Traditional Simplified
feng3 Pinyin
recite English chant English

念經 Traditional 念经 Simplified
nian4 jing1 Pinyin
recite or chant Buddhist scripture English

朗誦 Traditional 朗诵 Simplified
lang3 song4 Pinyin
read aloud with expression English recite English declaim English

背誦 Traditional 背诵 Simplified
bei4 song4 Pinyin
recite English repeat from memory English

chang4 Reading Pinyin ショウ Reading On とな.える Reading Kun chang Reading Korean Reading Korean
chant Meaning recite Meaning call upon Meaning yell Meaning chant Meaning fr choeur Meaning fr réciter Meaning fr invoquer Meaning fr hurlement Meaning fr cantar Meaning es recitar Meaning es canto Meaning pt recital Meaning pt gritar Meaning pt

xiao4 Reading Pinyin ショウ Reading On シツ Reading On うそぶ. Reading Kun so Reading Korean Reading Korean
roar Meaning howl Meaning recite emotionally Meaning feign indifference Meaning

song4 Reading Pinyin ショウ Reading On ジュ Reading On Reading On とな.える Reading Kun . Reading Kun song Reading Korean Reading Korean
recite Meaning chant Meaning recitar Meaning es cantar Meaning es memorizar Meaning es recitar de memoria Meaning es

an1 Reading Pinyin アン Reading On オン Reading On そら.んじる Reading Kun am Reading Korean Reading Korean
memorize Meaning recite from memory Meaning

ge1 Reading Pinyin Reading On うた Reading Kun うた. Reading Kun ga Reading Korean Reading Korean
sing Meaning recite Meaning carol Meaning poem Meaning tanka Meaning slander Meaning defame Meaning

duo3 Reading Pinyin Reading On
read aloud Meaning recite Meaning chant Meaning droop Meaning

Character recite, read, chant Definition
NIAN4 Pinyin nim6 Jyutping TEN On UNARU UNARI Kun CEM CEN Korean nếm Viet

Character recite, read; style of calligraphy Definition
ZHOU4 Pinyin zau6 Jyutping CHUU On YOMU Kun

Character recite, chant, repeat Definition
SONG4 Pinyin zung6 Jyutping SHOU JU On TONAERU YOMU Kun Hangul SONG Korean ziòng Tang tụng Viet
U+8BF5 Simplified

Character recite, incant; satirize Definition
FENG3 FENG1 FENG4 Pinyin fung3 Jyutping FUU On SORANJIRU Kun Hangul PHWUNG Korean biùng Tang phúng Viet
U+8BBD Simplified

Character recite, incant; satirize Definition
FENG1 FENG3 FENG4 Pinyin fung3 Jyutping
U+8AF7 Traditional

Character recite, chant, repeat Definition
SONG4 Pinyin zung6 Jyutping
U+8AA6 Traditional

詠む Word
よむ Reading
to compose (e.g. a Japanese poem) Translation eng to write Translation eng to recite (e.g. a poem) Translation eng to chant Translation eng dichten Translation ger Gedicht schreiben Translation ger komponieren Translation ger singen Translation ger etw. Ausdruck verleihen Translation ger chanter Translation fre réciter Translation fre

語り手 Word
かたりて Reading
speaker Translation eng narrator Translation eng reciter Translation eng Erzähler Translation ger Sprecher Translation ger conteur Translation fre narrateur Translation fre speaker Translation fre

語る Word
かたる Reading
to talk Translation eng to tell Translation eng to recite Translation eng sprechen Translation ger erzählen Translation ger conter Translation fre dire Translation fre narrer Translation fre réciter Translation fre raconter Translation fre говори́ть Translation rus расска́зывать Translation rus

yan3 Reading Pinyin エン Reading On yeon Reading Korean Reading Korean
performance Meaning act Meaning play Meaning render Meaning stage Meaning interpréter Meaning fr représentation Meaning fr jouer Meaning fr numéro Meaning fr réciter Meaning fr mettre en scène Meaning fr expresar Meaning es realizar Meaning es llevar a cabo Meaning es poner en práctica Meaning es representar Meaning es performance Meaning pt ato Meaning pt jogo Meaning pt fazer Meaning pt estágio Meaning pt

yin2 Reading Pinyin ギン Reading On um Reading Korean Reading Korean
versify Meaning singing Meaning recital Meaning versifier Meaning fr réciter Meaning fr récital Meaning fr chant Meaning fr tararear Meaning es canturrear Meaning es gemir Meaning es quejarse Meaning es declamar Meaning pt cantar Meaning pt recital Meaning pt

丸本 Word
まるぼん Reading まるほん Reading
reciter's book Translation eng complete set of books Translation eng kompletter Satz der Werke Translation ger (eines Autoren) Translation ger {Theat.} kompletter Text eines Jôruri Translation ger

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