Character sparse hair Definition
LIN4 Pinyin leon6 Jyutping

疎ら Word
まばら Reading
sparse Translation eng dünn Translation ger spärlich Translation ger schütter Translation ger verstreut Translation ger einzeln liegend Translation ger épars Translation fre clairsemé Translation fre

粗播き Word
あらまき Reading
sparse sowing (seeding) Translation eng

薄い Word
うすい Reading
thin Translation eng pale Translation eng light Translation eng watery Translation eng dilute Translation eng sparse Translation eng weak (taste, etc.) Translation eng slim (probability, etc.) Translation eng small Translation eng dünn Translation ger schwach Translation ger wässerig Translation ger leicht Translation ger hell Translation ger hellfarbig Translation ger trüb Translation ger dilué Translation fre léger Translation fre pâle Translation fre тонкий (о плоских предметах) Translation rus

希薄 Word 稀薄 Word
きはく Reading
thin (e.g. air) Translation eng lean Translation eng rarified Translation eng diluted Translation eng sparse Translation eng weak Translation eng rarefied Translation eng Dünnheit Translation ger Verdünntheit Translation ger schwache Konzentration Translation ger

疎林 Word
そりん Reading
sparse woods Translation eng (schriftspr.) Translation ger spärlich wachsender Wald Translation ger

粗密 Word 疎密 Word
そみつ Reading
coarseness and fineness Translation eng sparse or dense (growth) Translation eng Dichte Translation ger Dichtheit Translation ger

sparse Translation eng not close (of a relationship) Translation eng

寥落 Traditional 寥落 Simplified
liao2 luo4 Pinyin
sparse English few and far between English

Traditional Simplified
shu1 Pinyin
to dredge English to clear away obstruction English thin English sparse English scanty English distant (relation) English not close English to neglect English negligent English to present a memorial to the Emperor English commentary English annotation English

疏淡 Traditional 疏淡 Simplified
shu1 dan4 Pinyin
sparse English thin English distant English

疏疏 Traditional 疏疏 Simplified
shu1 shu1 Pinyin
sparse English blurred English old for 楚楚|楚楚[chu3 chu3] English neat English lovely English

疏落 Traditional 疏落 Simplified
shu1 luo4 Pinyin
sparse English scattered English

Traditional Simplified
xi1 Pinyin
rare English uncommon English watery English sparse English

稀疏 Traditional 稀疏 Simplified
xi1 shu1 Pinyin
sparse English infrequent English thinly spread English

稀稀拉拉 Traditional 稀稀拉拉 Simplified
xi1 xi1 la1 la1 Pinyin
sparse and fragmentary English

shu1 Reading Pinyin Reading On ショ Reading On うと. Reading Kun うと. Reading Kun まば. Reading Kun so Reading Korean Reading Korean
alienate Meaning rough Meaning neglect Meaning shun Meaning sparse Meaning négligence Meaning fr ignorer Meaning fr aliéner Meaning fr éviter Meaning fr grossier Meaning fr clairsemé Meaning fr épars Meaning fr descuidar Meaning es desatender Meaning es rehuir Meaning es desinteresado Meaning es descuidado Meaning es desviar Meaning pt rude Meaning pt negligenciar Meaning pt evitar Meaning pt esparso Meaning pt

liu2 Reading Pinyin リュウ Reading On Reading On ころ. Reading Kun らう Nanori のぶ Nanori みずち Nanori ryu Reading Korean Reading Korean
weapon of war Meaning logging axe Meaning kill en masse Meaning peeling (paint off a wall, etc) Meaning sparse Meaning faded Meaning

ちょぼちょぼ Reading
sparsely Translation eng drop-by-drop Translation eng ein wenig Translation ger ab und zu Translation ger Unterführungszeichen Translation ger nicht schlecht Translation ger so lala Translation ger

食の細い Word
しょくのほそい Reading
sparsely eating Translation eng having a small appetite Translation eng
食が細い Crossref

ちらりほらり Reading
here and there Translation eng now and then Translation eng twos and threes Translation eng sparsely Translation eng
ちらほら Crossref

shu1 Reading Pinyin shu4 Reading Pinyin Reading On ショ Reading On あら. Reading Kun うと. Reading Kun うと. Reading Kun とお. Reading Kun とお. Reading Kun まばら Reading Kun so Reading Korean Reading Korean
estrangement Meaning sparseness Meaning neglect Meaning

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