Character snatch away, seize; catch with Definition
JUE2 Pinyin fok3 Jyutping KAKU On TSUKAMU Kun Hangul HWAK Korean

スナッチ Reading
snatch Translation eng {Gewichtheben} Reißen Translation ger

抓舉 Traditional 抓举 Simplified
zhua1 ju3 Pinyin
snatch (weightlifting technique) English

duo2 Reading Pinyin ダツ Reading On うば. Reading Kun tal Reading Korean Reading Korean
rob Meaning take by force Meaning snatch away Meaning dispossess Meaning plunder Meaning usurp Meaning dérober Meaning fr prendre de force Meaning fr arracher (des mains) Meaning fr déposséder Meaning fr piller Meaning fr usurper Meaning fr arrebatar Meaning es desposeer Meaning es usurpar Meaning es privar Meaning es tomar por la fuerza Meaning es roubar Meaning pt tomar pela força Meaning pt apropriar-se Meaning pt pilhar Meaning pt usurpar Meaning pt

つまみ食い Word 摘まみ食い Word 摘み食い Word 撮み食い Word
つまみぐい Reading
eating with one's fingers Translation eng snitching food Translation eng snatched food Translation eng secret eating Translation eng food snatched and eaten without the meal starting Translation eng embezzlement Translation eng misappropriation Translation eng exploiting something Translation eng flirting Translation eng Essen mit den Fingern Translation ger Naschen Translation ger

分捕り Word
ぶんどり Reading
snatching Translation eng snatched item Translation eng

横取り Word
よこどり Reading
usurpation Translation eng snatching Translation eng seizure Translation eng Klauen von der Seite Translation ger Stehlen Translation ger Ergattern Translation ger usurper Translation fre

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