Character take, receive, obtain; select Definition
QU3 QU1 Pinyin ceoi2 Jyutping SHU On TORU Kun Hangul CHWI Korean *tsiǒ Tang thủ Viet

Character marry, take wife Definition
QU3 Pinyin ceoi2 ceoi3 Jyutping SHU On METORU Kun Hangul CHWI Korean thú Viet

QU3 Pinyin

QU3 Pinyin KU On TATSU Kun

QU3 Pinyin

QU3 Pinyin KYO KO On KOE Kun

Character tooth decay Definition
QU3 Pinyin geoi2 Jyutping KU U On MUSHIBA Kun Hangul WU Korean
U+9F8B Simplified

Character tooth decay Definition
QU3 Pinyin geoi2 Jyutping
U+9F72 Traditional

Traditional Simplified
qu3 Pinyin
to take English to get English to choose English to fetch English

取代 Traditional 取代 Simplified
qu3 dai4 Pinyin
substitute English to replace English to supplant English

取出 Traditional 取出 Simplified
qu3 chu1 Pinyin
to take out English to extract English to draw out English

取勝 Traditional 取胜 Simplified
qu3 sheng4 Pinyin
to score a victory English to prevail over one's opponents English

取名 Traditional 取名 Simplified
qu3 ming2 Pinyin
to name English to be named English christen English seek fame English

取向 Traditional 取向 Simplified
qu3 xiang4 Pinyin
orientation English direction English

取得 Traditional 取得 Simplified
qu3 de2 Pinyin
to acquire English to get English to obtain English

取得一致 Traditional 取得一致 Simplified
qu3 de2 yi1 zhi4 Pinyin
to reach a consensus English

取得勝利 Traditional 取得胜利 Simplified
qu3 de2 sheng4 li4 Pinyin
to prevail English to achieve victory English to be victorious English

取悅 Traditional 取悦 Simplified
qu3 yue4 Pinyin
to try to please English

取捨 Traditional 取舍 Simplified
qu3 she3 Pinyin
to choose English to accept or reject English

取景器 Traditional 取景器 Simplified
qu3 jing3 qi4 Pinyin
viewfinder (of a camera etc) English

取暖 Traditional 取暖 Simplified
qu3 nuan3 Pinyin
to warm oneself (by a fire etc) English

取材 Traditional 取材 Simplified
qu3 cai2 Pinyin
to collect material English

取樂 Traditional 取乐 Simplified
qu3 le4 Pinyin
to find amusement English to amuse oneself English

取樣 Traditional 取样 Simplified
qu3 yang4 Pinyin
sampling (signal processing) English

取款 Traditional 取款 Simplified
qu3 kuan3 Pinyin
to withdraw money from a bank English

取款機 Traditional 取款机 Simplified
qu3 kuan3 ji1 Pinyin
ATM English

取水 Traditional 取水 Simplified
qu3 shui3 Pinyin
water intake English to obtain water (from a well etc) English

取決 Traditional 取决 Simplified
qu3 jue2 Pinyin
to depend upon English to hinge upon English

取消 Traditional 取消 Simplified
qu3 xiao1 Pinyin
to cancel English cancellation English

取消禁令 Traditional 取消禁令 Simplified
qu3 xiao1 jin4 ling4 Pinyin
to lift a prohibition English to lift a ban English

取笑 Traditional 取笑 Simplified
qu3 xiao4 Pinyin
to tease English to make fun of English

取經 Traditional 取经 Simplified
qu3 jing1 Pinyin
to fetch the scriptures English

取締 Traditional 取缔 Simplified
qu3 di4 Pinyin
to ban English to prohibit (publications, customs etc) English to outlaw English to suppress (violators) English

取證 Traditional 取证 Simplified
qu3 zheng4 Pinyin
to collect evidence English

取走 Traditional 取走 Simplified
qu3 zou3 Pinyin
to remove English to take away English

取銀 Traditional 取银 Simplified
qu3 yin2 Pinyin
to take silver English to come second in a competition English

取錢 Traditional 取钱 Simplified
qu3 qian2 Pinyin
withdraw money English

Traditional Simplified
qu3 Pinyin
take a wife English to marry (a woman) English

娶妻 Traditional 娶妻 Simplified
qu3 qi1 Pinyin
to take a wife English to get married (man) English

娶媳婦 Traditional 娶媳妇 Simplified
qu3 xi2 fu4 Pinyin
to get oneself a wife English to take a daughter-in-law English

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