zi1 Reading Pinyin Reading On すけ Nanori もと Nanori ja Reading Korean Reading Korean
assets Meaning resources Meaning capital Meaning funds Meaning data Meaning be conducive to Meaning contribute to Meaning capital (argent) Meaning fr fonds Meaning fr actifs Meaning fr ressources Meaning fr données Meaning fr favorable à Meaning fr contribuer à Meaning fr recurso Meaning es capital Meaning es naturaleza Meaning es posición social Meaning es bens Meaning pt recursos Meaning pt capital Meaning pt fundos Meaning pt dados Meaning pt se levado a Meaning pt contribuir para Meaning pt

shu4 Reading Pinyin zhu2 Reading Pinyin ジュツ Reading On すべ Reading Kun sul Reading Korean Reading Korean
art Meaning technique Meaning skill Meaning means Meaning trick Meaning resources Meaning magic Meaning technique Meaning fr art Meaning fr moyens Meaning fr tour Meaning fr ressources Meaning fr magie Meaning fr arte Meaning es técnica Meaning es manera de hacer las cosas Meaning es arte Meaning pt técnica Meaning pt habilidade Meaning pt meios Meaning pt truque Meaning pt recursos Meaning pt mágica Meaning pt

mian4 Reading Pinyin メン Reading On ベン Reading On おも Reading Kun おもて Reading Kun つら Reading Kun Nanori ずら Nanori ほおつき Nanori Nanori myeon Reading Korean Reading Korean
mask Meaning face Meaning features Meaning surface Meaning masque Meaning fr face Meaning fr traits Meaning fr surface Meaning fr cara Meaning es semblante Meaning es superficie Meaning es máscara Meaning pt rosto Meaning pt recursos Meaning pt superfície Meaning pt

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