gong1 Reading Pinyin コウ Reading On Reading On おおやけ Reading Kun あきら Nanori Nanori きみ Nanori きん Nanori たか Nanori ただし Nanori とも Nanori ひろ Nanori まさ Nanori gong Reading Korean Reading Korean
public Meaning prince Meaning official Meaning governmental Meaning public Meaning fr prince Meaning fr officiel Meaning fr gouvernemental Meaning fr público Meaning es imparcial Meaning es oficial Meaning es público Meaning pt príncipe Meaning pt oficial Meaning pt governamental Meaning pt

qing2 Reading Pinyin セイ Reading On .れる Reading Kun . Reading Kun .れ- Reading Kun -ば. Reading Kun .らす Reading Kun はる Nanori はれ Nanori cheong Reading Korean Reading Korean
clear up Meaning éclaircir Meaning fr buen tiempo Meaning es público Meaning es oficial Meaning es buen humor Meaning es hacer buen tiempo Meaning es despejarse Meaning es dejar de llover Meaning es aclarar el tiempo Meaning es Limpar o tempo Meaning pt

zhu4 Reading Pinyin zhe5 Reading Pinyin zhao1 Reading Pinyin zhao2 Reading Pinyin zhu3 Reading Pinyin zi1 Reading Pinyin チョ Reading On チャク Reading On あらわ. Reading Kun いちじる.しい Reading Kun jeo Reading Korean chag Reading Korean Reading Korean Reading Korean
renowned Meaning publish Meaning write Meaning remarkable Meaning phenomenal Meaning put on Meaning don Meaning wear Meaning arrival Meaning finish (race) Meaning counter for suits of clothing Meaning literary work Meaning renommé Meaning fr publier Meaning fr écrire Meaning fr remarquable Meaning fr phénoménal Meaning fr porter Meaning fr arrivée Meaning fr auteur Meaning fr ouvrage littéraire Meaning fr compteur de vêtements Meaning fr expresar Meaning es publicar Meaning es escribir Meaning es notable Meaning es eminente Meaning es renomado Meaning pt publico Meaning pt notável Meaning pt fenomenal Meaning pt vestido Meaning pt vestir Meaning pt usar Meaning pt elevado chegada/ fim (corrida) Meaning pt sufixo para contagem de vestuário Meaning pt

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