Character sheath Definition
BING3 BI3 PI2 Pinyin bei2 bing2 pei4 Jyutping HEI HYOU HI BI BAI On SAYA Kun

シース Reading
sheath Translation eng Kappe Translation ger (für Füller o.Ä. Translation ger <Herk.: von engl. "sheath">) Translation ger

かわ Reading
shell Translation eng sheath Translation eng wrapping Translation eng skin Translation eng hide Translation eng pelt Translation eng fur Translation eng rind Translation eng peel Translation eng husk Translation eng bark Translation eng Leder Translation ger Haut Translation ger Fell Translation ger Pelz Translation ger Rinde Translation ger Borke Translation ger Schale Translation ger Kruste Translation ger écorce Translation fre épiderme Translation fre cuir Translation fre peau Translation fre enveloppe Translation fre

腱鞘 Word
けんしょう Reading
sheath of tendon Translation eng {Anat.} Sehnenscheide Translation ger

シースドレス Reading
sheath dress Translation eng

シースナイフ Reading
sheath knife Translation eng

Traditional Simplified
tao4 Pinyin
cover English sheath English to encase English a case English to overlap English to interleave English bend (of a river or mountain range, in place names) English harness English classifier for sets, collections English tau (Greek letter Ττ) English

Traditional Simplified
tuo4 Pinyin
sheath around joints of bamboo English

Traditional Simplified
qiao4 Pinyin
scabbard English sheath English

qiao4 Reading Pinyin shao1 Reading Pinyin ショウ Reading On ソウ Reading On さや Reading Kun cho Reading Korean Reading Korean
sheath Meaning case Meaning margin Meaning difference Meaning shells (of beans) Meaning

bao1 Reading Pinyin ホウ Reading On po Reading Korean Reading Korean
placenta Meaning sac Meaning sheath Meaning placenta Meaning fr cavité Meaning fr gaine Meaning fr estómago de la mujer Meaning es placenta Meaning es vaina Meaning es placenta Meaning pt bolsa Meaning pt estojo Meaning pt

bing3 Reading Pinyin ヘイ Reading On ヒョウ Reading On Reading On バイ Reading On さや Reading Kun
sheath Meaning

Character sheath, scabbard, bow case Definition
TAO1 TAO4 Pinyin tou1 Jyutping TOU On YUBUKURO Kun Hangul TO Korean
U+97EC Simplified

Character sheath, scabbard, bow case Definition
TAO1 Pinyin tou1 Jyutping
U+97DC Traditional

tao1 Reading Pinyin トウ Reading On ゆみぶくろ Reading Kun do Reading Korean
bow case Meaning scabbard Meaning sheathe Meaning

シースヒーター Reading
sheathed heater Translation eng

土止め Word 土留め Word
どどめ Reading
retaining wall Translation eng sheathing Translation eng Böschungsbefestigung Translation ger Böschungsmauer Translation ger

シーズ線 Word
シーズせん Reading
sheathing wire Translation eng

堰板 Word せき板 Word
せきいた Reading
sheeting Translation eng sheathing board Translation eng cover Translation eng

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