Oバック Word
オーバック Reading
O-back Translation eng skirt with peek-a-boo hole in rump Translation eng

スカート Reading スコート Reading
skirt Translation eng {Kleidung} Rock Translation ger jupe Translation fre юбка (en: skirt) Translation rus

軟派 Word
なんぱ Reading ナンパ Reading
flirt Translation eng scam Translation eng scope Translation eng skirt chaser Translation eng moderate party Translation eng soft school Translation eng gemäßigte Partei Translation ger erotische Literatur Translation ger Feuilletonist Translation ger Schürzenjäger Translation ger Anmachen Translation ger Aufreißen Translation ger

ハラミ Reading はらみ Reading
skirt steak Translation eng tender beef around the diaphragm Translation eng

Traditional Simplified
qun2 Pinyin
skirt English

裙子 Traditional 裙子 Simplified
qun2 zi5 Pinyin
skirt English

迴避 Traditional 迴避 Simplified
hui2 bi4 Pinyin
avoid English sidestep English skirt (an issue) English

chang2 Reading Pinyin shang5 Reading Pinyin ショウ Reading On Reading Kun もすそ Reading Kun sang Reading Korean Reading Korean
skirt Meaning robe Meaning fr falda Meaning es ropa Meaning es

つま Reading Kun cheo Reading Korean Reading Korean
skirt Meaning (kokuji) Meaning

pei4 Reading Pinyin Reading On ふくろ Reading Kun
skirt Meaning long robe for women, having no sleeves and fasten down the front Meaning

Character skirt, apron, petticoat Definition
QUN2 Pinyin kwan4 Jyutping KUN On MOSURI Kun Hangul KWUN Korean ghiuən Tang quần Viet
U+5E2C Variant

狒々 Word 狒狒 Word
ひひ Reading ヒヒ Reading
baboon Translation eng lecher Translation eng dirty old man Translation eng skirt-chaser Translation eng {Zool.} Pavian Translation ger Mandrill Translation ger Lüstling Translation ger Satyr Translation ger

幅木 Word 巾木 Word
はばき Reading
baseboard Translation eng skirting board Translation eng

踢腳線 Traditional 踢脚线 Simplified
ti1 jiao3 xian4 Pinyin
skirting board English

Traditional Simplified
chang2 Pinyin
lower garment English skirts English petticoats English garments English

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