Character a hammer Definition
SHE2 ZHE2 Pinyin zaak6 Jyutping

SHE2 XUE2 Pinyin hok6 Jyutping

Character to lose in trade; to lose in weight or measure Definition
SHE2 Pinyin sit3 Jyutping
U+27D73 Traditional

Character surname Definition
SHE2 Pinyin se4 Jyutping SHA JA On SA Korean

Character tongue; clapper of bell; KangXi radical 135 Definition
SHE2 GUA1 Pinyin sit3 sit6 Jyutping ZETSU SETSU On SHITA Kun Hangul SEL Korean thiệt Viet

SHE2 YI2 Pinyin SHA I YA On HEBI Kun

Character snake Definition
SHE2 YI2 TUO2 CHI2 Pinyin ji4 se4 Jyutping JA I DA On HEBI Kun Hangul SA I Korean *jhia Tang Viet


SHE2 SHI1 Pinyin

Character thallium Definition
SHE2 SHI1 TA1 TUO2 Pinyin taa1 to4 Jyutping
U+9248 Traditional

𧵳 Character a loss; to lose (e.g., money in trade) Definition
SHE2 Pinyin sit6 Jyutping
U+478C Simplified

Traditional Simplified
She2 Pinyin
surname She English

Traditional Simplified
she2 Pinyin
to break (e.g. stick or bone) English a loss English

折本 Traditional 折本 Simplified
she2 ben3 Pinyin
a loss English to lose money English

折秤 Traditional 折秤 Simplified
she2 cheng4 Pinyin
discrepancy in weight English

折耗 Traditional 折耗 Simplified
she2 hao4 Pinyin
loss of goods English damage to goods English shrinkage English

折钱 Traditional 折钱 Simplified
she2 qian2 Pinyin
a loss English to lose money English

Traditional Simplified
she2 Pinyin
sort out divining stalks English

Traditional Simplified
she2 Pinyin
tongue English

舌下腺 Traditional 舌下腺 Simplified
she2 xia4 xian4 Pinyin
sublingual gland English saliva gland under tongue English

舌吻 Traditional 舌吻 Simplified
she2 wen3 Pinyin
to french kiss English french kiss English

舌尖 Traditional 舌尖 Simplified
she2 jian1 Pinyin
tip of tongue English apical English

舌戰 Traditional 舌战 Simplified
she2 zhan4 Pinyin
verbal sparring English duel of words English

舌根 Traditional 舌根 Simplified
she2 gen1 Pinyin
back of tongue English tongue root English dorsal English

舌釘 Traditional 舌钉 Simplified
she2 ding1 Pinyin
tongue ring English tongue piercing English

舌面 Traditional 舌面 Simplified
she2 mian4 Pinyin
blade of tongue English laminal English

Traditional Simplified
she2 Pinyin
, snake Variant

Traditional Simplified
she2 Pinyin
snake English serpent English

蛇夫座 Traditional 蛇夫座 Simplified
she2 fu1 zuo4 Pinyin
Ophiuchus (constellation) English

蛇年 Traditional 蛇年 Simplified
she2 nian2 Pinyin
Year of the Snake (e.g. 2001) English

蛇形 Traditional 蛇形 Simplified
she2 xing2 Pinyin
S-shaped English serpentine English coiled like a snake English

蛇毒 Traditional 蛇毒 Simplified
she2 du2 Pinyin
snake venom English

蛇毒素 Traditional 蛇毒素 Simplified
she2 du2 su4 Pinyin
snake toxin English

蛇皮 Traditional 蛇皮 Simplified
she2 pi2 Pinyin
snake skin English

蛇紋岩 Traditional 蛇纹岩 Simplified
she2 wen2 yan2 Pinyin
serpentine (geology) English

蛇紋石 Traditional 蛇纹石 Simplified
she2 wen2 shi2 Pinyin
serpentine (geology) English

蛇綠岩 Traditional 蛇绿岩 Simplified
she2 lu:4 yan2 Pinyin
ophiolite (geology) English

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