タイムリー Reading タイムリ Reading
timely Translation eng run-batted-in (baseball) Translation eng RBI Translation eng zur rechten Zeit Translation ger rechtzeitig Translation ger

間に合う Word 間にあう Word
まにあう Reading
to be in time for Translation eng to serve (suit, meet) the purpose Translation eng to be good enough Translation eng to be enough Translation eng rechtzeitig kommen Translation ger erreichen Translation ger ausreichen Translation ger genügen Translation ger auskommen Translation ger hinkommen Translation ger arriver à temps Translation fre suffire Translation fre

早目に Word 早めに Word
はやめに Reading
ahead of time Translation eng in good season Translation eng früher Translation ger (als sonst) Translation ger rechtzeitig Translation ger à la pointe de son époque Translation fre en avant-garde Translation fre

適当 Word
てきとう Reading
suitable Translation eng adequate Translation eng relevant Translation eng appropriate Translation eng fit Translation eng random Translation eng halfhearted Translation eng on the spot Translation eng whatever works Translation eng geeignet Translation ger angemessen Translation ger passend Translation ger entsprechend Translation ger rechtzeitig Translation ger zeitgemäß Translation ger approprié Translation fre convenable Translation fre seyant Translation fre

時間どおりに Word 時間通りに Word
じかんどおりに Reading
punctually Translation eng on time Translation eng as regularly as a clock Translation eng pünktlich Translation ger rechtzeitig Translation ger

恰好 Traditional 恰好 Simplified
qia4 hao3 Pinyin
genau, gerade (u.E.) Deutsch rechtzeitig (u.E.) Deutsch

有及 Traditional 有及 Simplified
you3 ji2 Pinyin
rechtzeitig (u.E.) Deutsch

及時 Traditional 及时 Simplified
ji2 shi2 Pinyin
rasch (Adj) Deutsch rechtzeitig, zeitgemäß (Adj) Deutsch unverzüglich Deutsch

即時性 Traditional 即时性 Simplified
ji2 shi2 xing4 Pinyin
Rechtzeitigkeit (u.E.) (S) Deutsch

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