Character slips of bamboo provided for writing in ancient times Definition
XIE4 Pinyin se3 Jyutping

Character slips of bamboo for writing Definition
BIAN4 Pinyin bin6 Jyutping

切り枝 Word
きりえだ Reading
slips (to plant) Translation eng

不規律 Word
ふきりつ Reading
irregular Translation eng undisciplined Translation eng disorganized Translation eng disorganised Translation eng slipshod Translation eng Unordnung Translation ger Mangel an Disziplin Translation ger Disziplinlosigkeit Translation ger

ずぼら Reading ズボラ Reading ずべら Reading ズベラ Reading
sloppy Translation eng slovenly Translation eng slipshod Translation eng negligent Translation eng loose Translation eng unkempt Translation eng (ugs.) Translation ger Nachlässigkeit Translation ger Fahrlässigkeit Translation ger Liederlichkeit Translation ger Ungenauigkeit Translation ger

疎慢 Word 粗慢 Word
そまん Reading
slipshod Translation eng sloppy Translation eng shoddy Translation eng

疏闊 Traditional 疏阔 Simplified
shu1 kuo4 Pinyin
inaccurate English slipshod English poorly thought-out English distant English vague English long-separated English broadly scattered English

ta4 Reading Pinyin ta1 Reading Pinyin トウ Reading On
careless Meaning negligent Meaning slipshod Meaning

後流 Word
こうりゅう Reading
slipstream Translation eng Rückstrom Translation ger Heckströmung Translation ger Kielwasser Translation ger

スリップストリーム Reading
slipstream Translation eng

氣流 Traditional 气流 Simplified
qi4 liu2 Pinyin
stream of air English airflow English slipstream English draft English breath English turbulence (of aircraft) English

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