pin2 Reading Pinyin ヒン Reading On しき.りに Reading Kun bin Reading Korean Reading Korean
repeatedly Meaning recur Meaning sans cesse Meaning fr récurrent Meaning fr fréquemment Meaning fr repetidamente Meaning es frecuentemente Meaning es repetidamente Meaning pt recorrente Meaning pt

研ぐ Word 磨ぐ Word 砥ぐ Word
とぐ Reading
to sharpen Translation eng to hone Translation eng to whet Translation eng to grind Translation eng to scour Translation eng to polish Translation eng to burnish Translation eng to wash (rice) Translation eng schärfen Translation ger schleifen Translation ger wetzen Translation ger polieren Translation ger (Reis) Translation ger waschen Translation ger aiguiser Translation fre moudre Translation fre polir Translation fre récurer Translation fre laver (le riz) Translation fre

ca1 Reading Pinyin サツ Reading On . Reading Kun .れる Reading Kun -ず. Reading Kun こす. Reading Kun こす.れる Reading Kun chal Reading Korean Reading Korean
grate Meaning rub Meaning scratch Meaning scrape Meaning chafe Meaning scour Meaning abrasion Meaning fr gratter Meaning fr frotter Meaning fr râper Meaning fr racler Meaning fr irriter Meaning fr récurer Meaning fr frotar Meaning es restregar Meaning es rascar Meaning es raspar Meaning es arranhar Meaning pt esfregar Meaning pt coçar Meaning pt escovar Meaning pt atritar Meaning pt explorar Meaning pt

mo2 Reading Pinyin mo4 Reading Pinyin Reading On みが. Reading Kun . Reading Kun おさむ Nanori ma Reading Korean Reading Korean
grind Meaning polish Meaning scour Meaning improve Meaning brush (teeth) Meaning polir Meaning fr moudre Meaning fr récurer Meaning fr améliorer Meaning fr brosser (dents) Meaning fr pulido Meaning es abrillantado Meaning es pulir Meaning es abrillantar Meaning es lavarse los dientes Meaning es moer Meaning pt polir Meaning pt explorar Meaning pt melhorar Meaning pt escovar (dentes) Meaning pt

回帰 Word
かいき Reading
return (to) Translation eng revolution Translation eng recurrence Translation eng recursion Translation eng comeback Translation eng revival Translation eng (schriftspr.) Translation ger Wiederkehr Translation ger Wiederkunft Translation ger Rückkunft Translation ger Rückfahrt Translation ger Rückführung zum Ausgangspunkt Translation ger récurrence Translation fre récursion Translation fre révolution Translation fre

再燃 Word
さいねん Reading
recurrence Translation eng revival Translation eng resuscitation Translation eng Wiederauftauchen Translation ger Wiederaufflammen Translation ger Wieder-Akut-Werden Translation ger

反復 Word 反覆 Word
はんぷく Reading
repetition Translation eng iteration Translation eng recursion Translation eng recurrence Translation eng recapitulation Translation eng Wiederholung Translation ger répétition Translation fre reprise Translation fre

Traditional Simplified
fan4 Pinyin
to violate English to offend English to assault English criminal English crime English to make a mistake English recurrence (of mistake or sth bad) English

遞推 Traditional 递推 Simplified
di4 tui1 Pinyin
recursion English recursive (calculation) English recurrence English

遞推公式 Traditional 递推公式 Simplified
di4 tui1 gong1 shi4 Pinyin
recurrence formula English

遞推關係 Traditional 递推关系 Simplified
di4 tui1 guan1 xi4 Pinyin
recurrence relation English

遞歸 Traditional 递归 Simplified
di4 gui1 Pinyin
recursion English recursive (calculation) English recurrence English

hui2 Reading Pinyin カイ Reading On Reading On まわ. Reading Kun -まわ. Reading Kun -まわ. Reading Kun まわ. Reading Kun -まわ. Reading Kun まわ.し- Reading Kun -まわ. Reading Kun もとお. Reading Kun .える Reading Kun hoe Reading Korean Reading Korean
-times Meaning round Meaning game Meaning revolve Meaning counter for occurrences Meaning tourner Meaning fr fois Meaning fr rond Meaning fr manche (jeu) Meaning fr tour Meaning fr révolution Meaning fr récurrence Meaning fr compteur de fois Meaning fr girar Meaning es volver al principio Meaning es evitar Meaning es vez Meaning es dar vueltas Meaning es rodar Meaning es -vêzes Meaning pt redondo Meaning pt jogo Meaning pt revolver Meaning pt sufixo para contagem de para ocorrências Meaning pt girar Meaning pt

リカレント Reading
recurrent Translation eng

再帰熱 Word
さいきねつ Reading
recurrent fever Translation eng

回帰熱 Word
かいきねつ Reading
recurrent fever Translation eng {Med.} Rückfallfieber Translation ger Rekurrensfieber Translation ger

循環性 Traditional 循环性 Simplified
xun2 huan2 xing4 Pinyin
recurrent English

去来 Word
きょらい Reading
coming and going Translation eng recurring (esp. thoughts) Translation eng (schriftspr.) Translation ger Kommen und Gehen Translation ger aller et venir Translation fre

経常収益 Word
けいじょうしゅうえき Reading
ordinary revenue Translation eng recurring income Translation eng income before tax Translation eng

回歸熱 Traditional 回归热 Simplified
hui2 gui1 re4 Pinyin
recurring fever English

循環小數 Traditional 循环小数 Simplified
xun2 huan2 xiao3 shu4 Pinyin
recurring decimal English

リカージョン Reading
recursion Translation eng

帰納 Word
きのう Reading
induction Translation eng recursion Translation eng Induktion Translation ger

リカーシブ Reading
recursive Translation eng

回帰的 Word
かいきてき Reading
recursive Translation eng wiederkehrend Translation ger rekursiv Translation ger

再帰 Word
さいき Reading
recursive Translation eng {Gramm.} Reflexivität Translation ger {EDV} Rekursivität Translation ger

帰納的 Word
きのうてき Reading
inductive Translation eng recursive Translation eng induktiv Translation ger рекурси́вный Translation rus

再帰的 Word
さいきてき Reading
recursive Translation eng

zi1 Reading Pinyin Reading On すけ Nanori もと Nanori ja Reading Korean Reading Korean
assets Meaning resources Meaning capital Meaning funds Meaning data Meaning be conducive to Meaning contribute to Meaning capital (argent) Meaning fr fonds Meaning fr actifs Meaning fr ressources Meaning fr données Meaning fr favorable à Meaning fr contribuer à Meaning fr recurso Meaning es capital Meaning es naturaleza Meaning es posición social Meaning es bens Meaning pt recursos Meaning pt capital Meaning pt fundos Meaning pt dados Meaning pt se levado a Meaning pt contribuir para Meaning pt

shu4 Reading Pinyin zhu2 Reading Pinyin ジュツ Reading On すべ Reading Kun sul Reading Korean Reading Korean
art Meaning technique Meaning skill Meaning means Meaning trick Meaning resources Meaning magic Meaning technique Meaning fr art Meaning fr moyens Meaning fr tour Meaning fr ressources Meaning fr magie Meaning fr arte Meaning es técnica Meaning es manera de hacer las cosas Meaning es arte Meaning pt técnica Meaning pt habilidade Meaning pt meios Meaning pt truque Meaning pt recursos Meaning pt mágica Meaning pt

mian4 Reading Pinyin メン Reading On ベン Reading On おも Reading Kun おもて Reading Kun つら Reading Kun Nanori ずら Nanori ほおつき Nanori Nanori myeon Reading Korean Reading Korean
mask Meaning face Meaning features Meaning surface Meaning masque Meaning fr face Meaning fr traits Meaning fr surface Meaning fr cara Meaning es semblante Meaning es superficie Meaning es máscara Meaning pt rosto Meaning pt recursos Meaning pt superfície Meaning pt

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