Reading Korean Reading Korean
by means of Meaning because Meaning in view of Meaning compared with Meaning au moyen de Meaning fr parce que Meaning fr en vue de Meaning fr comparé à Meaning fr además de Meaning es más que Meaning es Por meios de Meaning pt porque Meaning pt em visão de Meaning pt comparada com Meaning pt

jin3 Reading Pinyin jin4 Reading Pinyin キン Reading On ゴン Reading On わずか Reading Kun geun Reading Korean Reading Korean
a wee bit Meaning meramente Meaning es simplemente Meaning es un poquito Meaning es al final Meaning es por fin Meaning es

jian1 Reading Pinyin ケン Reading On .ねる Reading Kun -か.ねる Reading Kun かね Nanori gyeom Reading Korean Reading Korean
concurrently Meaning and Meaning simultanément Meaning fr et Meaning fr cumuler Meaning fr concurrentemente Meaning es y Meaning es además Meaning es por añadidura Meaning es agarrar Meaning es coger Meaning es combinarse Meaning es Concorrentemente Meaning pt e Meaning pt

gu1 Reading Pinyin Reading On しゅうとめ Reading Kun しゅうと Reading Kun おば Reading Kun しばらく Reading Kun go Reading Korean Reading Korean
mother-in-law Meaning suegra Meaning es de momento Meaning es por ahora Meaning es

zan4 Reading Pinyin zhan4 Reading Pinyin ザン Reading On しばら. Reading Kun jam Reading Korean Reading Korean
temporarily Meaning a while Meaning moment Meaning long time Meaning un certain temps Meaning fr temporaire Meaning fr un moment Meaning fr depuis longtemps Meaning fr por poco tiempo Meaning es un rato Meaning es un momento Meaning es temporariamente Meaning pt por enquanto Meaning pt momento Meaning pt tempo longo Meaning pt

zi4 Reading Pinyin Reading On Reading On みずか. Reading Kun おの.ずから Reading Kun おの.ずと Reading Kun より Nanori ja Reading Korean Reading Korean
oneself Meaning soi-même Meaning fr uno mismo Meaning es por mismo Meaning es auto- Meaning es a si próprio Meaning pt

shan4 Reading Pinyin ゼン Reading On つくろ. Reading Kun seon Reading Korean Reading Korean
darning Meaning repair Meaning mend Meaning trim Meaning tidy up Meaning adjust Meaning repriser Meaning fr rapiécer Meaning fr réparer Meaning fr raccommoder Meaning fr ranger Meaning fr ajuster Meaning fr reparar Meaning es restaurar Meaning es remendar Meaning es cerzir Meaning pt reparar Meaning pt consertar Meaning pt ajeitar Meaning pt por em ordem Meaning pt ajustar Meaning pt

cuo4 Reading Pinyin Reading On . Reading Kun jo Reading Korean chaeg Reading Korean Reading Korean Reading Korean
set aside Meaning give up Meaning suspend Meaning discontinue Meaning lay aside Meaning except Meaning mettre à l'écart Meaning fr rejeter Meaning fr abandonner Meaning fr suspendre Meaning fr renvoyer Meaning fr exclure Meaning fr poner a un lado Meaning es poner aparte Meaning es exceptuar Meaning es por de lado Meaning pt desistir Meaning pt suspender Meaning pt descontinuar Meaning pt exceto Meaning pt

dui4 Reading Pinyin タイ Reading On ツイ Reading On あいて Reading Kun こた.える Reading Kun そろ. Reading Kun つれあ. Reading Kun なら. Reading Kun むか. Reading Kun つし Nanori dae Reading Korean Reading Korean
vis-a-vis Meaning opposite Meaning even Meaning equal Meaning versus Meaning anti- Meaning compare Meaning vis-à-vis Meaning fr en face Meaning fr régulier Meaning fr égal Meaning fr opposition Meaning fr anti- Meaning fr comparer Meaning fr opuesto Meaning es contrario Meaning es por serie Meaning es vis-um-vis Meaning pt contrário Meaning pt até mesmo Meaning pt igual Meaning pt versus Meaning pt anti- Meaning pt compara Meaning pt

zhi4 Reading Pinyin Reading On . Reading Kun -お. Reading Kun おき Nanori おけ Nanori Nanori chi Reading Korean Reading Korean
placement Meaning put Meaning set Meaning deposit Meaning leave behind Meaning keep Meaning employ Meaning pawn Meaning placer Meaning fr poser Meaning fr déposer Meaning fr faire à l'avance Meaning fr laisser derrière Meaning fr garder Meaning fr employer Meaning fr gage Meaning fr poner Meaning es colocar Meaning es situar Meaning es colocação Meaning pt por Meaning pt colocar Meaning pt depositar Meaning pt abandonar Meaning pt manter Meaning pt empregar Meaning pt hipotecar Meaning pt

zhu3 Reading Pinyin zhu4 Reading Pinyin チョ Reading On .める Reading Kun たくわ.える Reading Kun jeo Reading Korean Reading Korean
savings Meaning store Meaning lay in Meaning keep Meaning wear mustache Meaning économies Meaning fr épargne Meaning fr réserve Meaning fr stocker Meaning fr porter la moustache Meaning fr ahorrar Meaning es almacenar Meaning es poupança Meaning pt loja Meaning pt por em Meaning pt guardar Meaning pt usar bigode Meaning pt

zi4 Reading Pinyin Reading On .ける Reading Kun .かる Reading Kun -づ. Reading Kun -づけ Reading Kun ji Reading Korean Reading Korean
pickling Meaning soak Meaning moisten Meaning steep Meaning saumure Meaning fr tremper Meaning fr humecter Meaning fr imbiber Meaning fr remojar Meaning es empapar Meaning es encurtir Meaning es Por em conserva Meaning pt ensopar Meaning pt umedecer Meaning pt empapar Meaning pt

di4 Reading Pinyin テイ Reading On かわ. Reading Kun たがいに Reading Kun che Reading Korean Reading Korean
relay Meaning in turn Meaning sending Meaning relais Meaning fr progressif Meaning fr au fur et à mesure Meaning fr envoi Meaning fr por turnos Meaning es alternativamente Meaning es relevo Meaning es Em cadeia Meaning pt em fila Meaning pt enviar Meaning pt

die2 Reading Pinyin テツ Reading On jil Reading Korean Reading Korean
transfer Meaning alternation Meaning transférer Meaning fr alternance Meaning fr por turno Meaning es alternancia Meaning es transferir Meaning pt alternar Meaning pt

you4 Reading Pinyin ユウ Reading On また Reading Kun また- Reading Kun また.の- Reading Kun やす Nanori u Reading Korean Reading Korean
or again Meaning furthermore Meaning on the other hand Meaning ou encore Meaning fr de plus Meaning fr d'un autre côté Meaning fr otra vez Meaning es además Meaning es por otra parte Meaning es otro Meaning es distinto Meaning es ou outra vez Meaning pt além disso Meaning pt na outra mão Meaning pt

you2 Reading Pinyin Reading On ユウ Reading On ユイ Reading On よし Reading Kun . Reading Kun yu Reading Korean Reading Korean
wherefore Meaning a reason Meaning c'est pourquoi Meaning fr raison Meaning fr cause Meaning fr origine Meaning fr grave Meaning fr razón Meaning es significado Meaning es causa Meaning es porquanto Meaning pt por conseguinte Meaning pt uma razão Meaning pt

ポラーチェク Reading Polacek Romaji

ポラード Reading Pollard Romaji

ポラーシェク Reading Polasek Romaji

ポラッコ Reading Polacco Romaji

ポラック Reading
pollack Translation eng pollock Translation eng

ポラック Reading Polac Romaji Polack Romaji Polak Romaji Pollack Romaji Pollak Romaji

ポラコフ Reading Polakoff Romaji

ポラン Reading Paulhan Romaji Polin Romaji Poran Romaji

歩蘭 Word
ぽらん Reading Poran Romaji

ぽらん Reading Poran Romaji

波蘭 Word
ポーランド Reading ポランド Reading ぽーらんど Reading ぽらんど Reading
Poland Translation eng {Ländern.} Polen Translation ger (Staat im östlichen Mitteleuropa) Translation ger

ポランド Reading Poland Romaji

波蘭 Word
ぽらんど Reading Poland Romaji

ポランギ Reading Polangui Romaji

ポランニー Reading Polanyi Romaji

ポランスキー Reading Polanski Romaji

ポラリス Reading
Polaris Translation eng American submarine Translation eng {Milit.} Polaris Translation ger (amerik. U-Boot) Translation ger

ポラロイド Reading
Polaroid (camera) Translation eng

ポラロイドカメラ Reading
Polaroid camera Translation eng Polaroid-Kamera Translation ger Sofortbildkamera Translation ger

ポラト Reading Porat Romaji

ポラズナ Reading Polazna Romaji

ポレボイ Reading Polevoi Romaji

ポレチ Reading Porec Romaji

ポレー Reading Porree Romaji

ポレミック Reading
polemic Translation eng Polemik Translation ger Polemiker Translation ger

ポレンダー Reading Pollender Romaji

ポリェンサ Reading Pollensa Romaji

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