shen4 Reading Pinyin シン Reading On つつし. Reading Kun つつし Reading Kun つつし. Reading Kun ちか Nanori のり Nanori まこと Nanori みつ Nanori sin Reading Korean Reading Korean
humility Meaning be careful Meaning discrete Meaning prudent Meaning humilité Meaning fr circonspect Meaning fr discret Meaning fr prudent Meaning fr prudencia Meaning es modestia Meaning es discrección Meaning es refrenarse Meaning es precaverse Meaning es ser cuidadoso Meaning es ser discreto Meaning es humildade Meaning pt cuidado Meaning pt discreto Meaning pt prudente Meaning pt

lu:4 Reading Pinyin リョ Reading On おもんぱく. Reading Kun おもんぱか. Reading Kun Nanori ryeo Reading Korean Reading Korean
prudence Meaning thought Meaning concern Meaning consider Meaning deliberate Meaning fear Meaning prudence Meaning fr idée Meaning fr sollicitude Meaning fr considérer Meaning fr délibérer Meaning fr peur Meaning fr prudencia Meaning es consideración Meaning es deliberación Meaning es considerar Meaning es deliberar Meaning es prudência Meaning pt pensamento Meaning pt assunto Meaning pt considera Meaning pt deliberate Meaning pt medo Meaning pt

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