Character ride horseback; mount; cavalry Definition
QI2 JI4 Pinyin gei6 ke4 kei4 Jyutping KI On NORU Kun Hangul KI Korean *ghyɛ *ghyɛ̀ Tang kị Viet
U+9A91 Simplified

Character ride horseback; mount; cavalry Definition
QI2 JI4 Pinyin ke4 kei4 Jyutping
U+9A0E Traditional

ライド Reading
ride Translation eng

乗り Word
のり Reading
riding Translation eng ride Translation eng spread (of paints) Translation eng (two)-seater Translation eng mood (as in to pick up on and join in with someone's mood) Translation eng ...sitzer Translation ger Verteilen Translation ger Verstreichen Translation ger

Word Word
しわ Reading
wrinkle Translation eng crease Translation eng ripple Translation eng Falte Translation ger Runzel Translation ger Krähenfüße Translation ger Furche Translation ger Knitter Translation ger pli Translation fre ride Translation fre

ライド Reading Ride Romaji

騎馬 Traditional 骑马 Simplified
qi2 ma3 Pinyin
ride on horseback English

zai4 Reading Pinyin zai3 Reading Pinyin サイ Reading On .せる Reading Kun . Reading Kun とし Nanori のり Nanori jae Reading Korean Reading Korean
ride Meaning board Meaning get on Meaning place Meaning spread Meaning 10**44 Meaning charger Meaning fr embarquer Meaning fr monter dans Meaning fr placer Meaning fr étaler Meaning fr 10**44 Meaning fr poner sobre Meaning es llevar (en coche Meaning es etc.) Meaning es salir en el periódico Meaning es un año Meaning es carga Meaning pt multiplicação Meaning pt força Meaning pt 10 elevado a 44 Meaning pt

zhao4 Reading Pinyin shao4 Reading Pinyin zhao1 Reading Pinyin ショウ Reading On . Reading Kun so Reading Korean jo Reading Korean Reading Korean Reading Korean
seduce Meaning call Meaning send for Meaning wear Meaning put on Meaning ride in Meaning buy Meaning eat Meaning drink Meaning catch (cold) Meaning faire venir à soi Meaning fr appeler Meaning fr inviter Meaning fr prendre (bain) Meaning fr porter (vêtements) Meaning fr acheter Meaning fr conduire Meaning fr boire Meaning fr manger Meaning fr attraper (froid) Meaning fr seducir Meaning es citar Meaning es emplazar Meaning es comer Meaning es beber Meaning es seduzir Meaning pt chamada Meaning pt mandar chamar Meaning pt usar Meaning pt vestir Meaning pt cavalgar em Meaning pt pechinchar Meaning pt comer Meaning pt beber Meaning pt

cheng2 Reading Pinyin sheng4 Reading Pinyin ジョウ Reading On ショウ Reading On . Reading Kun -の. Reading Kun .せる Reading Kun のり Nanori seung Reading Korean Reading Korean
ride Meaning power Meaning multiplication Meaning record Meaning counter for vehicles Meaning board Meaning mount Meaning join Meaning monter Meaning fr prendre (train, ...) Meaning fr embarquer Meaning fr chevaucher Meaning fr profiter Meaning fr multiplication Meaning fr mentionner Meaning fr compteur de véhicules Meaning fr se joindre à Meaning fr montar Meaning es subir a Meaning es montarse Meaning es colocar algo sobre Meaning es viagem Meaning pt força Meaning pt multiplicação Meaning pt De veículos Meaning pt juntar Meaning pt unir Meaning pt

da1 Reading Pinyin トウ Reading On tab Reading Korean dab Reading Korean Reading Korean Reading Korean
board Meaning load (a vehicle) Meaning ride Meaning embarquement Meaning fr charger (un véhicule) Meaning fr prendre (un véhicule) Meaning fr embarcar Meaning es subir a Meaning es cargar sobre Meaning es juntar Meaning pt carregar (um veículo) Meaning pt viagem Meaning pt

bo2 Reading Pinyin po4 Reading Pinyin ハク Reading On .まる Reading Kun .める Reading Kun とまり Nanori はつ Nanori bag Reading Korean Reading Korean
overnight Meaning put up at Meaning ride at anchor Meaning 3-day stay Meaning passer la nuit Meaning fr loger Meaning fr séjour Meaning fr être au mouillage Meaning fr detenerse Meaning es alojarse Meaning es simple Meaning es sencillo Meaning es pasar la noche Meaning es hospedar Meaning es alojar Meaning es durante a noite Meaning pt propor Meaning pt navegar ancorado Meaning pt estadia de 3 dias Meaning pt

biao1 Reading Pinyin ヒョウ Reading On くつわ Reading Kun pyo Reading Korean
horse's bit Meaning bridle Meaning ride Meaning

リデール Reading Riedel Romaji

リデッカー Reading Lydekker Romaji

リデン Reading Liden Romaji

りでる Reading Rideru Romaji

リデル Reading Liddell Romaji Lidell Romaji Riddell Romaji Ridel Romaji

リデヤ Reading Rideya Romaji

リディール Reading Rideal Romaji

カーテン Reading
curtain Translation eng curtains Translation eng Vorhang Translation ger Gardine Translation ger rideau Translation fre занавеска Translation rus штора Translation rus

シャッター Reading
camera shutter Translation eng shutter (door, window, etc.) Translation eng {Fotog.} Verschluss Translation ger Laden Translation ger Fensterladen Translation ger Rollladen Translation ger rideau de fer Translation fre volet Translation fre
シャッターチャンス Crossref

暖簾 Word
のれん Reading
(short) sign curtain hung at shop entrance Translation eng reputation (of a store) Translation eng goodwill Translation eng Laden Translation ger Kneipenvorhang Translation ger guter Ruf Translation ger Reputation Translation ger Firmenwert Translation ger crédit Translation fre réputation Translation fre rideau servant d'enseigne a l'entrée d'un magasin Translation fre

リドー湖 Word
リドーこ Reading Rideau Lake Romaji

huang3 Reading Pinyin コウ Reading On ほろ Reading Kun とばり Reading Kun hwang Reading Korean Reading Korean
canopy Meaning awning Meaning hood Meaning curtain Meaning capote Meaning fr auvent Meaning fr rideau Meaning fr dosel Meaning es toldo Meaning es marquesina Meaning es capota Meaning es

mu4 Reading Pinyin マク Reading On バク Reading On とばり Reading Kun mag Reading Korean Reading Korean
curtain Meaning bunting Meaning act of play Meaning rideaux Meaning fr guirlande Meaning fr acte (théâtre) Meaning fr cortina Meaning es telón Meaning es acto de una obra Meaning es del gobierno shogun Meaning es final Meaning es cortina Meaning pt pano p/ decoração Meaning pt atuar em peças teatrais Meaning pt

リドー Reading Rideout Romaji

ライダー Reading
rider Translation eng Reiter Translation ger Fahrer Translation ger

騎手 Word
きしゅ Reading
horseman Translation eng rider Translation eng Reiter Translation ger Reitersmann Translation ger Jockey Translation ger Rennreiter Translation ger cavalier Translation fre

特約 Word
とくやく Reading
special contract Translation eng special agreement Translation eng rider (insurance) Translation eng Sondervertrag Translation ger

乗り手 Word 乗手 Word
のりて Reading
passenger Translation eng rider Translation eng good rider Translation eng Fahrgast Translation ger Passagier Translation ger Reiter Translation ger Jockey Translation ger

騎馬者 Traditional 骑马者 Simplified
qi2 ma3 zhe3 Pinyin
horseman English rider English mounted soldier English

人困馬乏 Traditional 人困马乏 Simplified
ren2 kun4 ma3 fa2 Pinyin
riders tired and horses weary English worn out English exhausted English spent English fatigued English

ライダースジャケット Reading
rider's jacket Source Language eng racing jacket Translation eng

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