Character strip of the clothes Definition
GUAN4 Pinyin gun3 Jyutping

ストリップ Reading
strip Translation eng Striptease Translation ger Strip Translation ger (aus d. Engl.) Translation ger

ストリップガール Reading
strip girl Translation eng

ストリップショー Reading
strip show Translation eng striptease Translation eng

ストリップミル Reading
strip mill Translation eng

条片 Word
じょうへん Reading
strip Translation eng

切れ Word
きれ Reading
piece Translation eng slice Translation eng strip Translation eng scrap Translation eng cloth Translation eng sharpness Translation eng counter for scraps, pieces, etc. Translation eng Tuch Translation ger Stoff Translation ger Schärfe eines Messers Translation ger Schneide Translation ger Stück Translation ger Stückchen Translation ger Bissen Translation ger Happen Translation ger Scheibe Translation ger Schnitt Translation ger Schnitzel Translation ger Splitter Translation ger étoffe Translation fre morceau Translation fre part Translation fre pièce de tissu Translation fre tranche Translation fre

帯封 Word
おびふう Reading
half wrapper Translation eng strip of paper Translation eng Streifband Translation ger (für Postversand) Translation ger

ヌードショー Reading
striptease Translation eng nude show Source Language eng Striptease Translation ger Strip Translation ger

Traditional Simplified
luo1 Pinyin
strip (cow, leaves, branch) English

脫秀 Traditional 脱秀 Simplified
tuo1 xiu4 Pinyin
strip show English

Traditional Simplified
chi3 Pinyin
strip English deprive of English to discharge English dismiss English undress English

鉛條 Traditional 铅条 Simplified
qian1 tiao2 Pinyin
strip of lead English

長條 Traditional 长条 Simplified
chang2 tiao2 Pinyin
strip English

xi1 Reading Pinyin ソウ Reading On キュウ Reading On あつか. Reading Kun あつか. Reading Kun あつか. Reading Kun . Reading Kun geub Reading Korean sab Reading Korean Reading Korean Reading Korean
handle Meaning entertain Meaning thresh Meaning strip Meaning manoeuvrer Meaning fr prendre en main Meaning fr battre Meaning fr arracher Meaning fr tratar Meaning es manejar Meaning es desempeñar Meaning es cabo Meaning pt entreter Meaning pt debulhar Meaning pt desnudar Meaning pt

juan3 Reading Pinyin ケン Reading On . Reading Kun .くる Reading Kun まく. Reading Kun めく. Reading Kun まく.れる Reading Kun gweon Reading Korean Reading Korean
roll Meaning wind Meaning coil Meaning turn pages Meaning roll up sleeves Meaning strip off Meaning be turned Meaning be rolled up Meaning

tan3 Reading Pinyin タン Reading On かたぬ. Reading Kun dan Reading Korean tan Reading Korean Reading Korean Reading Korean
baring the shoulder Meaning strip to waist Meaning

tan3 Reading Pinyin タン Reading On セン Reading On チン Reading On はだぬぎ Reading Kun
strip Meaning lay bare Meaning bared Meaning naked Meaning

luo3 Reading Pinyin
bare Meaning nude Meaning undress Meaning strip Meaning

Character strip, undress; fall off; fade Definition
TUN4 TUI4 Pinyin tan3 Jyutping TAI TON On NUGU ASERU Kun Hangul THOY Korean

Character strip, tear off, undress Definition
CHI3 Pinyin ci2 Jyutping CHI On UBAU Kun Hangul CHI Korean

Character strip; lay bare; bared; naked Definition
TAN3 ZHAN4 Pinyin taan2 Jyutping TAN On KATANUGU Kun Hangul TAN THAN Korean

Character strip; lay bare; bared; naked Definition
TAN3 ZHAN4 Pinyin taan2 Jyutping TAN DAN SEN CHIN On HADANUGI Kun

ストライプ Reading
stripe Translation eng Streifen Translation ger

すじ Reading きん Reading
muscle Translation eng string Translation eng sinew Translation eng line Translation eng stripe Translation eng plot Translation eng plan Translation eng source (of business information) Translation eng reason Translation eng logic Translation eng Muskel Translation ger Sehne Translation ger Ader Translation ger Faser Translation ger Linie Translation ger Streifen Translation ger Strich Translation ger Logik Translation ger Abstammung Translation ger Blut Translation ger Vernunft Translation ger Handlung Translation ger (Roman) Translation ger Plot Translation ger Quelle Translation ger (einer Information) Translation ger action (d'un roman) Translation fre fibre Translation fre ligament Translation fre ligne Translation fre muscle Translation fre source (d'une information) Translation fre tendon Translation fre линия Translation rus
筋が通る Crossref

しま Reading
stripe Translation eng bar Translation eng streak Translation eng Streifen Translation ger Band Translation ger Markierung Translation ger raie Translation fre

じょう Reading
article (in document) Translation eng provision Translation eng stripe Translation eng streak Translation eng line Translation eng

Traditional Simplified
ban1 Pinyin
spot English colored patch English stripe English spotted English striped English variegated English

斑紋 Traditional 斑纹 Simplified
ban1 wen2 Pinyin
stripe English streak English

條紋 Traditional 条纹 Simplified
tiao2 wen2 Pinyin
stripe English

gao3 Reading Pinyin コウ Reading On しま Reading Kun しろぎぬ Reading Kun ho Reading Korean Reading Korean
stripe Meaning rayas Meaning es a rayas Meaning es

tiao2 Reading Pinyin ジョウ Reading On チョウ Reading On デキ Reading On えだ Reading Kun すじ Reading Kun jo Reading Korean Reading Korean
article Meaning clause Meaning item Meaning stripe Meaning streak Meaning article Meaning fr clause Meaning fr bande Meaning fr rai (lumière) Meaning fr filet (fumée) Meaning fr brindille Meaning fr petite chose longue Meaning fr artículo Meaning es cláusula Meaning es tratado Meaning es artigo Meaning pt cláusula Meaning pt item Meaning pt listra Meaning pt camada Meaning pt

縦縞 Word 竪縞 Word
たてじま Reading
vertical stripes Translation eng striped fabric Translation eng Längsstreifen Translation ger vertikale Streifen Translation ger

Word Word
ぼら Reading ボラ Reading
striped mullet (Mugil cephalus) Translation eng redlip mullet (Chelon haematocheilus) Translation eng {Fischk.} graugestreifte Meeräsche Translation ger (<wiss. N.: Mugil cephalus>) Translation ger
赤目魚 Crossref

縞物 Word
しまもの Reading
striped cloth Translation eng gestreifter Stoff Translation ger

縞柄 Word
しまがら Reading
striped pattern Translation eng Streifenmuster Translation ger

縞模様 Word しま模様 Word
しまもよう Reading
striped pattern Translation eng Streifenmuster Translation ger

縞鰺 Word
しまあじ Reading シマアジ Reading
striped jack (Pseudocaranx dentex) Translation eng white trevally Translation eng

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