Character sleet Definition
YING1 Pinyin jing1 Jyutping EI YOU On MIZORE Kun Hangul YENG Korean

みぞれ Reading
sleet (mixture of snow and rain) Translation eng shaved ice topped with honey Translation eng {Meteor.} Schneeregen Translation ger

凍雨 Traditional 冻雨 Simplified
dong4 yu3 Pinyin
sleet English

Traditional Simplified
ying1 Pinyin
sleet English snowflakes English

Traditional Simplified
xian4 Pinyin
sleet English

lu4 Reading Pinyin リク Reading On ロク Reading On ryug Reading Korean Reading Korean
sleet Meaning slush Meaning name of a wetland Meaning

ying1 Reading Pinyin ji1 Reading Pinyin エイ Reading On ヨウ Reading On みぞれ Reading Kun yeong Reading Korean Reading Korean
sleet Meaning

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