Unicode 5.2
Character Definition stride of man ; one of the twenty-eight lunar mansions
Pinyin KUI2 Jyutping fui1 kwai1 On KEI KI Kun MATA Hangul Korean KYU

JMdict 100319
Reading ストライド
Translation eng stride Translation ger Schritt

JMdict 100319
Translation eng step ; stride ; counter for steps Translation ger Schritt ; Fortschritt ; Fortgang Translation fre compteur pour les pas ; un pas

JMdict 100319
Word 刻み幅
Reading きざみはば
Translation eng stride

CEDict 100318
Traditional 大步走 Simplified 大步走
Pinyin da4 bu4 zou3
English stride

CEDict 100318
Traditional 踏步 Simplified 踏步
Pinyin ta4 bu4
English stride ; to step ( on the spot ) ; to mark time ; at a standstill

KanjiDic2 100402
Reading Pinyin kui3 Reading On キ ; カイ ; ケ Reading Kun ひとあし Reading Korean gyu
Meaning to step ; stride equal to half a pace

JMdict 100319
Reading きんきん
Translation eng shrill ; strident ; piercing Translation ger ( schriftspr .) ; lediglich ; nur ; bloß ; kaum ; nicht mehr als

CEDict 100318
Traditional 腿腳 Simplified 腿脚
Pinyin tui3 jiao3
English legs and feet ; ability to walk ; strides

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