xia2 Reading Pinyin xia4 Reading Pinyin Reading On ひま Reading Kun いとま Reading Kun ga Reading Korean Reading Korean
spare time Meaning rest Meaning leisure Meaning time Meaning leave of absence Meaning temps libre Meaning fr repos Meaning fr loisirs Meaning fr temps Meaning fr congé Meaning fr tiempo libre Meaning es descanso Meaning es ocio Meaning es tiempo libre ocio Meaning es separación Meaning es adiós Meaning es tempo livre Meaning pt descanso Meaning pt lazer Meaning pt tempo Meaning pt ausência Meaning pt

ge2 Reading Pinyin カク Reading On へだ.てる Reading Kun へだ.たる Reading Kun gyeog Reading Korean Reading Korean
isolate Meaning alternate Meaning distance Meaning separate Meaning gulf Meaning distance Meaning fr isoler Meaning fr séparer Meaning fr tous les deux (jours, mois, ..) Meaning fr fossé (fig.) Meaning fr diferencia Meaning es distancia Meaning es separación Meaning es aislamiento Meaning es ser excluido Meaning es quedarse fuera Meaning es estar distante Meaning es isolar Meaning pt alternar Meaning pt distância Meaning pt separar Meaning pt golfo Meaning pt

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