Character rapid marching or running Definition
LEI4 Pinyin

Character rapid water current, rapids Definition
TUAN1 ZHUAN1 Pinyin teon1 Jyutping TAN On HAYASE HAYAI Kun Hangul TAN Korean tuɑn Tang

ラピッドファイア Reading
rapid fire Translation eng

きゅう Reading
urgent Translation eng sudden Translation eng abrupt Translation eng sharp Translation eng steep Translation eng precipitous Translation eng rapid Translation eng swift Translation eng fast Translation eng emergency Translation eng crisis Translation eng hurrying Translation eng haste Translation eng (in gagaku or noh) end of a song Translation eng Notfall Translation ger dringender Fall Translation ger Gefahr Translation ger Krise Translation ger Not Translation ger Notfall Translation ger Dringlichkeit Translation ger Eile Translation ger steil Translation ger jäh Translation ger reißend Translation ger escarpé Translation fre raide Translation fre soudain Translation fre urgent Translation fre
序破急 Crossref

急進 Word
きゅうしん Reading
rapid progress Translation eng radical Translation eng rascher Fortschritt Translation ger (m) Translation ger rasche Verwirklichung von Ideen Translation ger Radikalität Translation ger (f) Translation ger

急速 Word
きゅうそく Reading
rapid (e.g. progress) Translation eng Schnelligkeit Translation ger Geschwindigkeit Translation ger brusque (ex.: un développement) Translation fre rapide Translation fre

口早 Word
くちばや Reading
rapid talking Translation eng schnelles Sprechen Translation ger

高度成長 Word
こうどせいちょう Reading
rapid growth (e.g. of the economy) Translation eng advanced maturity Translation eng rasches Wachstum Translation ger Höhenflug Translation ger développement avancé Translation fre
高度経済成長 Crossref

銃連射 Word
じゅうれんしゃ Reading
rapid (weapons) fire Translation eng hail of bullets Translation eng

迅速 Word
じんそく Reading
quick Translation eng fast Translation eng rapid Translation eng swift Translation eng prompt Translation eng streamlined Translation eng expedited Translation eng expeditious Translation eng Schnelligkeit Translation ger Behändigkeit Translation ger prompt Translation fre rapide Translation fre

早口 Word 速口 Word
はやくち Reading はやぐち Reading
fast-talking Translation eng rapid talking Translation eng hastiges Sprechen Translation ger qui parle vite Translation fre volubile Translation fre

日進月歩 Word
にっしんげっぽ Reading
steady progress Translation eng rapid advance Translation eng stetiger Fortschritt Translation ger ununterbrochene Weiterentwicklung Translation ger

飛躍的 Word
ひやくてき Reading
rapidly Translation eng sprunghaft Translation ger rapid Translation ger

うなぎ上り Word うなぎ登り Word 鰻上り Word 鰻登り Word うなぎ昇り Word
うなぎのぼり Reading
rapid promotion Translation eng soaring Translation eng going through the roof Translation eng rapider Anstieg Translation ger (der Preise etc.) Translation ger

捗々しい Word 捗捗しい Word
はかばかしい Reading
quick Translation eng rapid Translation eng swift Translation eng satisfactory Translation eng schnell Translation ger geschwind Translation ger rasch Translation ger befriedigend Translation ger genügend Translation ger

急成長 Word
きゅうせいちょう Reading
rapid growth Translation eng schnelles Wachstum Translation ger

速射 Word
そくしゃ Reading
quick firing Translation eng rapid firing Translation eng Schnellfeuer Translation ger

速筆 Word
そくひつ Reading
rapid writing Translation eng (schriftspr.) Translation ger schnelle Handschrift Translation ger

速算 Word
そくさん Reading
rapid calculation Translation eng schnelle Berechnung Translation ger

長足 Word
ちょうそく Reading
rapid progress Translation eng great strides Translation eng große Schritte Translation ger lange Beine Translation ger

急な流れ Word
きゅうなながれ Reading
swiftly running river Translation eng rapid stream Translation eng reißender Strom Translation ger

急展開 Word
きゅうてんかい Reading
rapid development Translation eng rasche Entwicklung Translation ger

急冷 Word
きゅうれい Reading
rapid cooling Translation eng schnelle Abkühlung Translation ger

緊急部隊 Word
きんきゅうぶたい Reading
rapid force Translation eng

高速鉄道 Word
こうそくてつどう Reading
high-speed rail Translation eng rapid (rail) transit Translation eng

REM Word
レム Reading
rapid eye movement Translation eng REM Translation eng

光造形システム Word
ひかりぞうけいシステム Reading
rapid prototyping Translation eng RP Translation eng

連写 Word
れんしゃ Reading
continuous shooting (photography) Translation eng consecutive shooting Translation eng rapid shooting Translation eng

城鐵 Traditional 城铁 Simplified
cheng2 tie3 Pinyin
rapid transit system English urban railway English

大力發展 Traditional 大力发展 Simplified
da4 li4 fa1 zhan3 Pinyin
vigorous expansion English rapid development English

Traditional Simplified
kuai4 Pinyin
rapid English quick English speed English rate English soon English almost English to make haste English clever English sharp (of knives or wits) English forthright English plain-spoken English gratified English pleased English pleasant English

快速 Traditional 快速 Simplified
kuai4 su4 Pinyin
fast English high-speed English rapid English

快速發展 Traditional 快速发展 Simplified
kuai4 su4 fa1 zhan3 Pinyin
rapid growth English rapid expansion English

Traditional Simplified
ji2 Pinyin
urgent English pressing English rapid English hurried English worried English

急劇 Traditional 急剧 Simplified
ji2 ju4 Pinyin
rapid English sudden English

急行軍 Traditional 急行军 Simplified
ji2 xing2 jun1 Pinyin
rapid advance English forced march English

急速 Traditional 急速 Simplified
ji2 su4 Pinyin
hurried English at a great speed English rapid (development) English

急驟 Traditional 急骤 Simplified
ji2 zhou4 Pinyin
rapid English hurried English

惡性 Traditional 恶性 Simplified
e4 xing4 Pinyin
malignant English wicked English vicious (circle) English producing evil English rapid (decline) English runaway (inflation) English

捷運 Traditional 捷运 Simplified
jie2 yun4 Pinyin
rapid transit English subway English

Traditional Simplified
ta4 Pinyin
flog English rapid English

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