ふく Reading
assistant Translation eng associate Translation eng vice- Translation eng sub- Translation eng deputy Translation eng substitute Translation eng auxiliary Translation eng supplementary Translation eng additional Translation eng collateral Translation eng duplicate Translation eng copy Translation eng Duplikat Translation ger assistant- (président, directeur, préfet, chef) Translation fre sous- Translation fre vice- Translation fre

ya4 Reading Pinyin Reading On . Reading Kun Nanori つぎ Nanori つぐ Nanori a Reading Korean Reading Korean
Asia Meaning rank next Meaning come after Meaning -ous Meaning Asie Meaning fr suivant Meaning fr sub- Meaning fr sous- Meaning fr pref. para indicar Meaning es venir después de Meaning es Asia Meaning es Ásia Meaning pt próxima Meaning pt o que vem depois Meaning pt -ous Meaning pt

下敷き Word 下敷 Word
したじき Reading
desk pad Translation eng mat Translation eng something lying underneath Translation eng pinned under Translation eng crushed beneath Translation eng Unterlage Translation ger Matrize Translation ger Begraben-Werden Translation ger Vorlage Translation ger Modell Translation ger œuvre sous-tendant (une œuvre plus récente) Translation fre sous-* (objet mis à plat sous quelque chose) Translation fre sous-main Translation fre

下請け Word 下請 Word
したうけ Reading
subcontract Translation eng Untervertrag Translation ger Nebenvertrag Translation ger Zulieferungsvertrag Translation ger Subkontrakt Translation ger (Abk.) Translation ger Zulieferer Translation ger Subunternehmer Translation ger (Abk.) Translation ger sous-contrat Translation fre sous-traitement Translation fre субконтра́кт Translation rus

見縊る Word 見くびる Word
みくびる Reading
to underrate Translation eng to belittle Translation eng to look down on Translation eng to despise Translation eng unterschätzen Translation ger nicht ernst nehmen Translation ger sich nichts machen aus Translation ger schlecht denken von Translation ger bagatellisieren Translation ger mésestimer Translation fre sous-estimer Translation fre

転借 Word
てんしゃく Reading
subtenancy Translation eng sublease Translation eng Untermiete Translation ger Unterpacht Translation ger sous-location Translation fre

又貸し Word
またがし Reading またかし Reading
subleasing Translation eng subletting Translation eng Untermiete Translation ger Weitervermieten Translation ger prêt de seconde main Translation fre sous-location Translation fre

水中 Word
すいちゅう Reading
underwater Translation eng Unterwasser... Translation ger aquatique Translation fre dans l'eau Translation fre sous-marin Translation fre

潜水艦 Word
せんすいかん Reading
submarine Translation eng U-Boot Translation ger Unterseeboot Translation ger sous-marin Translation fre подво́дная ло́дка Translation rus

cao2 Reading Pinyin ソウ Reading On ゾウ Reading On つかさ Reading Kun ともがら Reading Kun へや Reading Kun jo Reading Korean Reading Korean
cadet Meaning friend Meaning élève officier Meaning fr sous-officier Meaning fr ami Meaning fr fils de bonne famille Meaning fr cadete Meaning es amigo Meaning es caçula Meaning pt amigo Meaning pt

副産物 Word
ふくさんぶつ Reading
byproduct Translation eng side line Translation eng Nebenprodukt Translation ger produit dérivé Translation fre sous-produit Translation fre

次官 Word
じかん Reading
vice-minister Translation eng undersecretary Translation eng Vizeminister Translation ger Staatssekretär Translation ger Sous-Secrétaire Translation fre Vice-Ministre Translation fre

地下 Word
ちか Reading
basement Translation eng cellar Translation eng underground place Translation eng secret Translation eng under cover Translation eng underground (railway) Translation eng subway Translation eng metro Translation eng underground Translation eng below ground Translation eng Untergrund Translation ger Erde Translation ger Erdboden Translation ger Grab Translation ger Untergrund Translation ger clandestin Translation fre sous-sol Translation fre souterrain Translation fre (1) подзе́мный Translation rus (2) подпо́льный Translation rus

受け皿 Word
うけざら Reading
saucer Translation eng receptacle for things Translation eng receiving something (e.g. funds) Translation eng Untertasse Translation ger Untersetzer Translation ger Übernahme einer Position oder Funktion Translation ger soucoupe Translation fre sous-tasse Translation fre

見出し Word
みだし Reading
heading Translation eng caption Translation eng subtitle Translation eng index Translation eng Überschrift Translation ger Schlagzeile Translation ger Titel Translation ger Register Translation ger Index Translation ger Inhaltsverzeichnis Translation ger entête Translation fre index Translation fre sous-titre Translation fre titre Translation fre

副題 Word
ふくだい Reading
subtitle Translation eng subheading Translation eng Untertitel Translation ger sous-titre Translation fre

亜熱帯 Word
あねったい Reading
subtropics Translation eng {Geogr.} subtropische Zone Translation ger Subtropen Translation ger sous-tropical Translation fre

下着 Word
したぎ Reading
underwear Translation eng Unterwäsche Translation ger sous-vêtements Translation fre нижнее бельё Translation rus

肌着 Word
はだぎ Reading
underwear Translation eng lingerie Translation eng singlet Translation eng chemise Translation eng {Kleidung} Unterwäsche Translation ger chemise de nuit Translation fre lingerie Translation fre maillot de corps Translation fre sous-vêtements Translation fre

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