Character press down, repress; curb, hinder Definition
YI4 Pinyin jik1 Jyutping YOKU On OSAERU Kun Hangul EK Korean qiək Tang ức Viet

Character press down heavily with hands Definition

Character press Definition
QIN4 Pinyin gam6 Jyutping
U+64B3 Traditional

プレス Reading
press Translation eng Presse Translation ger Druckerpresse Translation ger Druckerei Translation ger Pressen Translation ger {Gewichtheben} Drücken Translation ger

プレスカンファレンス Reading
press conference Translation eng Pressekonferenz Translation ger

プレスキャンペーン Reading
press campaign Translation eng Pressecampagne Translation ger

プレスクラブ Reading
press club Translation eng Presseklub Translation ger

プレスセンター Reading
press center Translation eng press centre Translation eng Pressezentrum Translation ger

プレスリリース Reading
press release Translation eng Presseverlautbarung Translation ger Presseveröffentlichung Translation ger

プレスルルース Reading
press release Translation eng

圧搾器 Word
あっさくき Reading
compression Translation eng press Translation eng Kompressor Translation ger Pressluftmaschine Translation ger compresseur Translation fre presse Translation fre

印刷所 Word
いんさつじょ Reading いんさつしょ Reading
press Translation eng print shop Translation eng printing office Translation eng Druckerei Translation ger

記者会見 Word
きしゃかいけん Reading
press conference Translation eng Presseinterview Translation ger Pressekonferenz Translation ger

記者団 Word
きしゃだん Reading
press group Translation eng press corps Translation eng group of reporters Translation eng press organization Translation eng press organisation Translation eng Reportergruppe Translation ger

催促 Word
さいそく Reading
request Translation eng demand Translation eng claim Translation eng urge (action) Translation eng press for Translation eng Mahnung Translation ger (f) Translation ger Aufforderung Translation ger (f) Translation ger Drängen Translation ger (n) Translation ger demande pressante Translation fre prier de faire (urgent) Translation fre réclamation Translation fre revendication Translation fre sommation Translation fre

出版法 Word
しゅっぱんほう Reading
press law Translation eng publication law Translation eng Verlagsgesetz Translation ger

成形 Word 成型 Word
せいけい Reading
plastic surgery Translation eng cast Translation eng mold Translation eng mould Translation eng press Translation eng Formen Translation ger Formgebung Translation ger

報道官 Word
ほうどうかん Reading
press office Translation eng spokesperson Translation eng Pressesekretär Translation ger

報道機関 Word
ほうどうきかん Reading
information media Translation eng press Translation eng news organs Translation eng Presse Translation ger Medien Translation ger Informationsorgan Translation ger médias Translation fre presse Translation fre

報道陣 Word
ほうどうじん Reading
press corps Translation eng Journalisten Translation ger Presse Translation ger Nachrichtenwesen Translation ger Pressevertreter Translation ger

記者席 Word
きしゃせき Reading
press gallery Translation eng press box Translation eng Presseplatz Translation ger

繁閑 Word
はんかん Reading
press and slack of business Translation eng Geschäftigkeit und Muße Translation ger

プレス加工 Word
プレスかこう Reading
press working Translation eng

記者室 Word
きしゃしつ Reading
press room Translation eng press gallery Translation eng

記者証 Word
きしゃしょう Reading
journalist identification Translation eng press pass Translation eng

記者クラブ Word
きしゃクラブ Reading
press club Translation eng correspondents' club Translation eng

記者発表 Word
きしゃはっぴょう Reading
press release Translation eng announcement Translation eng

書評見本 Word
しょひょうみほん Reading
press copy Translation eng review copy Translation eng

プレスカード Reading
press card Translation eng

プレスコード Reading
press code Translation eng

プレス Reading Pless Romaji Press Romaji

Traditional Simplified
na4 Pinyin
(downwards-right concave character stroke) English press down firmly English

推舉 Traditional 推举 Simplified
tui1 ju3 Pinyin
to elect English to choose English press (weightlifting technique) English

Traditional Simplified
wen4 Pinyin
press with finger English wipe English

新聞稿 Traditional 新闻稿 Simplified
xin1 wen2 gao3 Pinyin
press release English

書社 Traditional 书社 Simplified
shu1 she4 Pinyin
a reading group English press (i.e. publishing house) English

綜合報導 Traditional 综合报导 Simplified
zong1 he2 bao4 dao3 Pinyin
summary report English press release English brief English

記者報道 Traditional 记者报道 Simplified
ji4 zhe3 bao4 dao4 Pinyin
press report English

記者會 Traditional 记者会 Simplified
ji4 zhe3 hui4 Pinyin
press conference English

Traditional Simplified
bi1 Pinyin
force English compel English drive English press for English extort English press on towards English press up to English to close (in on) English make (someone do something) English pussy English cunt (vulgar) English see also |[bi1] English

逼債 Traditional 逼债 Simplified
bi1 zhai4 Pinyin
press for payment of debts English dun English

Traditional Simplified
zha4 Pinyin
press for extracting wine English

雜沓 Traditional 杂沓 Simplified
za2 ta4 Pinyin
small craftsman (contemptuous) English clatter (e.g. of footsteps) English jumbled mass English press of bodies English tumult English

雜遝 Traditional 杂遝 Simplified
za2 ta4 Pinyin
jumbled mass English press of bodies English tumult English also written 雜沓|杂沓 English

ya1 Reading Pinyin ya2 Reading Pinyin オウ Reading On . Reading Kun .し- Reading Kun .っ- Reading Kun .さえる Reading Kun おさ.える Reading Kun おし Nanori おす Nanori おや Nanori ab Reading Korean gab Reading Korean Reading Korean Reading Korean
push Meaning stop Meaning check Meaning subdue Meaning attach Meaning seize Meaning weight Meaning shove Meaning press Meaning seal Meaning do in spite of Meaning appuyer Meaning fr pousser Meaning fr arrêter Meaning fr contrôler Meaning fr soumettre Meaning fr attacher Meaning fr saisir Meaning fr maintenir Meaning fr sceau Meaning fr presser Meaning fr faire en dépit de Meaning fr empujar Meaning es presionar Meaning es forzar Meaning es contener Meaning es reprimir Meaning es suprimir Meaning es empurrar Meaning pt parada Meaning pt checar Meaning pt subjugar Meaning pt anexar Meaning pt prender Meaning pt peso Meaning pt imprensa Meaning pt carimbo Meaning pt fazer apesar de Meaning pt

cu4 Reading Pinyin ソク Reading On うなが. Reading Kun chog Reading Korean Reading Korean
stimulate Meaning urge Meaning press Meaning demand Meaning incite Meaning stimuler Meaning fr encourager Meaning fr pousser à Meaning fr inciter Meaning fr demander Meaning fr apremiar Meaning es urgir Meaning es estimular Meaning pt desejo Meaning pt imprensa Meaning pt demanda Meaning pt incitar Meaning pt

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