Character sick Definition
ZHI1 Pinyin kei4 Jyutping

Character sick Definition
GUAN3 Pinyin gun2 Jyutping KAN On YAMU Kun

Character sick Definition
JI4 JI2 Pinyin zai3 zik3 Jyutping

シック Reading
chic Translation eng sick Translation eng thick Translation eng schick Translation ger elegant Translation ger modisch Translation ger Source Language fre

寝込み Word
ねこみ Reading
asleep (in bed) Translation eng sick in bed Translation eng tiefer Schlaf Translation ger

病人 Word
びょうにん Reading
sick person Translation eng patient Translation eng {Med.} Kranker Translation ger Patient Translation ger patient Translation fre personne malade Translation fre

飽き飽き Word 厭き厭き Word
あきあき Reading
sick of Translation eng bored (with) Translation eng großer Überdruss Translation ger große Langeweile Translation ger

病躯 Word
びょうく Reading
sick body Translation eng sickly constitution Translation eng (schriftspr.) Translation ger kranker Körper Translation ger schlechter Gesundheitszustand Translation ger

病友 Word
びょうゆう Reading
sick friend Translation eng fellow patient Translation eng kranker Freund Translation ger

病体 Word
びょうたい Reading
sick body Translation eng poor health Translation eng (schriftspr.) kränklicher Körper Translation ger kranker Körper Translation ger schwache Konstitution Translation ger

病気休職 Word
びょうききゅうしょく Reading
sick leave Translation eng sickness leave Translation eng

病める Word 痛める Word
やめる Reading
sick Translation eng ill Translation eng ailing Translation eng to hurt Translation eng to ache Translation eng

病児 Word
びょうじ Reading
sick child Translation eng

厭氣 Traditional 厌气 Simplified
yan4 qi4 Pinyin
anaerobic (unable to tolerate oxygen) English fed up with English sick of life English

厭煩 Traditional 厌烦 Simplified
yan4 fan2 Pinyin
bored English fed up with sth English sick of sth English

害相思病 Traditional 害相思病 Simplified
hai4 xiang1 si1 bing4 Pinyin
sick with love English

Traditional Simplified
ni4 Pinyin
sick English sickness English Kang Xi radical 140 English

Traditional Simplified
zhi1 Pinyin
sick English

Traditional Simplified
bing4 Pinyin
ailment English sickness English illness English disease English fall ill English sick English defect English

病人 Traditional 病人 Simplified
bing4 ren2 Pinyin
sick person English [medical] patient English invalid English

病假 Traditional 病假 Simplified
bing4 jia4 Pinyin
sick leave English

病員 Traditional 病员 Simplified
bing4 yuan2 Pinyin
sick personnel English person on the sick list English patient English

病夫 Traditional 病夫 Simplified
bing4 fu1 Pinyin
sick man English

病患 Traditional 病患 Simplified
bing4 huan4 Pinyin
sickness English disease English ill English sick English suffering (from a disease or poisoning) English a patient English

病者 Traditional 病者 Simplified
bing4 zhe3 Pinyin
patient English sick person English

病號 Traditional 病号 Simplified
bing4 hao4 Pinyin
sick personnel English person on the sick list English patient English

Traditional Simplified
pu1 Pinyin
sick English disabled English

Traditional Simplified
cui4 Pinyin
care-worn English distressed English tired English overworked English sick English weary English

Traditional Simplified
ji4 Pinyin
sick English diseased English

膩煩 Traditional 腻烦 Simplified
ni4 fan2 Pinyin
bored English to be fed up with English sick and tired of sth English

Traditional Simplified
hui1 Pinyin
sick English with no ambition English

bing4 Reading Pinyin ビョウ Reading On ヘイ Reading On . Reading Kun -や. Reading Kun やまい Reading Kun byeong Reading Korean Reading Korean
ill Meaning sick Meaning malade Meaning fr enfermedad Meaning es caer enfermo Meaning es mal Meaning pt doente Meaning pt

chuang2 Reading Pinyin ダク Reading On ニャク Reading On ソウ Reading On ジョウ Reading On シツ Reading On . Reading Kun
trailing sickness Meaning sick radical (no. 104) Meaning

guan3 Reading Pinyin カン Reading On . Reading Kun
sick Meaning

Character sick, a dead animal, skeleton Definition
ZI4 Pinyin zi3 Jyutping

Character sick; illness; disease, red Definition
cung1 Jyutping

清潔袋 Traditional 清洁袋 Simplified
qing1 jie2 dai4 Pinyin
sanitation bag English motion discomfort receptacle English sickbag English air sickness bag English

とこ Reading
bed Translation eng bedding Translation eng alcove Translation eng riverbed Translation eng seedbed Translation eng straw "core" of a tatami mat Translation eng floor Translation eng sickbed Translation eng Bett Translation ger Tokonoma Translation ger (Abk.) Translation ger Beet Translation ger Flussbett Translation ger lit Translation fre sol Translation fre soubassement Translation fre
床・ゆか Crossref 床の間 Crossref

病床 Word
びょうしょう Reading
sickbed Translation eng (schriftspr.) Translation ger Krankenbett Translation ger Krankenlager Translation ger lit (du malade) Translation fre

病蓐 Word 病褥 Word
びょうじょく Reading
sickbed Translation eng
病床 Crossref

病床 Traditional 病床 Simplified
bing4 chuang2 Pinyin
hospital bed English sickbed English

ジッケル Reading Sickel Romaji

使作嘔 Traditional 使作呕 Simplified
shi3 zuo4 ou3 Pinyin
sicken English

気色悪い Word
きしょくわるい Reading
weird Translation eng disgusting Translation eng sickening Translation eng yuck! (with an exclamation mark) Translation eng eww! Translation eng

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