Character to expel the breath Definition
put3 Jyutping

Character pour, splash, water, sprinkle Definition
PO1 BO1 Pinyin put3 Jyutping
U+6F51 Traditional

Character pour, splash, water, sprinkle; violent, malignant Definition
PO1 BO1 Pinyin put3 Jyutping HATSU On MORU TOBICHIRU SOSOGU Kun Hangul PAL Korean
U+6CFC Simplified U+6E8C Variant

Character fermentation, brewing Definition
PO4 PO1 Pinyin put3 Jyutping HATSU On KAMOSU Kun PAL Korean
U+91B1 Traditional

Character to brew for the second time Definition
PO4 PO1 Pinyin put3 Jyutping HATSU On KAMOSU Kun Hangul PAL Korean pɑt Tang
U+9166 Simplified

PO1 Pinyin put3 Jyutping HATSU HACHI On KAMA Kun

Character put forth effort, strive forward Definition
MAI4 Pinyin maai6 Jyutping
U+52F1 Traditional U+52F5 Variant

Character put forth effort, strive forward Definition
MAI4 Pinyin maai6 Jyutping BAI ME On TSUTOMERU Kun MAY Korean
U+52A2 Simplified

Character put aside, put down; discard Definition
ZHI4 Pinyin zi3 Jyutping SHI On OKU IRERU TOMERU SUKORU Kun Hangul CHI Korean
U+7F6E Variant

Character put hand on, press down with hand Definition
AN4 Pinyin on3 Jyutping AN On OSAERU SHIRABERU Kun Hangul AN AL Korean qɑ̀n Tang án Viet

Character put off, procrastinate; endure Definition
AI2 Pinyin ngaai4 Jyutping GAI GE On HUSEGU Kun Hangul AY Korean nhay Viet

Character put down, put aside; drop Definition
LIAO4 LÜE4 LIAO1 LIAO2 Pinyin liu1 Jyutping

Character put out, extinguish, quash Definition
XI2 XI1 Pinyin sik1 Jyutping SOKU On KIERU YAMU Kun Hangul SIK Korean tắt Viet

Character put out Definition
JIAN1 Pinyin zim1 Jyutping

Character put forth great effort; exhaust Definition
JIE2 Pinyin git3 kit3 Jyutping KETSU On TSUKIRU TSUKUSU Kun Hangul KAL KEL Korean ghyɛt Tang kiệt Viet

プット Reading
put (e.g. a put option) Translation eng plötzlich lachend Translation ger plötzlich aufbrausend Translation ger Atemgeräusch Translation ger Geräusch beim Furzen Translation ger

一括り Word
ひとくくり Reading
lump together Translation eng put all together Translation eng Bündel Translation ger (z.B. Zeitungen) Translation ger

応用 Word
おうよう Reading
application Translation eng put to practical use Translation eng Anwendung Translation ger praktische Anwendung Translation ger Nutzanwendung Translation ger déployer Translation fre mettre en application Translation fre utiliser Translation fre

実践 Word
じっせん Reading
practice Translation eng practise Translation eng put into practice Translation eng put into practise Translation eng Praxis Translation ger introduire comme pratique Translation fre pratique Translation fre

整頓 Word
せいとん Reading
orderliness Translation eng put in order Translation eng tidying up Translation eng arranging neatly Translation eng Ordnung Translation ger Anordnung Translation ger Arrangement Translation ger Einrichtung Translation ger Regelung Translation ger Regulierung Translation ger Zurechtlegung Translation ger (mettre en) ordre Translation fre arrangement Translation fre

同一視 Word
どういつし Reading
class with Translation eng put on par with Translation eng regard in the same light as Translation eng (schriftspr.) Translation ger Identifizierung Translation ger Gleichsetzung Translation ger

発動 Word
はつどう Reading
invoke (law) Translation eng put into operation Translation eng Inbetriebsetzung Translation ger Inkraftsetzung Translation ger Bewegung Translation ger

平たく言えば Word
ひらたくいえば Reading
in plain words Translation eng in plain terms Translation eng put simply Translation eng

プットオプション Reading
put option Translation eng

下手 Traditional 下手 Simplified
xia4 shou3 Pinyin
start English put one's hand to English set about English the seat to the right of the main guest English

備案 Traditional 备案 Simplified
bei4 an4 Pinyin
put on record English enter (a case) in the records English

Traditional Simplified
mai4 Pinyin
put forth effort English

受累 Traditional 受累 Simplified
shou4 lei4 Pinyin
put to a lot of trouble (on sb else's behalf) English affected English

安放 Traditional 安放 Simplified
an1 fang4 Pinyin
lay English place English put in a certain place English

Traditional Simplified
dang4 Pinyin
dissipated English put off English

Traditional Simplified
zhi4 Pinyin
put aside, put down English discard English

將就 Traditional 将就 Simplified
jiang1 jiu5 Pinyin
accept (a bit reluctantly) English put up with English

擺架子 Traditional 摆架子 Simplified
bai3 jia4 zi3 Pinyin
put on airs English assume great airs English

施行 Traditional 施行 Simplified
shi1 xing2 Pinyin
to put in place English put into practice English take effect English

杜絕 Traditional 杜绝 Simplified
du4 jue2 Pinyin
put an end to English

Traditional Simplified
ji2 Pinyin
put to death English

用力 Traditional 用力 Simplified
yong4 li4 Pinyin
exert oneself (physically) English put forth one's strength English

Traditional Simplified
bian3 Pinyin
put a coffin in grave English

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