Character roof of the house connected Definition
LING2 Pinyin ling4 ling5 Jyutping

ルーフ Reading
roof Translation eng Dach Translation ger

ルーフガーデン Reading
roof garden Translation eng Dachgarten Translation ger

ルーフラック Reading
roof rack Translation eng

雨漏り Word
あまもり Reading
roof leak Translation eng Leck im Dach Translation ger Durchregnen Translation ger fuite (dans un toit) Translation fre

屋根 Word
やね Reading
roof Translation eng Dach Translation ger toit Translation fre кры́ша Translation rus

荷台 Word
にだい Reading
(truck) load-carrying tray Translation eng (bicycle) luggage carrier Translation eng roof rack Translation eng Ladefläche Translation ger (eines Lastwagens) Translation ger Gepäckträger Translation ger (eines Fahrrades o.Ä.) Translation ger

かわら Reading
roof tile Translation eng tuile Translation fre

裏板 Word
うらいた Reading
roof boards Translation eng ceiling Translation eng back board (furniture) Translation eng

鳶尾 Word 一八 Word
いちはつ Reading
wall iris Translation eng roof iris Translation eng Iris tectorum Translation eng fleur-de-lis Translation eng

いらか Reading
roof tile Translation eng tiled roof Translation eng objects crowded together (e.g. houses) Translation eng

Word Word
(something) shop Translation eng somebody who sells (something) or works as (something) Translation eng somebody with a (certain) personality trait Translation eng house Translation eng roof Translation eng
照れ屋 Crossref 殺し屋 Crossref パン屋 Crossref

熊鼠 Word
くまねずみ Reading クマネズミ Reading
black rat (Rattus rattus) Translation eng roof rat Translation eng

緑化屋根 Word
りょくかやね Reading りょっかやね Reading
roof garden Translation eng

軒樋 Word
のきどい Reading
rain gutter Translation eng roof gutter Translation eng eaves gutter Translation eng

Radical Radical
roof Meaning

屋架 Traditional 屋架 Simplified
wu1 jia4 Pinyin
a building English the frame of a building English roof beam English truss English

屋脊 Traditional 屋脊 Simplified
wu1 ji3 Pinyin
roof ridge English

屋頂 Traditional 屋顶 Simplified
wu1 ding3 Pinyin
roof English

房頂 Traditional 房顶 Simplified
fang2 ding3 Pinyin
housetop English roof English

梁架 Traditional 梁架 Simplified
liang2 jia4 Pinyin
roof beam English rafters English

Traditional Simplified
zhou4 Pinyin
(wooden) stick English roof beam English

Traditional Simplified
wa3 Pinyin
roof tile English abbr. for 瓦特|瓦特[wa3 te4], watt (loan) English

Traditional Simplified
ding3 Pinyin
apex English crown of the head English top English roof English to carry on the head English to push to the top English to go against English most English to replace English to substitute English classifier for headwear, hats, veils etc English to agree or support (internet slang, similar to digg) English

頂板 Traditional 顶板 Simplified
ding3 ban3 Pinyin
roof English roof plate English rock layer forming roof of a cave or mine English abacus English

頂燈 Traditional 顶灯 Simplified
ding3 deng1 Pinyin
top light (on mast, dome etc) English roof lamp English

頂蓋 Traditional 顶盖 Simplified
ding3 gai4 Pinyin
roof English lid English

頂部 Traditional 顶部 Simplified
ding3 bu4 Pinyin
roof English topmost part English top (of tree, wall etc) English apex English

Traditional Simplified
e4 Pinyin
palate English roof of the mouth English

yu3 Reading Pinyin Reading On いえ Nanori たか Nanori ひろ Nanori ひろし Nanori u Reading Korean Reading Korean
eaves Meaning roof Meaning house Meaning heaven Meaning firmament Meaning fr cieux Meaning fr auvent Meaning fr toit Meaning fr maison Meaning fr edificio grande Meaning es cielo Meaning es sensación Meaning es Beira de telhado Meaning pt teto Meaning pt casa Meaning pt paraíso Meaning pt

wu1 Reading Pinyin オク Reading On Reading Kun Nanori og Reading Korean Reading Korean
roof Meaning house Meaning shop Meaning dealer Meaning seller Meaning toit Meaning fr maison Meaning fr échoppe Meaning fr négociant Meaning fr vendeur Meaning fr casa Meaning es tejado Meaning es tienda Meaning es teto Meaning pt casa Meaning pt loja Meaning pt negociante Meaning pt vendedor Meaning pt

meng2 Reading Pinyin ボウ Reading On ミョウ Reading On いらか Reading Kun maeng Reading Korean Reading Korean
roof tile Meaning tiled roof Meaning

e4 Reading Pinyin ガク Reading On あご Reading Kun はぐき Reading Kun ag Reading Korean
palate Meaning roof of mouth Meaning

ローファー Reading ローファーズ Reading
loafers Translation eng

ローファット Reading
low-fat Translation eng fettarm Translation ger Mager... Translation ger

ローファットミルク Reading
low-fat milk Translation eng

ローフィンク Reading Lohfink Romaji

ローフォード Reading Lawford Romaji

ローフ Reading Loaf Romaji

ローフス Reading Loofs Romaji Rofbs Romaji

Character roof; KangXi radical 40 Definition
MIAN2 Pinyin min4 Jyutping BEN MEN On YANE IE Kun

冠木 Word
かぶき Reading
lintel Translation eng crossbar Translation eng gate with a crossbar Translation eng roofed gate Translation eng {Archit.} Querbalken Translation ger Querbalken eines Tores Translation ger Tor mit Querbalken Translation ger (Abk.) Translation ger

有蓋 Word
ゆうがい Reading
covered Translation eng roofed Translation eng lidded Translation eng (schriftspr.) Translation ger Bedeckung Translation ger Deckung Translation ger

屋根屋 Word
やねや Reading
roofer Translation eng thatcher Translation eng Dachdecker Translation ger

ルーフィング Reading
roofing Translation eng

屋上 Word
おくじょう Reading
rooftop Translation eng Flachdach Translation ger flaches Dach Translation ger dessus le toit Translation fre sur le toit Translation fre кры́ша Translation rus на кры́ше Translation rus

屋上庭園 Word
おくじょうていえん Reading
rooftop garden Translation eng Dachgarten Translation ger

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