Traditional Simplified
chong1 Pinyin
fill English satisfy English fulfill English to act in place of English substitute English sufficient English full English

ying2 Reading Pinyin エイ Reading On .たす Reading Kun .ちる Reading Kun みつ Nanori yeong Reading Korean Reading Korean
fullness Meaning enough Meaning pride Meaning satisfy Meaning

tian1 Reading Pinyin テン Reading On .える Reading Kun . Reading Kun .える Reading Kun . Reading Kun そえ Nanori ぞい Nanori cheom Reading Korean Reading Korean
annexed Meaning accompany Meaning marry Meaning suit Meaning meet Meaning satisfy Meaning attach Meaning append Meaning garnish Meaning imitate Meaning annexer Meaning fr accompagner Meaning fr se marier Meaning fr joindre Meaning fr satisfaire Meaning fr ajouter Meaning fr garnir Meaning fr imiter Meaning fr anexo Meaning es añadidura Meaning es adición Meaning es añadir Meaning es anexar Meaning es anexar Meaning pt acompanhar Meaning pt casa Meaning pt terno Meaning pt reunião Meaning pt satisfazer Meaning pt adorna Meaning pt imitar Meaning pt

man3 Reading Pinyin マン Reading On バン Reading On .ちる Reading Kun . Reading Kun .たす Reading Kun Nanori みち Nanori みつ Nanori みつる Nanori man Reading Korean Reading Korean
full Meaning fullness Meaning enough Meaning satisfy Meaning remplir Meaning fr assez Meaning fr fier Meaning fr satisfaire Meaning fr completo Meaning es pleno Meaning es plenitud Meaning es estar lleno Meaning es subir la marea Meaning es llenar Meaning es abundar Meaning es cheio Meaning pt bastante Meaning pt orgulho Meaning pt satisfaz Meaning pt

die2 Reading Pinyin チョウ Reading On ジョウ Reading On キョウ Reading On やす.らか Reading Kun
fear Meaning worry over Meaning fill Meaning satisfy Meaning calm Meaning at ease Meaning tranquil Meaning

小気味よい Word
こきみよい Reading
delightful Translation eng satisfying Translation eng gratifying Translation eng clever Translation eng neat Translation eng gloating Translation eng

過癮 Traditional 过瘾 Simplified
guo4 yin3 Pinyin
to satisfy a craving English to get a kick out of sth English gratifying English immensely enjoyable English satisfying English fulfilling English

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