Character seal; KangXi radical 26 Definition
JIE2 BU4 Pinyin zit3 Jyutping SETSU On WARIFU Kun CEL Korean
U+90E8 Variant
SL Cangjie Input Code

シラー Reading
SL lat Translation eng scilla Translation eng Syrah Translation eng {Persönlichk.} Friedrich von Schiller Translation ger (dtsch. Dichter Translation ger 1759-1805) Translation ger

SL Word
エスエル Reading
steam locomotive Translation eng

いた Reading
board Translation eng plank Translation eng sheet (of metal) Translation eng plate (of glass) Translation eng pane Translation eng slab Translation eng cutting board Translation eng chopping board Translation eng stage (i.e. at a theatre) Translation eng Brett Translation ger Holzbrett Translation ger Planke Translation ger Bohle Translation ger Tafel Translation ger Diele Translation ger planche Translation fre
俎板 Crossref 板場 Crossref 板前 Crossref

平板 Word
へいばん Reading
slab Translation eng flat board Translation eng monotony Translation eng lithography Translation eng flaches Brett Translation ger Eintönigkeit Translation ger Monotonie Translation ger

スラブ Reading スラヴ Reading
Slav Translation eng Slavic Translation eng slab Translation eng Slawe Translation ger

句碑 Word
くひ Reading
slab with a haiku cut on it Translation eng Gedenkstein mit einem Haiku Translation ger

扁坯 Traditional 扁坯 Simplified
bian3 pi1 Pinyin
slab English

木板 Traditional 木板 Simplified
mu4 ban3 Pinyin
slab English board English plank English

板塊 Traditional 板块 Simplified
ban3 kuai4 Pinyin
block English slab English tectonic plate English continental plate English

板皮 Traditional 板皮 Simplified
ban3 pi2 Pinyin
slab English

石板 Traditional 石板 Simplified
shi2 ban3 Pinyin
slab English flagstone English slate English

石片 Traditional 石片 Simplified
shi2 pian4 Pinyin
slab English

スラビー Reading Slaby Romaji

スラック Reading
slack Translation eng {EDV} Slack Translation ger

ルーズ Reading
loose (e.g. belt) Translation eng slovenly Translation eng careless Translation eng slack Translation eng nachlässig Translation ger locker Translation ger liederlich Translation ger promisk Translation ger

緩み Word
ゆるみ Reading
slack Translation eng looseness Translation eng Nachlassen Translation ger (der Aufmerksamkeit o.Ä.) Translation ger

緩やか Word
ゆるやか Reading
loose Translation eng slack Translation eng gentle Translation eng easy Translation eng slow Translation eng lenient Translation eng liberal Translation eng lax Translation eng locker Translation ger lose Translation ger weit Translation ger frei Translation ger mild Translation ger gelinde Translation ger nachsichtig Translation ger sanft Translation ger mäßig Translation ger großzügig Translation ger langsam Translation ger doux Translation fre léger Translation fre мя́гкий Translation rus споко́йный Translation rus ти́хий Translation rus ме́дленный Translation rus

弛み Word
たるみ Reading
slack Translation eng slackening Translation eng dullness Translation eng letdown Translation eng Schlaffheit Translation ger Langweiligkeit Translation ger Tränensäcke Translation ger

低調 Word
ていちょう Reading
inactive Translation eng slow Translation eng sluggish Translation eng slack Translation eng low tone Translation eng undertone Translation eng dullness Translation eng (market) weakness Translation eng tiefer Ton Translation ger Flauheit Translation ger Flausein Translation ger

霜枯れ時 Word
しもがれどき Reading
winter (season) Translation eng slack or off season Translation eng Wintersaison Translation ger winterliche Zeit Translation ger flaue Zeit Translation ger

締まりの無い Word 締まりのない Word 締りのない Word
しまりのない Reading
slack Translation eng loose Translation eng lax Translation eng slovenly Translation eng sloppy Translation eng lose Translation ger locker Translation ger schlaff Translation ger schlampig Translation ger
締まりがない Crossref

スラック Reading Slack Romaji

懈弛 Traditional 懈弛 Simplified
xie4 chi2 Pinyin
slack (discipline) English

懈怠 Traditional 懈怠 Simplified
xie4 dai4 Pinyin
slack English lazy English remiss English

懈惰 Traditional 懈惰 Simplified
xie4 duo4 Pinyin
slack English idle English

末煤 Traditional 末煤 Simplified
mo4 mei2 Pinyin
slack coal (final poor quality coal) English

清淡 Traditional 清淡 Simplified
qing1 dan4 Pinyin
light (of food, not greasy or strongly flavored) English insipid English slack (sales) English

煤渣 Traditional 煤渣 Simplified
mei2 zha1 Pinyin
slack English

鬆動 Traditional 松动 Simplified
song1 dong4 Pinyin
slack (due to loose joint) English

鬆垮 Traditional 松垮 Simplified
song1 kua3 Pinyin
undisciplined English loose English slack English

pine Meaning fir Meaning loose Meaning lax Meaning slack Meaning

Traditional Simplified
chi2 Pinyin
unstring a bow English slacken English relax English loosen English

huan3 Reading Pinyin カン Reading On ゆる. Reading Kun ゆる.やか Reading Kun ゆる. Reading Kun ゆる.める Reading Kun ひろ Nanori wan Reading Korean Reading Korean
slacken Meaning loosen Meaning relax Meaning lessen Meaning be moderate Meaning ease Meaning relâcher Meaning fr abaisser Meaning fr décompresser Meaning fr lâche (noeud) Meaning fr modéré Meaning fr aise Meaning fr fácil Meaning es despacio Meaning es disminución Meaning es mitigado Meaning es aliviado Meaning es aflojar(se) Meaning es relajar(se) Meaning es disminuir Meaning es indulgente Meaning es afrouxar Meaning pt relaxar Meaning pt diminuir Meaning pt moderar Meaning pt facilitar Meaning pt

chi2 Reading Pinyin Reading On Reading On たる. Reading Kun たる.める Reading Kun たゆ. Reading Kun ゆる. Reading Kun ゆる. Reading Kun i Reading Korean Reading Korean
slacken Meaning relax Meaning

月給泥棒 Word
げっきゅうどろぼう Reading
freeloader Translation eng slacker Translation eng lazy worker who does not deserve his salary Translation eng

ずく無し Word 尽無し Word
ずくなし Reading
bum Translation eng slacker Translation eng good-for-nothing Translation eng loser Translation eng

スラックス Reading
slacks Translation eng {Kleidung} lange Hose Translation ger Slacks Translation ger

スレイド Reading Slade Romaji

スラデック Reading Sladek Romaji

スレーデン Reading Sladen Romaji

スラッフ Reading Slaff Romaji

鉱滓 Word
こうさい Reading こうし Reading
slag Translation eng Schlacke Translation ger

溶滓 Word 熔滓 Word
ようさい Reading ようし Reading
slag Translation eng molten slug (of metal) Translation eng

金屎 Word
かなくそ Reading
slag Translation eng dross Translation eng

スラグ Reading
slag Translation eng

からみ Reading
slag Translation eng
スラグ Crossref

からみ Reading
slag Translation eng
スラグ Crossref

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