Character shelter Definition
PING2 Pinyin ping4 Jyutping HEI HIYOU BYOU On OOU Kun
U+5E21 Variant

シェルター Reading
shelter Translation eng Luftschutzraum Translation ger Zuflucht Translation ger Schutz Translation ger

山陰 Word
やまかげ Reading さんいん Reading
place in the shade of a mountain Translation eng shelter of the mountains Translation eng mountain recess Translation eng Nordseite eines Berges Translation ger (Abk.) Translation ger

上屋 Word
うわや Reading
shed Translation eng shelter Translation eng terminal (e.g. cargo, airport, etc.) Translation eng Schutzdach Translation ger Wetterdach Translation ger Schuppen Translation ger Packhaus Translation ger

とく Reading
shelter Translation eng shield Translation eng hide Translation eng

物陰 Word
ものかげ Reading
cover Translation eng under cover Translation eng shelter Translation eng hiding Translation eng Ort, der von etwas verdeckt wird Translation ger à couvert, à l'abri, dans l'ombre (de) Translation fre

保護 Word
ほご Reading
care Translation eng protection Translation eng shelter Translation eng safeguard Translation eng guardianship Translation eng favor Translation eng favour Translation eng patronage Translation eng Schutz Translation ger Erhaltung Translation ger Beschützung Translation ger Beistand Translation ger Protektion Translation ger conservation Translation fre protection Translation fre защита Translation rus покровительство Translation rus

凌ぎ場 Word
しのぎば Reading
shelter Translation eng

蔵匿 Word
ぞうとく Reading
concealment Translation eng shelter Translation eng harboring Translation eng harbouring Translation eng Gewähren von Unterschlupf Translation ger

遮蔽物 Word
しゃへいぶつ Reading
shelter Translation eng cover Translation eng Abdeckung Translation ger (f) Translation ger Verdunkelungsmaterial Translation ger (n) Translation ger

避難所 Word
ひなんじょ Reading
place of refuge Translation eng shelter Translation eng Zufluchtsort Translation ger Katastrophensammelstelle Translation ger

雨避け Word 雨除け Word 雨よけ Word
あまよけ Reading
tarpaulin Translation eng shelter from rain Translation eng covering against rain Translation eng Regenschutz Translation ger

宿り Word
やどり Reading
lodging abode Translation eng shelter Translation eng (schriftspr.) Translation ger Übernachten Translation ger Herberge Translation ger Wohnung Translation ger

避難場所 Word
ひなんばしょ Reading
evacuation site Translation eng exposure Translation eng refuge shelter Translation eng shelter Translation eng

待合所 Word
まちあいじょ Reading
shelter (for buses) Translation eng waiting area Translation eng waiting room Translation eng

Traditional Simplified
bi4 Pinyin
to protect English cover English shelter English hide or harbor English

庇護 Traditional 庇护 Simplified
bi4 hu4 Pinyin
asylum English shelter English to shield English to put under protection English to take under one's wing English

掩蔽 Traditional 掩蔽 Simplified
yan3 bi4 Pinyin
shelter English screen English cover English protection English

隱藏處 Traditional 隐藏处 Simplified
yin3 cang2 chu4 Pinyin
shelter English hiding place English

ni4 Reading Pinyin トク Reading On かくま. Reading Kun nig Reading Korean Reading Korean
hide Meaning shelter Meaning shield Meaning cacher Meaning fr abriter Meaning fr protéger Meaning fr escondite Meaning es escondrijo Meaning es refugio Meaning es esconda Meaning pt abrigo Meaning pt escudo Meaning pt

bei4 Reading Pinyin pi1 Reading Pinyin Reading On こうむ. Reading Kun おお. Reading Kun かぶ. Reading Kun かぶ.せる Reading Kun ぎぬ Nanori pi Reading Korean Reading Korean
incur Meaning cover Meaning veil Meaning brood over Meaning shelter Meaning wear Meaning put on Meaning be exposed (film) Meaning receiving Meaning subir Meaning fr couvrir Meaning fr voile Meaning fr ruminer (soucis) Meaning fr abri Meaning fr mettre (vêtement) Meaning fr porter (sur la tête) Meaning fr être exposé (film) Meaning fr victime Meaning fr souffrir Meaning fr sufrir perdidas Meaning es recibir Meaning es cargarse Meaning es incorrer Meaning pt cobrir Meaning pt velar Meaning pt chocar Meaning pt proteger Meaning pt vestir Meaning pt vestir- se Meaning pt expor (filme) Meaning pt recepção Meaning pt

ping2 Reading Pinyin ヘイ Reading On ヒョウ Reading On おお. Reading Kun
shelter Meaning

meng2 Reading Pinyin ボウ Reading On Reading On モウ Reading On ふくさ Reading Kun mong Reading Korean
cover Meaning shelter Meaning screen Meaning protect Meaning

xiu1 Reading Pinyin キュウ Reading On Reading On かげ Reading Kun
shade Meaning shelter Meaning protection Meaning

Character shelter, screen, awning Definition
PING2 Pinyin ping4 Jyutping HEI HIYOU BYOU On OOU Kun
U+5E32 Variant

Traditional Simplified
ping2 Pinyin
shelter, screen, awning English

防風林 Word
ぼうふうりん Reading
windbreak (forest) Translation eng shelterbelt Translation eng Windschutzstreifen Translation ger zum Schutz gegen den Wind angelegter Wald Translation ger

伏射濠 Word
ふくしゃごう Reading
sheltered trench Translation eng

授産 Word
じゅさん Reading
sheltered work programs Translation eng sheltered work programmes Translation eng providing with work Translation eng giving employment Translation eng Arbeitsbeschaffung Translation ger

温室育ち Word
おんしつそだち Reading
sheltered upbringing Translation eng wohlbehütetes Aufwachsen Translation ger (von Kindern) Translation ger

傘伐林 Word
さんばつりん Reading
shelterwood forest Translation eng

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