Character ragged clothing, ragged; old and wear out Definition
BI4 Pinyin bai6 Jyutping

Character ragged garments or clothing Definition
SA4 Pinyin

ずたずた Reading
torn Translation eng ragged Translation eng in kleinen Fetzen Translation ger in kleinen Stücken Translation ger

むしゃくしゃ Reading
vexed Translation eng irritated Translation eng fretful Translation eng in ill humour Translation eng in ill humor Translation eng in a temper Translation eng shaggy Translation eng bushy Translation eng ragged Translation eng rugged Translation eng schlecht aufgelegt Translation ger griesgrämig Translation ger betrübt Translation ger mürrisch Translation ger verdrießlich Translation ger

おぞい Reading
crude Translation eng inferior grade Translation eng worn Translation eng ragged Translation eng shameful Translation eng sly Translation eng clever Translation eng disgusting Translation eng repulsive Translation eng absurd Translation eng

凋敝 Traditional 凋敝 Simplified
diao1 bi4 Pinyin
impoverished English destitute English hard English depressed (of business) English tattered English ragged English

參差 Traditional 参差 Simplified
cen1 ci1 Pinyin
uneven English jagged English snaggletooth English ragged English serrated English

破爛 Traditional 破烂 Simplified
po4 lan4 Pinyin
ragged English

Traditional Simplified
lan2 Pinyin
ragged garments English

襤褸 Traditional 褴褛 Simplified
lan2 lu:3 Pinyin
ragged English shabby English

die1 Reading Pinyin チョウ Reading On ジョウ Reading On かさねごろも Reading Kun cheob Reading Korean
dirty Meaning ragged Meaning undress Meaning to treat with irreverence Meaning

bi4 Reading Pinyin
ragged clothing Meaning ragged Meaning old and wear out Meaning

xue3 Reading Pinyin
ragged clothes Meaning left over Meaning remainder Meaning the excess Meaning the surplus Meaning to cut out (of silk fabrics) as a design Meaning

Character ragged, tattered, threadbare Definition
BAO3 LAN2 Pinyin laam4 Jyutping
U+8964 Traditional U+8913 Variant

Character ragged, tattered, threadbare Definition
LAN2 Pinyin laam4 Jyutping RAN On BORO Kun Hangul LAM Korean
U+8934 Simplified U+F924 Variant

Character ragged, tattered, threadbare Definition
Hangul NAM Korean
U+8964 Variant U+8964 Variant

もしゃもしゃ Reading
shaggy Translation eng scraggly Translation eng bushy Translation eng disheveled Translation eng dishevelled Translation eng unkempt Translation eng tousled Translation eng raggedy Translation eng zottig Translation ger buschig Translation ger ungekämmt Translation ger

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