yin1 Reading Pinyin オン Reading On イン Reading On -ノン Reading On おと Reading Kun Reading Kun Nanori Nanori eum Reading Korean Reading Korean
sound Meaning noise Meaning son Meaning fr bruit Meaning fr sonido Meaning es ruido Meaning es som Meaning pt barulho Meaning pt

jia1 Reading Pinyin Reading On Reading On ga Reading Korean Reading Korean
(used phonetically) Meaning sonido "ka" en sánscrito Meaning es

sa4 Reading Pinyin サツ Reading On サチ Reading On さっ Nanori sal Reading Korean Reading Korean
Buddha Meaning Buda Meaning es sonido 'satsu' en sánscrito Meaning es

pu2 Reading Pinyin Reading On bo Reading Korean Reading Korean
kind of grass Meaning sacred tree Meaning sonido 'bo' en sánscrito Meaning es

ming2 Reading Pinyin メイ Reading On . Reading Kun . Reading Kun .らす Reading Kun なり Nanori なる Nanori myeong Reading Korean Reading Korean
chirp Meaning cry Meaning bark Meaning sound Meaning ring Meaning echo Meaning honk Meaning gazouiller Meaning fr crier Meaning fr aboyer Meaning fr pousser son cri (animal) Meaning fr sonner Meaning fr écho Meaning fr cacarder Meaning fr emitir sonido (animal) Meaning es sonido Meaning es sonar Meaning es hacer sonar Meaning es gorjeio Meaning pt choro Meaning pt latido Meaning pt som Meaning pt argola Meaning pt eco Meaning pt buzina Meaning pt

ling2 Reading Pinyin レイ Reading On たま Nanori あきら Nanori あき Nanori りょう Nanori Nanori ryeong Reading Korean Reading Korean
sound of jewels Meaning joya perfectamente clara Meaning es sonido de joyas Meaning es belleza límpida Meaning es

そに鳥 Word
そにどり Reading
kingfisher Translation eng
川蝉 Crossref

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