zhi3 Reading Pinyin Reading On むね Reading Kun うま. Reading Kun ji Reading Korean Reading Korean
delicious Meaning relish Meaning show a liking for Meaning purport Meaning will Meaning clever Meaning expert Meaning délicieux Meaning fr très bien Meaning fr savoureux Meaning fr avoir un penchant pour Meaning fr portée Meaning fr volonté Meaning fr intelligent Meaning fr expert Meaning fr principio Meaning es idea Meaning es significado Meaning es delicioso Meaning es habilidoso Meaning es es decir Meaning es delicioso Meaning pt sabor Meaning pt mostra um gosto para Meaning pt vontade Meaning pt inteligente Meaning pt perito Meaning pt

wei4 Reading Pinyin Reading On あじ Reading Kun あじ.わう Reading Kun mi Reading Korean Reading Korean
flavor Meaning taste Meaning goût Meaning fr saveur Meaning fr sabor Meaning es gusto Meaning es experiencia Meaning es sabor Meaning pt gosto Meaning pt

サボリ Reading Savory Romaji

サボる Reading
to be truant Translation eng to play hooky Translation eng to skip school Translation eng to skip out Translation eng to be idle Translation eng to sabotage by slowness Translation eng (ugs.) Translation ger trödeln Translation ger schwänzen Translation ger sabotieren Translation ger sécher la classe Translation fre sécher un cours Translation fre

サボルド Reading Savoldo Romaji Sovold Romaji

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