RE4 RUO4 Pinyin je6 joek6 Jyutping nước Viet

Character hot; heat; fever; restless; zeal Definition
RE4 Pinyin jit6 Jyutping
U+71B1 Traditional

Character hot; heat; fever; restless; zeal Definition
RE4 Pinyin jit6 Jyutping NETSU ZETSU NECHI On ATSUI Kun Hangul YEL Korean *njiɛt Tang nhiệt Viet
U+70ED Simplified

Traditional Simplified
re4 Pinyin
heat English to heat up English fervent English hot (of weather) English warm up English

熱中 Traditional 热中 Simplified
re4 zhong1 Pinyin
to be fond of English also written 熱衷|热衷 English

熱中子 Traditional 热中子 Simplified
re4 zhong1 zi3 Pinyin
thermal neutron English

熱乎乎 Traditional 热乎乎 Simplified
re4 hu1 hu1 Pinyin
nice and warm English

熱值 Traditional 热值 Simplified
re4 zhi2 Pinyin
calorific value English

熱傳導 Traditional 热传导 Simplified
re4 chuan2 dao3 Pinyin
heat transfer English thermal conduction English

熱函 Traditional 热函 Simplified
re4 han2 Pinyin
enthalpy English heat content (thermodynamics) English

熱切 Traditional 热切 Simplified
re4 qie4 Pinyin
fervent English

熱剌剌 Traditional 热剌剌 Simplified
re4 la4 la4 Pinyin
smartingly painful English

熱力 Traditional 热力 Simplified
re4 li4 Pinyin
heat English

熱力學 Traditional 热力学 Simplified
re4 li4 xue2 Pinyin
thermodynamics English

熱容 Traditional 热容 Simplified
re4 rong2 Pinyin
thermal capacity English

熱對流 Traditional 热对流 Simplified
re4 dui4 liu2 Pinyin
heat convection English

熱導 Traditional 热导 Simplified
re4 dao3 Pinyin
thermal conduction English

熱導率 Traditional 热导率 Simplified
re4 dao3 lu:4 Pinyin
thermal conductivity English heat conductivity English

熱帶 Traditional 热带 Simplified
re4 dai4 Pinyin
tropic English tropical English

熱帶地區 Traditional 热带地区 Simplified
re4 dai4 di4 qu1 Pinyin
the Tropics English

熱帶雨林 Traditional 热带雨林 Simplified
re4 dai4 yu3 lin2 Pinyin
tropical rain forest English

熱帶風暴 Traditional 热带风暴 Simplified
re4 dai4 feng1 bao4 Pinyin
tropical storm English

熱帶魚 Traditional 热带鱼 Simplified
re4 dai4 yu2 Pinyin
tropical fish English

熱幹面 Traditional 热干面 Simplified
re4 gan1 mian4 Pinyin
hot dry noodles English

熱度 Traditional 热度 Simplified
re4 du4 Pinyin
temperature English

熱得快 Traditional 热得快 Simplified
re4 de5 kuai4 Pinyin
immersion heater English electric heater for liquid English

熱心 Traditional 热心 Simplified
re4 xin1 Pinyin
enthusiasm English zeal English zealous English zest English enthusiastic English ardent English warmhearted English

熱忱 Traditional 热忱 Simplified
re4 chen2 Pinyin
zeal English enthusiasm English ardor English enthusiastic English warmhearted English

熱情 Traditional 热情 Simplified
re4 qing2 Pinyin
cordial English enthusiastic English passion English passionate English passionately English

熱愛 Traditional 热爱 Simplified
re4 ai4 Pinyin
to love ardently English to adore English

熱戀 Traditional 热恋 Simplified
re4 lian4 Pinyin
to fall head over heels in love English to be passionately in love English

熱成層 Traditional 热成层 Simplified
re4 cheng2 ceng2 Pinyin
thermosphere English

熱捧 Traditional 热捧 Simplified
re4 peng3 Pinyin
a craze English a popular wave English a hit with the public English

熱插拔 Traditional 热插拔 Simplified
re4 cha1 ba2 Pinyin
hot swapping English

熱望 Traditional 热望 Simplified
re4 wang4 Pinyin
aspire English

熱核武器 Traditional 热核武器 Simplified
re4 he2 wu3 qi4 Pinyin
fusion weapon English thermonuclear weapon English

熱機 Traditional 热机 Simplified
re4 ji1 Pinyin
heat engine English

熱氣 Traditional 热气 Simplified
re4 qi4 Pinyin
steam English heat English

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