Character simplified KangXi radical 149 Definition
YAN2 Pinyin
U+8A01 Traditional U+8A00 Variant

簡体字 Word
かんたいじ Reading
simplified Chinese character Translation eng vereinfachtes Zeichen Translation ger
繁体字 Crossref

俗諦 Word
ぞくたい Reading
simplified teaching Translation eng {Buddh.} weltliche Wahrheit Translation ger relative Wahrheit Translation ger (im Gegensatz zur höchsten Wahrheit) Translation ger

略字 Word
りゃくじ Reading
simplified character (i.e. kanji) Translation eng acronym Translation eng abbreviation Translation eng vereinfachte Form eines Schriftzeichens Translation ger vereinfachtes Schriftzeichen Translation ger Abkürzung Translation ger
頭字語 Crossref 略語 Crossref

略式 Word
りゃくしき Reading
informal Translation eng simplified Translation eng Formlosigkeit Translation ger vereinfachte Form Translation ger verkürzte Form Translation ger неформа́льный Translation rus неофициа́льный Translation rus непара́дный (о костюме) Translation rus

省筆 Word
しょうひつ Reading せいひつ Reading
abbreviation Translation eng simplified form of a character Translation eng cutting out some strokes in a character Translation eng omitting some passages Translation eng Abkürzung von Zeichen Translation ger Auslassung von Wörtern im Satz Translation ger

略体 Word
りゃくたい Reading
simplified form of a kanji Translation eng Kurzform Translation ger Kurzform eines Zeichens Translation ger

略筆 Word
りゃくひつ Reading
outline Translation eng synopsis Translation eng abridgment Translation eng summary Translation eng simplified form of a kanji Translation eng (schriftspr.) Translation ger Ellipse Translation ger Auslassung Translation ger

早見表 Word
はやみひょう Reading
simplified chart Translation eng tabellarische Übersicht Translation ger Tabelle Translation ger

簡易言語 Word
かんいげんご Reading
simplified language Translation eng

略字 Traditional 略字 Simplified
lu:e4 zi4 Pinyin
abbreviated character English simplified character English

簡化字 Traditional 简化字 Simplified
jian3 hua4 zi4 Pinyin
simplified Chinese character English

簡章 Traditional 简章 Simplified
jian3 zhang1 Pinyin
general regulation English simplified rule English

Traditional Simplified
ni2 Pinyin
wild beast English wild horse English lion English trad. form used erroneously for English simplified form used erroneously for English

yun4 Reading Pinyin ウン Reading On はし. Reading Kun
run Meaning simplified form of kanji for luck Meaning fortune Meaning ship Meaning transport Meaning

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