ふく Reading
assistant Translation eng associate Translation eng vice- Translation eng sub- Translation eng deputy Translation eng substitute Translation eng auxiliary Translation eng supplementary Translation eng additional Translation eng collateral Translation eng duplicate Translation eng copy Translation eng Duplikat Translation ger assistant- (président, directeur, préfet, chef) Translation fre sous- Translation fre vice- Translation fre

sub- Translation eng -ous (indicating a low oxidation state) Translation eng -ite Translation eng

れつ Reading
sub- Translation eng inferior Translation eng minor Translation eng

Traditional Simplified
ya4 Pinyin ya3 Taiwan
Asia English Asian English second English next to English inferior English sub- English

Traditional Simplified
cui4 Pinyin
, auxiliary Variant
spare English deputy English second English sub- English

Traditional Simplified
cui4 Pinyin
auxiliary English spare English deputy English second English sub- English

Traditional Simplified
ci4 Pinyin
next in sequence English second English the second (day, time etc) English secondary English vice- English sub- English infra- English inferior quality English substandard English order English sequence English hypo- (chemistry) English classifier for enumerated events: time English

次生 Traditional 次生 Simplified
ci4 sheng1 Pinyin
derivative English secondary English sub- English

ya4 Reading Pinyin Reading On . Reading Kun Nanori つぎ Nanori つぐ Nanori a Reading Korean Reading Korean
Asia Meaning rank next Meaning come after Meaning -ous Meaning Asie Meaning fr suivant Meaning fr sub- Meaning fr sous- Meaning fr pref. para indicar Meaning es venir después de Meaning es Asia Meaning es Ásia Meaning pt próxima Meaning pt o que vem depois Meaning pt -ous Meaning pt

サブアドレス Reading
secondary email Translation eng sub-address Translation eng
サブアド Crossref

サブアド Reading
secondary email Translation eng sub-address Translation eng
サブアドレス Crossref

亞原子 Traditional 亚原子 Simplified
ya4 yuan2 zi3 Pinyin
sub-atomic English

微觀 Traditional 微观 Simplified
wei1 guan1 Pinyin
micro- English sub-atomic English

出張所 Word
しゅっちょうじょ Reading
branch office Translation eng agency Translation eng sub-branch Translation eng Zweigamt Translation ger Zweiggeschäft Translation ger Zweigstelle Translation ger succursale Translation fre

支行 Traditional 支行 Simplified
zhi1 hang2 Pinyin
sub-branch of a bank English

分局 Traditional 分局 Simplified
fen1 ju2 Pinyin
sub-bureau English

サブチャネル Reading サブチャンネル Reading
subchannel Translation eng sub-channel Translation eng

サブキャラクター Reading
sub-character Source Language eng minor characters Translation eng

分社 Traditional 分社 Simplified
fen1 she4 Pinyin
sub-division or branch of an organization English news bureau English

スブエコ Reading
sub-economizer (electronics) Translation eng sub-economiser Translation eng

サブゴール Reading
sub-goal Translation eng

サブグラフ Reading
sub-graph Translation eng

分項 Traditional 分项 Simplified
fen1 xiang4 Pinyin
sub-item (of program) English

副専攻 Word
ふくせんこう Reading
minor (in university or college courses) Translation eng sub-major Translation eng
専攻 Crossref

サブメニュー Reading
sub-menu Translation eng {EDV} Untermenü Translation ger Submenü Translation ger

サブネットワーク Reading
sub-network Translation eng

サブパターン Reading
sub-pattern Translation eng

サブプロセス Reading
sub-process Translation eng

副審 Word
ふくしん Reading
sub-umpire Translation eng sub-referee Translation eng {Sport} zweiter Schiedsrichter Translation ger

撒哈拉以南 Traditional 撒哈拉以南 Simplified
Sa1 ha1 la1 yi3 nan2 Pinyin
sub-Saharan English

子画面 Word
こがめん Reading
sub-screen Translation eng

サブセット Reading
sub-set Translation eng Unterset Translation ger Subset Translation ger

サブシェル Reading
sub-shell Translation eng

サブサイト Reading
sub-site Translation eng

沒水平 Traditional 没水平 Simplified
mei2 shui3 ping2 Pinyin
disgraceful English poor quality English sub-standard English

孫局 Word
まごきょく Reading
(computer) sub-node Translation eng sub-station Translation eng

サブシステム Reading
sub-system Translation eng Untersystem Translation ger Subsystem Translation ger

子院 Word 支院 Word 枝院 Word
しいん Reading
sub-temple Translation eng

脇寺 Word
わきでら Reading
sub-temple Translation eng affiliated temple Translation eng

寺中 Word
じちゅう Reading
in a temple Translation eng inside temple grounds Translation eng sub-temple Translation eng

亞單位 Traditional 亚单位 Simplified
ya4 dan1 wei4 Pinyin
sub-unit English

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