おつ Reading
second (party to an agreement) Translation eng the B party (e.g. in a contract) Translation eng the latter Translation eng strange Translation eng quaint Translation eng stylish Translation eng chic Translation eng spicy Translation eng queer Translation eng witty Translation eng tasty Translation eng romantic Translation eng thank you Translation eng goodbye Translation eng goodnight Translation eng zweiter Translation ger (in einer Serie) Translation ger B-Qualität Translation ger gut Translation ger deuxième signe du zodiaque chinois Translation fre deuxiéme dans l'ordre Translation fre étrange Translation fre chic Translation fre piquant Translation fre romantique Translation fre spirituel Translation fre
御疲れ様 Crossref

無形 Word
むけい Reading
abstract Translation eng immaterial Translation eng moral Translation eng spiritual Translation eng intangible Translation eng (schriftspr.) Gestaltlosigkeit Translation ger Stofflosigkeit Translation ger Körperlosigkeit Translation ger Immaterialität Translation ger Abstraktion Translation ger Bildlichkeit Translation ger Geistigkeit Translation ger Spiritualität Translation ger abstrait Translation fre immatériel Translation fre spirituel Translation fre

霊的 Word
れいてき Reading
spiritual Translation eng incorporeal Translation eng (schriftspr.) Translation ger seelisch Translation ger geistig Translation ger spirituell Translation ger
霊・れい Crossref 的・てき Crossref

靈修 Traditional 灵修 Simplified
ling2 xiu1 Pinyin
spirituelle Selbstkultivierung (u.E.) (S) Deutsch

悟り Word 覚り Word
さとり Reading
comprehension Translation eng understanding Translation eng enlightenment Translation eng satori Translation eng Verstehen Translation ger Verständnis Translation ger Auffassungsgabe Translation ger Fassungskraft Translation ger Begreifen Translation ger {Buddh.} Satori Translation ger Erleuchtung Translation ger spirituelles Erwachen Translation ger Verschwinden der Subjekt-Objekt-Unterscheidung Translation ger éveil spirituel bouddhique Translation fre compréhension Translation fre saisir Translation fre satori (bouddhisme) Translation fre

霊媒 Word
れいばい Reading
spirit medium Translation eng {Rel.} (schriftspr.) Translation ger spirituelles Medium Translation ger medium (personne communicant avec les esprits) Translation fre

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