chang1 Reading Pinyin ショウ Reading On さかん Reading Kun まさ Nanori まさし Nanori よし Nanori あき Nanori あきら Nanori さかえ Nanori あつ Nanori すけ Nanori chang Reading Korean Reading Korean
prosperous Meaning bright Meaning clear Meaning prospère Meaning fr brillant Meaning fr clair Meaning fr claro Meaning es próspero Meaning es brillante Meaning es

sheng4 Reading Pinyin cheng2 Reading Pinyin セイ Reading On ジョウ Reading On . Reading Kun さか. Reading Kun さか. Reading Kun もり Nanori seong Reading Korean Reading Korean
boom Meaning prosper Meaning copulate Meaning prospérité Meaning fr boom Meaning fr copuler Meaning fr auge Meaning es prosperidad Meaning es apilar Meaning es colmar Meaning es prosperar Meaning es florecer Meaning es próspero Meaning es estrondo Meaning pt prosperar Meaning pt copular Meaning pt

zhuang4 Reading Pinyin ソウ Reading On さかん Reading Kun つよし Nanori jang Reading Korean Reading Korean
robust Meaning manhood Meaning prosperity Meaning robuste Meaning fr âge d'homme Meaning fr prospérité Meaning fr poderoso Meaning es influyente Meaning es próspero Meaning es robusto Meaning pt másculo Meaning pt prosperidade Meaning pt

fan2 Reading Pinyin po2 Reading Pinyin ハン Reading On しげ. Reading Kun しげ. Reading Kun beon Reading Korean ban Reading Korean Reading Korean Reading Korean
luxuriant Meaning thick Meaning overgrown Meaning frequency Meaning complexity Meaning trouble Meaning luxuriant Meaning fr épais Meaning fr envahi (herbes) Meaning fr fréquence Meaning fr complexité Meaning fr ennuis Meaning fr exuberante Meaning es próspero Meaning es sobrecrecido Meaning es complejo Meaning es problemático Meaning es confuso Meaning es luxuriante Meaning pt espesso Meaning pt coberto de vegetação Meaning pt frequência Meaning pt complexidade Meaning pt dificuldade Meaning pt

fu4 Reading Pinyin Reading On フウ Reading On おか Nanori bu Reading Korean Reading Korean
hill Meaning mound Meaning left village radical (no. 170) Meaning colina Meaning es montículo Meaning es grande Meaning es próspero Meaning es abundante Meaning es radical ß izquierdo Meaning es

bo2 Reading Pinyin ボツ Reading On ホツ Reading On おこ. Reading Kun にわかに Reading Kun bal Reading Korean Reading Korean
suddenness Meaning rise Meaning repentino Meaning es inesperado Meaning es súbito Meaning es próspero Meaning es aumento Meaning es

long2 Reading Pinyin long1 Reading Pinyin リュウ Reading On Nanori たか Nanori たかし Nanori ryung Reading Korean Reading Korean
hump Meaning high Meaning noble Meaning prosperity Meaning protubérance Meaning fr haut Meaning fr noble Meaning fr prospérité Meaning fr montículo Meaning es giba Meaning es alto Meaning es próspero Meaning es floreciente Meaning es corcova Meaning pt alto Meaning pt nobre Meaning pt prosperidade Meaning pt

xi1 Reading Pinyin Reading On たのし. Reading Kun ひか. Reading Kun ひろ. Reading Kun よろこ. Reading Kun かわ. Reading Kun あきらか Reading Kun ひろ.める Reading Kun ひろ.まる Reading Kun heui Reading Korean Reading Korean
bright Meaning sunny Meaning prosperous Meaning merry Meaning brillante Meaning es soleado Meaning es próspero Meaning es alegre Meaning es #KA Meaning es

好況 Word
こうきょう Reading
prosperous conditions Translation eng healthy economy Translation eng Hochkonjunktur Translation ger wirtschaftlicher Aufschwung Translation ger günstige Konjunktur Translation ger Boom Translation ger

盛ん Word
さかん Reading
popular Translation eng prosperous Translation eng enthusiastic Translation eng energetic Translation eng vigorous Translation eng lebhaft Translation ger belebt Translation ger gedeihend Translation ger blühend Translation ger erfolgreich Translation ger populär Translation ger aktiv Translation ger eifrig Translation ger herzlich Translation ger enthusiastisch Translation ger furios,heftig Translation ger heiß Translation ger énergique Translation fre actif Translation fre vigoureux Translation fre процветающий Translation rus обильный Translation rus

盛業 Word
せいぎょう Reading
prosperous enterprise Translation eng (schriftspr.) Translation ger blühendes Geschäft Translation ger

盛大 Word
せいだい Reading
grand Translation eng prosperous Translation eng magnificent Translation eng blühend Translation ger prachtvoll Translation ger fürstlich Translation ger prunkvoll Translation ger pompös Translation ger imposant Translation ger großartig Translation ger grand Translation fre magnifique Translation fre pompeux Translation fre solennel Translation fre

隆々 Word 隆隆 Word
りゅうりゅう Reading
prosperous Translation eng flourishing Translation eng thriving Translation eng muscular Translation eng brawny Translation eng (schriftspr.) blühend Translation ger florierend Translation ger gedeihend Translation ger emporkommend Translation ger muskulös Translation ger florissant Translation fre prospère Translation fre musclé Translation fre musculature développée Translation fre

盛者 Word
しょうしゃ Reading しょうじゃ Reading じょうしゃ Reading
prosperous person Translation eng wohlhabende Person Translation ger

盛代 Word
せいだい Reading
prosperous era Translation eng Blütezeit Translation ger (eines Landes) Translation ger

盛事 Word
せいじ Reading
prosperous undertaking Translation eng (schriftspr.) Translation ger gedeihendes Unternehmen Translation ger großartiges Ereignis Translation ger

盛期 Word
せいき Reading
prosperous period Translation eng (schriftspr.) Translation ger Blütezeit Translation ger

亨通 Word
こうつう Reading
doing well Translation eng prosperous Translation eng

旺然 Word
おうぜん Reading
prosperous Translation eng

羽振りがいい Word 羽振りが良い Word 羽振りが好い Word
はぶりがいい Reading はぶりがよい Reading
influential Translation eng powerful Translation eng popular Translation eng prosperous (when modifying a noun) Translation eng doing well Translation eng
羽振り Crossref 羽振りのいい Crossref

羽振りのいい Word 羽振りの良い Word
はぶりのいい Reading はぶりのよい Reading
powerful Translation eng influential Translation eng prosperous Translation eng popular Translation eng
羽振りがいい Crossref

Traditional Simplified
heng1 Pinyin
prosperous English henry (unit of inductance) English

亨通 Traditional 亨通 Simplified
heng1 tong1 Pinyin
to go smoothly English prosperous English going well English

Traditional Simplified
bo2 Pinyin
flourishing English prosperous English suddenly English abruptly English

富裕 Traditional 富裕 Simplified
fu4 yu4 Pinyin
prosperous English well-to-do English well-off English

Traditional Simplified
wang4 Pinyin
prosperous English flourishing English to prosper English to flourish English

Traditional Simplified
chang1 Pinyin
prosperous English flourishing English

昌盛 Traditional 昌盛 Simplified
chang1 sheng4 Pinyin
prosperous English

條暢 Traditional 条畅 Simplified
tiao2 chang4 Pinyin
orderly and logical (of writing) English luxuriant English flourishing English prosperous English

殷富 Traditional 殷富 Simplified
yin1 fu4 Pinyin
well off English prosperous English

Traditional Simplified
xi1 Pinyin
prosperous English splendid English

皇皇 Traditional 皇皇 Simplified
huang2 huang2 Pinyin
prosperous English exuberant English

紅火 Traditional 红火 Simplified
hong2 huo3 Pinyin
prosperous English

繁榮 Traditional 繁荣 Simplified
fan2 rong2 Pinyin
prosperous English booming (economy) English

繁盛 Traditional 繁盛 Simplified
fan2 sheng4 Pinyin
prosperous English

興旺 Traditional 兴旺 Simplified
xing1 wang4 Pinyin
prosperous English thriving English to prosper English to flourish English

興隆 Traditional 兴隆 Simplified
xing1 long2 Pinyin
prosperous English thriving English flourishing English

豐年 Traditional 丰年 Simplified
feng1 nian2 Pinyin
prosperous year English year with bumper harvest English

郅隆 Traditional 郅隆 Simplified
zhi4 long2 Pinyin
prosperous English

Traditional Simplified
long2 Pinyin
grand English intense English prosperous English to swell English to bulge English

隆重 Traditional 隆重 Simplified
long2 zhong4 Pinyin
grand English prosperous English ceremonious English solemn English

hong2 Reading Pinyin コウ Reading On ゴウ Reading On おおとり Reading Kun ひしくい Reading Kun おおがり Reading Kun hong Reading Korean Reading Korean
large bird Meaning wild goose Meaning large Meaning great Meaning powerful Meaning prosperous Meaning pájaro grande Meaning es ganso salvaje Meaning es

prosperous Meaning plentiful Meaning abundant Meaning

Character prosperous, plentiful, abundant Definition
LONG2 LONG1 Pinyin lung4 Jyutping RYUU On NAKADAKA TAKAI Kun Hangul LYUNG Korean *liung Tang long Viet
U+F9DC Variant

Character prosperous, plentiful, abundant Definition
Hangul YUNG Korean
U+9686 Variant U+9686 Variant

Character prosperous; good; protruding Definition
TIAN3 Pinyin tin2 Jyutping TEN On ATSUI Kun Hangul CEN Korean

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