Traditional Simplified
bi4 Pinyin
careful English prevent English

yan4 Reading Pinyin エン Reading On せき Reading Kun . Reading Kun eon Reading Korean Reading Korean
dam Meaning prevent Meaning stop up Meaning

zu3 Reading Pinyin Reading On はば. Reading Kun jo Reading Korean Reading Korean
thwart Meaning separate from Meaning prevent Meaning obstruct Meaning deter Meaning impede Meaning faire obstacle Meaning fr obstruer Meaning fr contrarier Meaning fr séparer Meaning fr dissuader Meaning fr empêcher Meaning fr escarpado Meaning es separar Meaning es obstruir Meaning es disuadir Meaning es impedir Meaning es demover Meaning pt separar de Meaning pt previnir Meaning pt obstruir Meaning pt deter Meaning pt impedir Meaning pt

fang2 Reading Pinyin fang1 Reading Pinyin ボウ Reading On さまた.げる Reading Kun bang Reading Korean Reading Korean
disturb Meaning prevent Meaning hamper Meaning obstruct Meaning empêcher Meaning fr gêner Meaning fr obstruction Meaning fr déranger Meaning fr entraver Meaning fr brouiller (radio) Meaning fr saboter Meaning fr molestia Meaning es estorbo Meaning es obstrucción Meaning es molestar Meaning es estorbar Meaning es obstruir Meaning es perturbar Meaning pt prevenir Meaning pt atrasar Meaning pt obstruir Meaning pt

e4 Reading Pinyin ヤク Reading On アク Reading On おさ.える Reading Kun aeg Reading Korean Reading Korean
command Meaning dominate Meaning prevent Meaning obstruct Meaning

ju1 Reading Pinyin ju3 Reading Pinyin ju4 Reading Pinyin Reading On ショ Reading On はば. Reading Kun jeo Reading Korean Reading Korean
stop Meaning prevent Meaning defeated Meaning dejected Meaning

預防性 Traditional 预防性 Simplified
yu4 fang2 xing4 Pinyin
prophylactic English preventative English protective English

防ぎ Word 禦ぎ Word 拒ぎ Word
ふせぎ Reading
defense Translation eng defence Translation eng protecting Translation eng preventing Translation eng

防弊 Traditional 防弊 Simplified
fang2 bi4 Pinyin
anti-fraud English anti-cheating English preventing wrongdoing English

阻止 Word
そし Reading
obstruction Translation eng check Translation eng hindrance Translation eng prevention Translation eng interdiction Translation eng Verhinderung Translation ger Behinderung Translation ger Hemmung Translation ger Verhütung Translation ger Hemmung Translation ger Vorbeugung Translation ger blocage Translation fre interdiction Translation fre obstacle Translation fre obstruction Translation fre

防火 Word
ぼうか Reading
fire prevention Translation eng fire fighting Translation eng fire proof Translation eng Feuerschutz Translation ger Brandverhütung Translation ger lutte contre les incendies Translation fre prévention contre les incendies Translation fre

防災 Word
ぼうさい Reading
disaster prevention Translation eng (schriftspr.) Translation ger Katastrophenverhütung Translation ger Katastrophenschutz Translation ger prevention des dégats, catastrophes Translation fre

防止 Word
ぼうし Reading
prevention Translation eng check Translation eng Vorbeugung Translation ger Verhütung Translation ger Verhinderung Translation ger contrôle Translation fre empêchement Translation fre prévention Translation fre

防湿 Word
ぼうしつ Reading
dampproofing Translation eng prevention of moisture Translation eng (schriftspr.) Translation ger Feuchtigkeitsschutz Translation ger Feuchtigkeitsfestigkeit Translation ger

防犯 Word
ぼうはん Reading
prevention of crime Translation eng Verbrechensverhütung Translation ger Verbrechensbekämpfung Translation ger Verhütung von Verbrechen Translation ger Bekämpfung von Verbrechen Translation ger prévention du crime Translation fre répression du crime Translation fre

予防 Word
よぼう Reading
prevention Translation eng precaution Translation eng protection against Translation eng Vorbeugung Translation ger Verhütung Translation ger Prävention Translation ger Schutz Translation ger Vorsicht Translation ger précaution Translation fre prévention Translation fre protection contre Translation fre

美白 Word
びはく Reading
prevention of sun-related skin damage Translation eng skin whitening Translation eng

防止策 Word
ぼうしさく Reading
prevention measure Translation eng preventive measures Translation eng

未然防止 Word
みぜんぼうし Reading
prevention Translation eng

防治 Traditional 防治 Simplified
fang2 zhi4 Pinyin
prevention and cure English

予防医学 Word
よぼういがく Reading
preventive medicine Translation eng prophylactic Translation eng Vorbeugungsmedizin Translation ger Vorsorgemedizin Translation ger präventive Medizin Translation ger

予防戦争 Word
よぼうせんそう Reading
preventive war Translation eng Präventivkrieg Translation ger

予防注射 Word
よぼうちゅうしゃ Reading
immunization Translation eng immunisation Translation eng shots Translation eng inoculation Translation eng preventive injection Translation eng Vorbeugungsinjektion Translation ger Vorbeugungsimpfung Translation ger

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