じゅん Reading
quasi- Translation eng semi- Translation eng associate Translation eng

なま Reading
raw Translation eng uncooked Translation eng fresh Translation eng natural Translation eng unedited Translation eng unprocessed Translation eng crude Translation eng unpasteurized beer Translation eng draft beer Translation eng draught beer Translation eng partially Translation eng somewhat Translation eng half- Translation eng semi- Translation eng unprotected (i.e. not wearing a condom) Translation eng live (i.e. not recorded) Translation eng inexperienced Translation eng unpolished Translation eng green Translation eng impudence Translation eng sauciness Translation eng roh Translation ger frisch Translation ger unvermischt Translation ger live Translation ger aus erster Hand Translation ger brut Translation fre cru Translation fre pression (bière) Translation fre необработанный Translation rus сырой Translation rus
生意気 Crossref 御生 Crossref 生ビール Crossref

はん Reading
half Translation eng semi- Translation eng Halfte Translation ger Halbes Translation ger halb ... Translation ger ungerade Zahl Translation ger demi Translation fre et demie Translation fre moitié Translation fre

Traditional Simplified
ban4 Pinyin
half English semi- English incomplete English (after a number) and a half English

zhun3 Reading Pinyin ジュン Reading On jun Reading Korean Reading Korean
quasi- Meaning semi- Meaning associate Meaning presque Meaning fr semi- Meaning fr associé Meaning fr permitir Meaning es imitar Meaning es cuasi Meaning es semi- Meaning es quase- Meaning pt semi- Meaning pt associar Meaning pt

zhun3 Reading Pinyin ジュン Reading On じゅん.じる Reading Kun じゅん.ずる Reading Kun なぞら.える Reading Kun のり Reading Kun ひと.しい Reading Kun みずもり Reading Kun jun Reading Korean jeol Reading Korean Reading Korean Reading Korean
semi- Meaning correspond to Meaning proportionate to Meaning conform Meaning imitate Meaning demi- Meaning fr correspondre à Meaning fr proportionnel à Meaning fr se conformer à Meaning fr standard Meaning fr semi Meaning es asociado Meaning es norma Meaning es asemejar Meaning es semi- Meaning pt corresponder-se Meaning pt proporcional para Meaning pt adaptar-se Meaning pt imitar Meaning pt

ban4 Reading Pinyin ハン Reading On なか. Reading Kun Nanori ban Reading Korean Reading Korean
half Meaning middle Meaning odd number Meaning semi- Meaning part- Meaning moitié Meaning fr demi Meaning fr milieu Meaning fr nombre impair Meaning fr mitad Meaning es medio Meaning es incompleto Meaning es semi- Meaning es semi Meaning es a medias Meaning es en parte Meaning es metade Meaning pt médio Meaning pt número ímpar Meaning pt semi- Meaning pt parte- Meaning pt

Character semi-annual ceremony of purification Definition
XI4 Pinyin hai6 Jyutping KEI On MISOGI HARAU Kun Hangul KYEY Korean

Traditional Simplified
xi4 Pinyin
semi-annual ceremony of purification English

半自動 Word
はんじどう Reading
semi-automatic Translation eng

半自動 Traditional 半自动 Simplified
ban4 zi4 dong4 Pinyin
semi-automatic English

半軸 Traditional 半轴 Simplified
ban4 zhou2 Pinyin
semi-axis English half axle English

半長軸 Traditional 半长轴 Simplified
ban4 chang2 zhou2 Pinyin
semi-axis English radius English

カマボコ型 Word
カマボコがた Reading
semi-circular Translation eng D-shaped Translation eng

半圓形 Traditional 半圆形 Simplified
ban4 yuan2 xing2 Pinyin
semi-circular English

Traditional Simplified
huang2 Pinyin
semi-circular jade ornament English

半開化 Traditional 半开化 Simplified
ban4 kai1 hua4 Pinyin
semi-civilized English

半殖民地 Traditional 半殖民地 Simplified
ban4 zhi2 min2 di4 Pinyin
semi-colonial English

行書 Traditional 行书 Simplified
xing2 shu1 Pinyin
semi-cursive script English

行草 Traditional 行草 Simplified
xing2 cao3 Pinyin
semi-cursive script English

薄暗がり Word
うすくらがり Reading
semi-darkness Translation eng dusk Translation eng twilight Translation eng poor light Translation eng

セミダブルベッド Reading
semi-double bed Translation eng three-quarter bed Translation eng

半失業 Traditional 半失业 Simplified
ban4 shi1 ye4 Pinyin
semi-employed English partly employed English underemployed English

準急 Word
じゅんきゅう Reading
semi-express train (slower than an express) Translation eng local express train Translation eng Eilzug Translation ger train régional Translation fre

半封建 Traditional 半封建 Simplified
ban4 feng1 jian4 Pinyin
semi-feudal English

復賽 Traditional 复赛 Simplified
fu4 sai4 Pinyin
semi-final English intermediary heat of a competition English

半流體 Traditional 半流体 Simplified
ban4 liu2 ti3 Pinyin
semi-fluid English

パギャル Reading
half-gal (ref. to "gal" subculture) Translation eng semi-gal Translation eng quasi-gal Translation eng
ギャル Crossref

半官半民 Word
はんかんはんみん Reading
semi-governmental Translation eng semi-official Translation eng Halbstaatlichkeit Translation ger semi-public Translation fre

半独立 Word
はんどくりつ Reading
semi-independent Translation eng

半無限 Traditional 半无限 Simplified
ban4 wu2 xian4 Pinyin
semi-infinite English

半病人 Word
はんびょうにん Reading
semi-invalid Translation eng Halbinvalider Translation ger kränkliche Person Translation ger

半長形 Word
はんちょうけい Reading
semi-major axis Translation eng

セミヌード Reading
semi-nude Translation eng

半官方 Traditional 半官方 Simplified
ban4 guan1 fang1 Pinyin
semi-official English

半公開 Traditional 半公开 Simplified
ban4 gong1 kai1 Pinyin
semi-overt English more or less open English

給う Word 賜う Word
たまう Reading
to receive Translation eng to grant Translation eng to bestow Translation eng to award Translation eng semi-polite or endearing auxiliary verb indicating reception by the speaker (suffixed to the -masu stem of another verb) Translation eng geruhen zu tun Translation ger geben Translation ger gewähren Translation ger schenken Translation ger (ehrerb.) Translation ger

飾り石 Word
かざりいし Reading
semi-precious stone Translation eng ornate stone Translation eng embellished stone Translation eng

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