cang2 Reading Pinyin zang4 Reading Pinyin ゾウ Reading On ソウ Reading On くら Reading Kun おさ.める Reading Kun かく.れる Reading Kun くらし Nanori くらん Nanori くろう Nanori さし Nanori Nanori ろう Nanori jang Reading Korean Reading Korean
storehouse Meaning hide Meaning own Meaning have Meaning possess Meaning entrepôt Meaning fr salle de stockage Meaning fr cacher Meaning fr avoir Meaning fr posséder Meaning fr almacén Meaning es depósito Meaning es bodega Meaning es esconder Meaning es guardar Meaning es armazém Meaning pt esconder Meaning pt possuir Meaning pt ter Meaning pt

you3 Reading Pinyin you4 Reading Pinyin ユウ Reading On Reading On . Reading Kun Nanori あら Nanori あり Nanori ある Nanori くに Nanori なお Nanori Nanori yu Reading Korean Reading Korean
possess Meaning have Meaning exist Meaning happen Meaning occur Meaning approx Meaning posséder Meaning fr avoir Meaning fr être Meaning fr arriver (se passer) Meaning fr existir Meaning es poseer Meaning es tener Meaning es ser Meaning es possuir Meaning pt ter Meaning pt existir Meaning pt acontecer Meaning pt ocorrer Meaning pt aproximadamente Meaning pt haver Meaning pt

yong3 Reading Pinyin yong1 Reading Pinyin ヨウ Reading On ong Reading Korean Reading Korean
hug Meaning embrace Meaning possess Meaning protect Meaning lead Meaning étreindre Meaning fr prendre dans les bras Meaning fr posséder Meaning fr protéger Meaning fr diriger Meaning fr abrazar Meaning es proteger Meaning es abraçar Meaning pt possuir Meaning pt proteger Meaning pt primazia Meaning pt

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