JIE4 Pinyin KAI KE KA On KOE Kun
ROLL Cangjie Input Code

Character roll around with hand; model Definition
TUAN2 ZHUAN1 Pinyin tyun4 Jyutping
U+6476 Traditional

Character roll up the sleeves; fight bare-fisted; strike, stab Definition
ZHEN4 Pinyin zam3 Jyutping CHIN On UTSU SASU Kun chạm Viet

Character roll around with hand; model Definition
TUAN2 ZHUAN1 Pinyin tyun4 Jyutping TAN SEN On MARUI Kun dhuɑn Tang
U+629F Simplified

Character roll flat Definition
GAN3 HAN4 Pinyin
U+625E Variant

Character roll Definition
LEI4 LEI2 LEI3 Pinyin leoi5 leoi6 Jyutping RAI RUI On Hangul LOY Korean

揺ら揺ら Word
ゆらゆら Reading
slow swaying Translation eng rolling from side to side Translation eng swinging Translation eng wobbling Translation eng shake Translation eng swing Translation eng waver Translation eng roll Translation eng rock Translation eng tremble Translation eng vibration Translation eng flicker Translation eng schwankend Translation ger bouger ? Translation fre trembler Translation fre vibrer Translation fre

ロール Reading
roll Translation eng Rolle Translation ger Walze Translation ger Semmel. Translation ger

ロールカラー Reading
roll collar Translation eng {Kleidung} Rollkragen Translation ger

Word 巻き Word
まき Reading
roll (e.g. of cloth) Translation eng winding Translation eng volume (of book) Translation eng Rolle Translation ger Band Translation ger Buch Translation ger livre Translation fre rouleau Translation fre volume Translation fre

採決 Word
さいけつ Reading
vote Translation eng roll call Translation eng Abstimmung Translation ger appel Translation fre vote Translation fre

札束 Word
さつたば Reading
roll of banknotes Translation eng Bündel Banknoten Translation ger liasse de billets Translation fre

Word Word
ひき Reading Reading
counter for small animals Translation eng counter for rolls of cloth (two han in size) Translation eng counter for horses Translation eng roll of cloth Translation eng (numéral pour petits animaux) Translation fre rouleaux de tissu Translation fre

巻き舌 Word
まきじた Reading
speak rapidly Translation eng roll one's r's Translation eng Rollen mit der Zunge Translation ger

指名投票 Word
しめいとうひょう Reading
roll call vote Translation eng namentliche Abstimmung Translation ger

巻子本 Word
かんしほん Reading
roll Translation eng scroll Translation eng rolled book Translation eng

ロールサンド Reading
roll sandwich Translation eng sandwich roll Translation eng

ロール雲 Word
ロールぐも Reading
roll cloud Translation eng

タルト Reading
tart Translation eng roll of sponge cake with sweetened beans Translation eng tarte Source Language fre taart Source Language dut

吊るし雲 Word つるし雲 Word
つるしぐも Reading
roll cloud Translation eng rotor cloud Translation eng

ロールキャベツ Reading
roll cabbage Source Language eng cabbage roll Translation eng stuffed cabbage Translation eng

ロールフィルム Reading
roll film Translation eng

ロールアウト Reading
roll out Translation eng

ロールイン Reading
roll in Translation eng

ロール用紙 Word
ロールようし Reading
roll paper Translation eng

ミントキャンデー Reading ミントキャンディ Reading ミントキャンディー Reading
roll of mints Translation eng mint Translation eng

ロールバー Reading
roll bar Translation eng

ロールコール Reading
roll call Translation eng

ロールクラッシャー Reading
roll crusher Translation eng

ロール Reading Laure Romaji Roar Romaji Rohl Romaji Rohr Romaji Rohrl Romaji Roll Romaji

名冊 Traditional 名册 Simplified
ming2 ce4 Pinyin
roll (of names) English register English

Traditional Simplified
fu2 Pinyin
width English roll English classifier for textiles or pictures English

排名 Traditional 排名 Simplified
pai2 ming2 Pinyin
ranking English ordered list English to rank nth out of 100 English to be placed English roll of honor English

排名榜 Traditional 排名榜 Simplified
pai2 ming2 bang3 Pinyin
ranking English ordered list English top 20 English roll of honor English to come nth out of 100 English

排名表 Traditional 排名表 Simplified
pai2 ming2 biao3 Pinyin
league table English roll of honor English

棒硫 Traditional 棒硫 Simplified
bang4 liu2 Pinyin
roll sulfur English

Traditional Simplified
yin3 Pinyin
roll of thunder English

Traditional Simplified
lei4 Pinyin
roll stone down hill English stone pile English

簸蕩 Traditional 簸荡 Simplified
bo3 dang4 Pinyin
roll English rock English

Traditional Simplified
ji2 Pinyin
book or record English registry English roll English place of one's family or ancestral records English membership English

腐竹 Traditional 腐竹 Simplified
fu3 zhu2 Pinyin
roll of dried tofu strips English

軋輥 Traditional 轧辊 Simplified
zha2 gun3 Pinyin
roll English

Traditional Simplified
zhan3 Pinyin
roll over on side English turn half over English

juan4 Reading Pinyin juan3 Reading Pinyin カン Reading On ケン Reading On . Reading Kun まき Reading Kun . Reading Kun gweon Reading Korean Reading Korean
scroll Meaning volume Meaning book Meaning part Meaning roll up Meaning wind up Meaning tie Meaning coil Meaning counter for texts (or book scrolls) Meaning rouleau Meaning fr livre Meaning fr tome Meaning fr volume Meaning fr partie Meaning fr enrouler Meaning fr envelopper Meaning fr compteur de textes (manuscrits roulés) Meaning fr enrollar Meaning es rollo Meaning es volumen Meaning es tomo Meaning es liar Meaning es rolo Meaning pt volume Meaning pt livro Meaning pt parte Meaning pt enrolar Meaning pt laço Meaning pt mola Meaning pt sufixo para contagem de para textos (em livros) Meaning pt

wan2 Reading Pinyin ガン Reading On まる Reading Kun まる.める Reading Kun まる. Reading Kun Nanori Nanori わに Nanori hwan Reading Korean Reading Korean
round Meaning full Meaning month Meaning perfection Meaning -ship Meaning pills Meaning make round Meaning roll up Meaning curl up Meaning seduce Meaning explain away Meaning rond Meaning fr arrondir Meaning fr entier (mois) Meaning fr pilule Meaning fr perfection Meaning fr suffixe des bateaux Meaning fr se pelotonner Meaning fr se rouler en boule Meaning fr séduire Meaning fr justifier Meaning fr redondo Meaning es circular Meaning es círculo Meaning es redondear Meaning es arredondar Meaning pt cheio Meaning pt mês Meaning pt perfeição Meaning pt -nave Meaning pt pílulas Meaning pt espiral para cima Meaning pt seduzir Meaning pt

juan3 Reading Pinyin ケン Reading On . Reading Kun .くる Reading Kun まく. Reading Kun めく. Reading Kun まく.れる Reading Kun gweon Reading Korean Reading Korean
roll Meaning wind Meaning coil Meaning turn pages Meaning roll up sleeves Meaning strip off Meaning be turned Meaning be rolled up Meaning

pi3 Reading Pinyin pi1 Reading Pinyin ヒツ Reading On ひき Reading Kun pil Reading Korean mog Reading Korean Reading Korean Reading Korean
equal Meaning head Meaning counter for small animals Meaning roll of cloth Meaning égal Meaning fr tête Meaning fr compteur de petits animaux Meaning fr rouleau de tissu (= 2 tan = ‾19m) Meaning fr una persona Meaning es confrontar Meaning es equilibrar Meaning es contador de animales Meaning es contador de largo de telas Meaning es igual Meaning pt cabeça Meaning pt sufixo para contagem de para pequenos animais Meaning pt rolo de pano Meaning pt

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