Character thick; height, black millet Definition
ROU4 Pinyin zuk6 Jyutping

Character flesh; meat; KangXi radical 130 Definition
ROU4 Pinyin juk6 Jyutping NIKU On SHISHI Kun
U+8089 Variant

Character flesh; meat; KangXi radical 130 Definition
ROU4 RU4 Pinyin juk6 Jyutping NIKU JUU On SHISHI Kun Hangul YUK YU Korean *njiuk Tang
U+5B8D Variant

Traditional Simplified
rou4 Pinyin
meat English flesh English pulp (of a fruit) English

肉中刺 Traditional 肉中刺 Simplified
rou4 zhong1 ci4 Pinyin
a thorn in one's flesh English

肉中毒 Traditional 肉中毒 Simplified
rou4 zhong1 du2 Pinyin
botulism English

肉丸 Traditional 肉丸 Simplified
rou4 wan2 Pinyin
meatball English

肉冠 Traditional 肉冠 Simplified
rou4 guan1 Pinyin
comb (fleshy crest on a bird's head) English

肉商 Traditional 肉商 Simplified
rou4 shang1 Pinyin
meat merchant English butcher English

肉感 Traditional 肉感 Simplified
rou4 gan3 Pinyin
sexiness English sexy English sensuality English sensual English voluptuous English

肉慾 Traditional 肉欲 Simplified
rou4 yu4 Pinyin
carnal desire English

肉搏戰 Traditional 肉搏战 Simplified
rou4 bo2 zhan4 Pinyin
hand to hand struggle or battle English

肉末 Traditional 肉末 Simplified
rou4 mo4 Pinyin
ground meat English

肉桂 Traditional 肉桂 Simplified
rou4 gui4 Pinyin
Chinese cinnamon (Cinnamomum cassia) English

肉條 Traditional 肉条 Simplified
rou4 tiao2 Pinyin
cutlet English

肉毒桿菌 Traditional 肉毒杆菌 Simplified
rou4 du2 gan3 jun1 Pinyin
Clostridium botulinum English

肉毒素 Traditional 肉毒素 Simplified
rou4 du2 su4 Pinyin
botulin English botulinal toxin English XR (Botulinum toxin) English

肉汁 Traditional 肉汁 Simplified
rou4 zhi1 Pinyin
meat stock English

肉湯 Traditional 肉汤 Simplified
rou4 tang1 Pinyin
meat soup English broth English

肉湯麵 Traditional 肉汤面 Simplified
rou4 tang1 mian4 Pinyin
noodles in meat soup English

肉片 Traditional 肉片 Simplified
rou4 pian4 Pinyin
meat slice English

肉瘤 Traditional 肉瘤 Simplified
rou4 liu2 Pinyin
wart English sarcoma English superfluous English useless English

肉眼 Traditional 肉眼 Simplified
rou4 yan3 Pinyin
naked eye English layman's eyes English

肉眼凡胎 Traditional 肉眼凡胎 Simplified
rou4 yan3 fan2 tai1 Pinyin
ignoramus (idiom) English

肉票 Traditional 肉票 Simplified
rou4 piao4 Pinyin
hostage English

肉絲 Traditional 肉丝 Simplified
rou4 si1 Pinyin
shredded meat English shredded pork (on menus) English

肉羹 Traditional 肉羹 Simplified
rou4 geng1 Pinyin
stew English bouillon English

肉袒 Traditional 肉袒 Simplified
rou4 tan3 Pinyin
to make a humble apology (formal writing) English

肉質 Traditional 肉质 Simplified
rou4 zhi4 Pinyin
quality of meat English succulent (botany) English

肉質根 Traditional 肉质根 Simplified
rou4 zhi4 gen1 Pinyin
succulent root (botany) English

肉身 Traditional 肉身 Simplified
rou4 shen1 Pinyin
corporeal body English

肉醬 Traditional 肉酱 Simplified
rou4 jiang4 Pinyin
mincemeat English pâté English

肉類 Traditional 肉类 Simplified
rou4 lei4 Pinyin
meat English

肉食 Traditional 肉食 Simplified
rou4 shi2 Pinyin
carnivorous English

肉食動物 Traditional 肉食动物 Simplified
rou4 shi2 dong4 wu4 Pinyin
carnivore English

肉餅 Traditional 肉饼 Simplified
rou4 bing3 Pinyin
meat patty English

肉餡 Traditional 肉馅 Simplified
rou4 xian4 Pinyin
ground meat English mincemeat English

肉體 Traditional 肉体 Simplified
rou4 ti3 Pinyin
physical body English

肉鬆 Traditional 肉松 Simplified
rou4 song1 Pinyin
rousong English meat floss English

Traditional Simplified
rou4 Pinyin
Fleisch (S) Deutsch Radikal Nr. 130 = Fleisch (S) Deutsch

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